Future Boy Conan - Brief Synopsis

	July, 2008 A.D.
	Mankind was facing the fires of annihilation.
	Super electromagnetic weapons, 
	far more destructive than atomic weapons,
	caused half the world to be wiped out in an instant.
	The Earth was seized by great tectonic upheavals. 
	Its axis was tilted.
	The five continents were ripped completely apart and 
	sank into the sea.

This opening scene from the show sets the background. The story began about 20 years after the war, when humanity had been greatly reduced in number and scattered around in a few patches of land still above the sea. Conan and his grandpa lived alone in what they called Remnant Island. Their tranquil life ended abruptly when Lana came to Remnant Island. Lana was from the island of High Harbor and she was pursued by the people of Industria, who wanted to use her as bait to catch her grandfather Dr.Lao. Lao was the only person alive who knew the secret of the solar energy which was used to destroy much of the world during the war of 2008. When Lana was taken away from Remnant Island by Industrians and Conan's grandpa killed accidentally in the process, Conan set sail for Industria to rescue Lana. On the way Conan made many friends and together they must prevent the ambitious Lepka from reviving the most destructive weapon of the war...

Future Boy Conan is widely regarded as prototype for later Miyazaki works like Laputa and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. So if you like these shows, you definitely should see Future Boy Conan.

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