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Episode 2 - The Journey

	July, 2008 A.D.
	Mankind was facing the fires of annihilation.
	Super electromagnetic weapons, 
	far more destructive than atomic weapons,
	caused half the world to be wiped out in an instant.
	The Earth was seized by great tectonic upheavals. 
	Its axis was tilted.
	The five continents were ripped completely apart and 
	sank into the sea.

Conan leaped onto one wing of the Falco in an attempt to rescue Lana. He proceeded to damage the wing structure with his harpoon, wreaking havoc with the Falco's control mechanism. Monsley tried to shoot him off with her gun but Lana obstructed her. Conan threw his harpoon to stop them harrassing Lana, but without the harpoon he lost his balance and fell off the wing and into the sea below.

Conan swam back to Remnant Island and was saddened to learn that his grandpa had been seriously wounded and wouldn't live long. On his death bed, grandpa told Conan the story of how the rocket landed on Remnant Island and how the people survived on the island despite the odds. He bade Conan to leave the island in search of Lana, and with her and others to build a new world out of the old. Having said this, grandpa passed away. Conan was very much grief-stricken and ran outside to break rocks till he's exhausted.

Meanwhile the Falco spotted the Barracuda at sea and landed next to it to make repairs.

Back in Remnant Island Conan built a raft out of materials salvaged from the derelict rocket. Having stockpiled the necessary supplies, he bade farewell to his grandpa one last time and was on his way to save Lana...

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