Lana and Tikki

Future Boy Conan - People, Places and Things


  • Conan

    An 11 year old boy born 9 years after the war. Conan lived alone with his
    grandpa on Remnant Island after the others had died. He possessed superhuman strength and was an excellent swimmer/diver. He also demonstrated the best and most varied use of one's feet imaginable.

  • Lana

    Lana was the same age as Conan (11). Born in High Harbor, she was the grand daughter of Dr.Lao. And because of this she was pursued by the people of Industria who wanted to use her as bait to catch Lao. Lana was telepathic like Lao and could communicate with terns, especially with the one she named Tikki.

  • Dr. Briac Lao

    Grandfather of Lana. He's the only surviving member of the original team of scientists that developed the solar energy which destroyed much of the world in the war of 2008. Lao used to be a member of the Industrian High Council until he learned of Lepka's ambition. After that he escaped from Industria and went into hiding.

  • Jimsy

    A Neanderthal-looking orphan boy about the same age as Conan. He lived on an island between Industria and Remnant Island. Jimsy was strong like Conan and he's very good in land-hunting. He's fond of big frogs, which he ate. He's Conan's best friend (after Lana).

  • Conan's (adopted?) Grandpa

    Conan's grandpa was the last survivor of a group of about a dozen people who crash-landed on Remnant Island during the war, after trying unsuccessfully to escape into space. They built a small settlement around the rocket remnant. 9 years later Conan was born and he was treated by everyone as their own. After Conan's parents passed away, Grandpa adopted and took care of Conan.

  • Monsley

    A young millitary commander of Industria and Lepka's right-hand. She was ophaned during the war and was rescued from the sea by people who later built Industria. She bore special hatred towards the older generation who started the war. Monsley was strong-willed and very proficient in handling all sorts of technical machinery.

  • Lepka

    The Chief of Administration of Industria. Lepka had the ambition to revive the most destructive weapon of the war and rule the world, and he would stop at nothing.

  • Captain Dyce

    Captain of the Industrian ship Barracuda. A rather unstable and unpredictable person who showed unnatural interest in young girls, Lana included.

  • Industrian High Council

    The ruling body of Industria. Composed of a dozen or so scientists who survived the war and who were the only ones with the knowledge to run the scientific and industrial machinery of Industria. Though they were the official decision-makers of Industria, Lepka held the real power.

  • Patch

    An one-eyed unfriendly-looking Industrian engineer who was in charge of salvaging a sunken Industrian ship.

  • Orlo

    Leader of an anarchist gang of orphans who lived on the other side of the mountain from the village of High Harbor. He imposed taxation on villagers inside his territory and often harrassed the people of High Harbor.

  • Tara

    Little sister of Orlo, about the same age as Jimsy. She was second-in-command of the Orlo gang.

  • Places

  • Remnant Island

    An small isolated island beyond the Sea of Storms. The only inhabitants were a group of people who crash-landed there during the war.
    Conan's grandpa was one of them. They built a small settlement on the island. Due to the isolated location, they did not know of existence of other survivors. Lana was the first outsider to set foot on the island in 20 years, but by that time, Conan and his grandpa were the only ones living on the island.

  • Industria

    A major foothold of humanity after the war. Pre-Industrians built the Triangle Tower and the underground shelters in the hope that they could survive the war. There were forest and river and even an artificial sun within the huge underground shelter. Of the 50000 refugees who sought refuge in the underground shelter, only 1000 eventually survived. After the war they came up to the surface and built Industria around the Triangle Tower. Indsutria was a socialist-like state with a caste system which divided Industrian citizens into 4 castes: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and "useless". Lower class citizens were forced to live in the underground residential areas. Officially the Industrian High Council was the decision-making body, but Lepka held the real power.

  • High Harbor

    Another major foothold of humanity after the war. High Harbor was a picturesque island with a mostly agrarian community. Apparently High Harbor was the only place not devastated by the war or the resulting geological upheavals. People of High Harbor still lived pretty much the way they did before the war. Home island of Lana.

  • Triangle Tower

    [Schematic View]

    The center of power of Industria. Built before the war as a showpiece of state-of-the-art technology, it served also as a refuge during the war. After the war, Industrians depended on the Triangle Tower to provide power for the manufacturing of food and other commodities. A three-sided structure with gigantic mirrors on top of each of the three corner towers. Heavily fortified with weapons including laser cannons.

  • Misc

  • The Barracuda

    A double-masted steel-constructed
    Industrian cargo ship commanded by Captain Dyce. It gathered plastic material scavenged from nearby islands and ferried them back to Industria where the plastic was made into bread (!).

  • Giganto

    A gigantic moth-like plane, the last of the kind that was used in the war of 2008 to destroy much of the world. It was kept in an underground shelter under the Triangle Tower. Required a lot of energy for refueling/recharging, but once it escaped the atmosphere, it could recharge itself from solar power and can stay airborne indefinitely.

  • The Falco

    An Industrian rear-prop seaplane, used mainly by Monsley.

  • Tikki the Tern

    A tern (sea bird, see picture above) who could communicate telepathically with Lana. Tikki was very helpful for a bird.

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