Future Boy Conan Images

[Very special thanks to Marc Hairston for scanning these pictures for me and you]

Conan and Lana crossing the desert

water-color portrait of Conan with harpoon and fish (tail)

Conan and Lana on top of the burning flying machine with Lepka inside

Happier times in High Harbor

Conan looking into the window of Lana's detention cell in the Triangle Tower

Lana in mid air looking down at the opening shutter

Happier times in High Harbor

Conan demonstrating his strength after attacking Monsley

Conan dodging fire on the wing of Giganto

Conan signs triumphantly to Jimsy and Dyce after the run

Lana "talking" with Tikki (ep.1)

Conan and Lana upon seeing the newly-reborn Remnant Island (ep.26) [Image courtesy of Walter Amos of UT Anime Club]

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