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1) Chi Ming HUNG (Thu Feb 1 08:08:58 EST 1996) [Email]
from Stony Brook, NY
says about http://www.highharbor.net/~daffy/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

Hi Everybody!

This is Ming's demonstration of the guestbook. Cool isn't it? Please sign up!

It's as simple as:

  • choosing the guestpage containing your region.
  • filling in the info and message
  • click on the map where you're located.
  • confirm that the info and message are how you want it. If not, go back and edit again.
  • after confirmation, go back and reload the guestbook to see your own entry!
  • That's it folks! Enjoy and be creative!

    Ming's Reply

    And I will reply too!

    2) Victor Tong (Fri Feb 2 01:13:56 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Minneapolis
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml#1:

    Somebody get me out of this freezer in Minneasota!! 

    Ming's Reply

    Poor fellows in Minnesota, you have my sympathy from warm NY!

    3) Edward M Winkler (Fri Feb 2 12:04:01 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Kansas City, Kansas
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

    I am a multimedia director for a Pre-press and multimedia company. I was 
    looking for sites with raw animi files but ran over this great site, I like 
    your forms and are put together well.  I'm running ISDN, hot fast is this
    page when you are only at 28.8?

    Ming's Reply

    Sorry I can't email you since your email address is incomplete. I think you're asking how fast you can load my page at 28.8kbs. I'd say it's pretty fast if you can indeed get 28.8kbs out of your modem, which isn't always the case...

    4) Jena Jensen (Fri Feb 2 12:59:45 EST 1996) [Email]
    from MN
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Sailor Moon is the BEST cartoon ever! I just LOVE it! E-mail me if 
    you agree. Or deagree. Thanks:-} 

    Ming's Reply

    Yes, I do agree that Sailor Moon is the best cart.. I mean anime ever on American TV, except if you ask the Star Blazer fans :)

    5) Sis (Fri Feb 2 18:11:16 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Minneapolis
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

    Big Brother, Cooooooooooooooooool, noh??!!  :)
    I always like Laputa... 
    My all time favourite.......  :)   

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks for visiting Sis! Sis has a very cool homepage too!

    6) Darrell W. Guinn (Sat Feb 3 04:52:53 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Lubbock Texas U.S.A.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

    Well Guys, I think that you are doing a great job here.  It is 
    hard to fine good ANIME here in TEXAS!!!!

    Ming's Reply

    But I think there are a lot of anime enthusiasts in Texas also, try contacting people in the UT-Austin Anime Club.

    7) Joshua Williams-Como (Sat Feb 3 15:49:31 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Vestal, NY
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml#1:

    Hi! Sailor Moon is my favorite television program.  The only time 
    it is played here is at 6:30 a.m.!!!  I have only missed one episode
    since I have started watching it. 

    8) Faye Lam (Sat Feb 3 16:00:11 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Ancaster, Ontario, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! Sailor Moon, Kiki and Totoro are my absoulute favourites!  
    I've even watched KIKI in Cantonese (Chinese) before and it was just 
    adorable! (I speak Chinese, by the way).  My best friends and I all 
    love Sailor Moon to pieces and we all love Mai, Satzuki and the Totoros 
    as well!  Keep up the good work with all the stuff on ANIME! :) 

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks Faye! Guess you must be from Hong Kong, me too :-)

    9) Grace Siswanto (Sat Feb 3 17:21:27 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Seattle
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi Ming, 
    Great home page, and for full comments read on my other entry that I wrote in 
    Indonesia part!!! AS usual, come and VISIT MY HOMEPAGE everybody!

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks again Grace! And Folks, please do visit Grace's homepage.

    10) Andrew Pullin (Sat Feb 3 20:12:17 EST 1996) [Email]
    from blackbird.galcit.caltech.edu
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

    Hi! I actually like Sailor Moon, but my friends hate it. I barely
    ever get to watch it because it is on on weekdays. Anyway if I told
    my friends they would make fun of me forever! I still like the show
    and try to find lots of stuff on the web about it. 

    Ming's Reply

    Now I wonder why would your friends make fun of you... Hey you can always laugh back at their watching GI Joe! Now that is silly :-)

    11) Eric Mark (Sun Feb 4 00:16:01 EST 1996) [Email]
    from van-pm-0424.direct.ca
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml#9:

    Hey i love Sailor Moon too yup i love the 
    cards the T.V show and tha Comics
    Well thats all i gota say
    CYA later 

    12) Lizzie Coyle (Sun Feb 4 00:40:04 EST 1996) [Email]
    from h98-165.ccnet.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

    I like your sailor moon funny faces gallery.  It is very cool!
    Sailor Moon is the best cartoon on TV and the sailor scouts kick ass!
    I think that Sailor moon is the best scout and that Luna is so cute! 

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks Lizzie! I agree that Sailor Moon is the best cart...anime on US TV, and Sailor Moon is the "best" of the scouts, despite the fact that she's a cry-baby :-) Now I wonder why no one ever said Artemis is cute...

    13) James Pais (Sun Feb 4 01:43:02 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

    Sailor moon rocks!I would like to hear from other Sailor moon fans! 

    Ming's Reply

    Sorry James, but your email address won't work, so other SM fans won't be able to email you, so please let me know your real email address if you want to hear from others. Thanks.

    14) Patrick Lee (Sun Feb 4 02:22:40 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Roseburg, OR
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

    Hi there! 
    This is so neat, finding a place wgere people don't make fun of me 
    for watching Sailor Moon! Hi everyone! Wow, this is great! 
    I love Sailor Moon! I don't know why, but I do! It's such a neat 
    show, and the animation is so great! I watch every day! 

    Ming's Reply

    Can someone help me understand why anyone would make fun of someone else for watching a funny, sweet, innocent, youthful, sensitive, touching and totally and utterly unoffensive show like Sailor Moon?? I just don't get it...

    15) hannah stuart (Sun Feb 4 16:42:12 EST 1996) [Email]
    from wolfville n.s. canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

    hi how are you at the home page?
      i just LOVE the  show sailor moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i check it out all the time and i want to know what other poeple 
    think!!!!!!!so write me!!!!! 

    Ming's Reply

    I'm doing fine thanks Hannah! From the number of exclamations I can see you're a real fan of Sailor Moon :-) Seems this guestbook is turning into a Sailor Moon appreciation page! Maybe I should set up a Sailor Moon mailing list...

    16) Ian Sherman (Sun Feb 4 18:16:50 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Columbus, Ohio
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

    Hi! My name is Ian and I like Sailor Moon a lot.I like your 
    Sailor Moon shows and I am 8 years old.

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Ian! Thanks for dropping by! I don't think I can claim credit for the show, but I'm glad you like Sailor Moon.

    17) terra stuart alias:cheese mama (Sun Feb 4 19:08:17 EST 1996) [Email]
    from wolfville, nova scotia
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

         i love sailor moon almost as much as my own parents!!!  the writers
    of this show are geniusses!!!!!  i have one problem though, everyone
    teases me for watching the show, i think i should be teasing them
    for not watching it!!!!!  my favourite sailor scout is sailor jupiter, she
    has the best moves the best coloured outfit and the best personality,
    if i were darriene, i'd definately choose her over sailor moon, not to
    say sailor moon is bad at all, infact, being such a cry-baby, makes her
    fighting more immpressive!!!!!!  oh, by the way i just got the internet
    and i really appreciate e-mail, so anyone who goes by this entry
     PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me, i'd love to have some
    connection regarding sailor moon!!!!!!!!!
                     thank you sooooo much, bye bye!!!!.....cheese mama 

    18) terra stuart alias:cheese mama (Sun Feb 4 19:33:43 EST 1996) [Email]
    from wolfville, nova scotia
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

         hey sailor moon is a super wicked show i try to watch it as much 
    as i can (i don't have cable).  sailor jupiter is my favourite, because
    she has the best personality!!!!!!!!!!  i just got the internet and i
    really appreciate e-mail, so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write me!!!!!!
                bye bye for now  CHEESE MAMA 

    Ming's Reply

    Um, terra... hannah... cheese... whatever your name is, I think we got your message.

    19) Arietta Thorne (Sun Feb 4 20:44:29 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Harriman New york
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

    Hi! sailor moon ,

    Ming's Reply

    Ehem, hi Arietta, this is surrogate-Sailor Moon :-) Thanks for your support! And please keep watching, because the show will get more and more interesting, I promise. See yah!

    20) Natalie Serafini (Sun Feb 4 21:26:27 EST 1996) [Email]
    from cust11.max1.calgary.ab.ms.uu.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml:

    Hi! My friends from Kindergarten and I love watching Sailor Moon.
    My favorite sailor scout is Venus. My best friend's favorite is Jupiter.
    How can I find sailor scout playing cards like I just looked at on
    the internet site?? They are great!
    Hope to see your answer soon. thank you.  Natalie.

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Natalie! I think you can try emailing Nikaku Animart (nikaku@netcom.com) with the subject "catalog" and they'll email you their on-line catalog. I'm sure they have a lot of Sailor Moon merchandise. Why is it that nobody seems to like Sailor Mars and Mercury? :-)

    21) Rachel Ringland (Mon Feb 5 19:56:01 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Ottawa Ontario
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/guestbook/daffy-NAmerica.shtml#19:

    Hey! I had no idea that so many people in the world loved Sailor 
    Moon like I do! Who is you're favorite? Mine is Sailor Mercury. See
    you later!

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Rachel! I think there are even more Sailor Moon fans than you imagine, and they're truely all over the world! And good, finally somebody voted for Mercury, now we only need someone to speak for Mars :-)

    22) Chris Nix (Tue Feb 6 09:24:15 EST 1996) [Email]
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


    Ming's Reply


    23) Phillip T. Bulger (Tue Feb 6 15:39:55 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Russell, Ontario, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Am singing up for my 5 year old son Phillip who is also a great
    fan of Sailor Moon.  He really appreciates this.
    Many thanks,
    Phillip's mom. 

    Ming's Reply

    Thank you Phillip and mom for dropping by!

    24) Adri Hart (Tue Feb 6 16:32:25 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Georgia
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Hi!It was a neat page! I enjoyed visiting it! 

    Ming's Reply


    25) Sheryl Ash (Tue Feb 6 19:33:44 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Toronto Ont. Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!  There seems to be a lot of Sailor Moon fans out there accoding
    to this page.  I am a member of a small group of fans at my High 
    School.  We all have our favorite Scouts. I just hope that they 
    continue the Sailor Moon S serious here in Canada. 

    Ming's Reply

    Yip Sheryl, my thoughts as well. I wish they'll continue with Sailor Moon S, SS, SSS... :-)

    26) Christine the great (Tue Feb 6 21:41:29 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Victoria
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Saior moon ha ha ha ha ha I love her faces their so expresive. 
    BUT sailor Venus rules!!!  

    Ming's Reply

    See reply below...

    27) John Patterson (Tue Feb 6 22:26:46 EST 1996) [Email]
    from cmorwood.can.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I think they should get rid of Sailor Moon and call it the 
    Sailor Mercury show! :P Sailor Mercury is the best.

    Ming's Reply

    Um, do we have to bring the SM sibling rivalry from the screen to here too? :-)

    28) Bianca Bickford (Wed Feb 7 10:51:03 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Univ. Of Texas
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/kiki/:

    I like your Kiki page very much, because it is full of information
    and there is very little info around about Kiki! Thanks!

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Bianca! Thanks for your support! Though I must admit there's still not enough background info about Kiki in the Kiki page. I've been searching for the Kiki roman album for ages but couldn't find one. So if anybody knows where I can get one, please let me know! Thanks!

    29) Sara Youngblood (Wed Feb 7 13:11:56 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Paragould, Arkansas
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    I really like the anime at the begininng with Ah! My Goddess!' Skuld (or is it Urd?)
    I'm one of more purist anime watchers: I don't care for english dubbed, as I can learn the language by watching my shows.
    Bubblegum Crisis/Crash, AD Police Files and Gunbuster are my faves.

    Ming's Reply

    Yes it's Skuld Sara. And yes, I also prefer subs than dubs, though I can't say I learned Japanese that way :-)

    30) gary fenstermylastnameistoolonganditsucksmacher (Wed Feb 7 14:47:41 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Bethlehem PA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    My name is Gary, and I'm a Sailor Moon addict.
    (chorus: "Hello Gary!")
    Sometimes I think to myself that I'm old enough and should have
    better things to do in the mornings. Sometimes I think I should
    invest in an alarm clock so I don't to skip sleeping at nights 
    just so I don't miss SM. Sometimes I kick myself for sleeping 
    through the ending of the first series, and missing the last 3
    shows or so. 
    But, most of the time, I try to figure out who's cuter, Mars or
    I'm pretty sure its Mars.
    Its a sickness. 

    Ming's Reply

    Hello Garry (no chorus sorry :-) Don't worry, since you're not the first "grown up" to have internal conflict when watching Sailor Moon. But I don't think there's anything wrong with adults watching Sailor Moon, since it's not really a typical kid's show (like Barney :-) I'd even go so far as to say Sailor Moon is meant for all ages!

    31) Brad Kavan (Wed Feb 7 17:46:45 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Mississippi State University
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Hi, everyone!  I've been an anime fan for awhile, and it's great to
    see shows like Sailor Moon being shown here!  I've managed to get
    three of my friends to watch it, but since it doesn't come on here,
    I get my mom to tape them and send the tapes to me.  I've been
    pondering over the great dub/sub debate for awhile, and while I 
    generally prefer sub over dub, I think that Sailor Moon actually
    gains something from being dubbed.  I don't know.  Maybe it's just
    me.  What do you think?

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Brad, according to the Sailor Moon FAQ, SM is shown in WDBD 40 in Jackson, MS, can you get that station? As for whether dubbing is good for Sailor Moon, I'd say definitely since that's the only way it's ever going to get popularized! Even though I prefer subbed anime in general, we can't expect kids or the American public to watch subtitled anime on TV. I think subbed anime will remain in the domain of anime fandom and not for the general public.

    32) Brad Pearson (Thu Feb 8 00:38:44 EST 1996) [Email]
    from dialip-143.athenet.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Sailor Moon has to be one of the best cartoons of television.
    To bad it's only on at 6:30 in morning where I live. 

    Ming's Reply

    Yes I agree, they also show it 6:30 am in NYC, too early for most. But you can always use a VCR :-)

    33) BREANNE JOLIE (Thu Feb 8 22:52:10 EST 1996) [Email]
    from VICTORIA B.C
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! I think SAILORMOON isthe coolest show! 
    I love sailormoons hair,and her expressive faces.
    But I think sailor venus is definately the best!

    Ming's Reply

    Hi! Sailor Moon does have pretty unique hair style I guess, with meatballs and all :-) I guess all the scouts are great, each with her own distinct personality. The show won't be complete without any one of them, so to me they're all equally great! (politically correct ain't I :-)

    34) Mike Solko (Fri Feb 9 05:51:55 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Bakersfield, CA, USA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I really love Sailor Moon even though i've only been watching for 
    a few weeks.  I'm also a comic book semi-pro.
    SAILOR JUPITER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ming's Reply


    35) ALCHRIS HIRUKAWA (Fri Feb 9 20:36:22 EST 1996) [Email]
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/totoro.html:

    Hi! We really like Totoro. Our favorite characters are totoro,
    Catbus and Mei.Not many kids get to see Totoro , but its a great movie.
    I thought that the Japanese color was better then the English movie. 

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Hirukawa-san! Yes, I love Totoro too, it's just so adorable! Even though Totoro isn't as popular as Disney movies here, I think it's one of the most popular anime movies in the US due to its wide distribution.

    36) Robotech_Master (Fri Feb 9 22:33:39 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Springfield, Missouri
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

    Hey there...I'm a big Miyazaki fan, and have to say I like the way
    your page is set up.  I guess I should look into doing something
    Just thought I'd send off some email and sign your guestbook... 

    Ming's Reply

    Great thanks! So is it Robotech vs. Miyazaki? :-)

    37) LEE MIN LOW (Fri Feb 9 22:52:32 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Austin, Texas. U.S.A.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I'm a Chinese from Malaysia, but I just moved to Austin. I heard
    a lot about Sailor Moon and decided to check it out on the Net. 
    It's pretty cool!! Sailor Moon is pretty hot stuff here!!! (as if Texas 
    isn't hot enough!)  Anyway, that's all from me.
    You people out there are very welcome to E-mail to me!!!! Ciao!! 

    Ming's Reply

    Nice homepage you got there :-)

    38) Kevin Kershner (Sat Feb 10 12:17:26 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Olympia, WA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

      I have to say this... If you're like me, when you're watching SM 
    you may have a littlevoice inside of you that says, "You're 
    watching a little girls show!".  I just push it down, and go on 
    laughing!  You should do the same. Oh. by the way I'm a 17 year old
    guy. I still can't believe I watch it, and like it!

    Ming's Reply

    Welcome! you just joined the long rank of self-doubting adult males who are addicted to Sailor Moon, including myself... (actually I never have any self-doubts :-)

    39) Andre Nakashian (Sat Feb 10 17:19:35 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Holmdel, New Jersey
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!  I love the Sailormoon show.  Sailor Venus is the best.  I just 
    wish they didn't make so many changes. 

    Ming's Reply

    Yes, same here! I mean DIC made too many unnecessary changes and cuts...

    40) Duff (Sat Feb 10 18:27:14 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Tantallon, Nova Scotia
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! I like Sailor Moon and I like those funny faces she makes. It's 
    so silly. My friend thinks her faces are scary. Fighting evil by 
    moonlight. Winning love by daylight. Never running from a real 
    fight. She is the one named Sailor Moon. She will never turn her 
    back on a friend. She is always there to defend. She is the one on 
    whom we can depend. She is the one named Sailor... Sailor Venus, 
    Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter. Secret powers that are 
    so new to her. She is the one named Sailor Moon. Fighting evil by 
    moonlight. Winning love by daylight. With the Sailors who will help 
    fight. She is the one named Sailor Moon. She is the one named 
    Sailor Moon. She is the one... Sailor Moon. Ok, I'm done. I've had 
    my moment. Goodbye.
                                - Duff 

    Ming's Reply

    Bravo! Bravo! Are you going to sing "My Only Love" next? :-)

    41) William Tsang (Sat Feb 10 20:57:00 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Internet Exchange (NYC)
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I love Sailor Moon, Got 4 CD to date and I am the one with
    >ALL< Sailor Moon related BGM and Vocals in Stereo!
    A NEW CD is out called Vocal Collection Vol. 1 and 2.  Released
    via SM Music (HK)
    The only place to get these CD is in a Chinatown nearest you
    See ya! 

    Ming's Reply

    Yes, thanks Bill for your Sailor Moon song files!

    42) Jason Nisperos (Sat Feb 10 23:17:31 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Milpitas, CA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    I have only 3 words to say what I think about the Sailor Moon Anime...
    IT KICKS @$$!...
    (and a couple of other "long-as-heck" comments...)
    I like the darn anime so much that I remix Rave/Hardcore music
    and even Old-skool (Electric Funk) with the sound clips I
    digitize from my tapes (but I only like the Japanese version of
    "Moonlight legend" (S.M. theme), since IMHO, the DiC version
    is kinda corny... ;-) )... I have a "Smoochie meatballhead" club mix
    in the works, along with a "Moonlight legend" Electric Funk Remix,
    in Computer Module format (*.XM format) so if you wanna hear it,
    Don't worry! I'll complete them soon and put them up in a nearby
    Computer Music Page... E-mail if you wanna hear what I've done
    so far... (I'l give the samplers in Mpeg format...)
    Oh yeah... I'm 15 years old, and I got quite some people (friends,
    bro-sis, etc.) hooked already with it!
    Sorry if I wrote too much... 
    C'-Ya... and remember...
    CHIBI-USA (Reeny) RULZ!
         - Jay-Dee! 

    Ming's Reply

    Great work JD! Why not post your work in the newsgroups or mailing lists? I also like the Japanese opening song more, because it has more texture to it.

    43) Shannon Cozzette (Sun Feb 11 13:14:23 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Ottawa Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I never miss a show, daddy showed me this. i am 3 years old. 

    Ming's Reply

    Hi, thank you Shannon and dad for visiting!

    44) Marcelo Torrejon (Sun Feb 11 15:17:34 EST 1996) [Email]
    from ejde.math.swt.edu
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!Great page, get more pics of Sailor mercury, and please while
    your at it send any interesting ones to me. 

    Ming's Reply

    OK, here's one for ya: Did you try http://www.tcp.com/pub/anime-manga/sorted/SailorMoon/Images/?

    45) Bryan Hamilton (Sun Feb 11 16:03:25 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Savannah, GA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hello there!  Could someone tell me why I like a little girl's 
    show?  Well, if my liking Sailor Moon is Yin then Yang is my 
    liking Overfiend! 

    Ming's Reply

    About Sailor Moon, see replies 14, 30 and 38 above. About Overfiend, no comment...

    46) Kassie Perlongo (Sun Feb 11 20:07:48 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Stockton, CA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! To this day I still thank my friend for introducing me to 
    anime. My favorite was Ranma, but when Sailor Moon came out...well
    you get the idea.  I would just like to comment on how well your S.M
    pages are.  I have been to many, many different web pages, and this 
    on is by far the most interesting!! I do have a question though. I 
    find that the Japanese version of S.M is much better then the U.S
    one ( although it is pretty close). Do you know if they are going 
    to release S.M. tapes subtitled? Please E-mail me A.S.A.P! I have
    searched high and low and called every place, in my area, 
    that carries anime if they had any idea but to no avail. Thank you
    for your time and I look foreword to hearing from you! Thanks again!

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks for your support Kassie! As far as I know, there's no plan to release official SM subs, but I'm sure there are fan-subs around... (sorry I can't email you since your email address is not complete)

    47) Sasa (Mon Feb 12 08:11:58 EST 1996)
    from earth
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    I love you, Ming 

    Ming's Reply


    48) Todd Bennett (Mon Feb 12 13:18:40 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Salt Lake City, UT
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/nausicaa.html:

    I was looking for information on the release of a uncut version 
    of Nausicaa. Anyone have any info?? 

    Ming's Reply

    The only official release of the uncut version of Nausicaa is the original Japanese one. However, fansubbed versions do exist.

    49) Peter Perentesis (Tue Feb 13 00:07:13 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Huntsville, Ontario, Canada!
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hey Ming, just a question how old are you??? 
    Me I'm 17 now and I am absolutley addicted to sailor Moon do you
    know where I can get the Japanese versions of SM (I take it there
    are no sub-titled ones yet) or where I could view them channel
    information etc? You could say I am a BIG Anime fan seen alot of
    other stuff (sub-titled with japanese dialogue ones are the best 
    if you don't know the language!).  Great web page! Some people
    think I'm a bit weird cause I like a kids show, but I DONT CARE!
    I love the stuff! it's great. :)
    in case you get HALF of my E-Mail address here it is again...
    and to others out there who want to talk about SM or other Anime
    feel free to write me!

    Ming's Reply

    It's enough to know that I'm older than you are and I'm as addicted to SM as you are :-) For original SM LD's, check out Nikaku, they do have a few (mostly the latest releases, so you won't find the older episodes) And whoever said anime is for kids definitely knows nothing about anime.

    50) Daniel Cale (Tue Feb 13 20:08:24 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Brampton, Ontartio
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Luv those funny faces!!  Especialy the first one.
    Keep those new faces flowing on in.
    Bye now...                   Dano 

    Ming's Reply

    Oh yes, I'm always on the watch for new funny faces, so keep watching!

    51) Austin E Schlosser (Wed Feb 14 17:36:42 EST 1996) [Email]
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! This Great! 

    Ming's Reply


    52) Walter M. Amos (Wed Feb 14 19:55:12 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Austin, TX
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Aaah!  What is all this Sailor Moon garbage?  Have you people no 
    taste?  I am gritting my teeth and clawing my nails into the 
    furniture waiting for the day that "Legend of the Galactic Heroes"
    will somehow be widely available to US audiences so we can get some
    commentary on it from Americans we can see some truly great literary
    scale SF animated on TV!  Check out out LoGH homepage at UT y'all!
    Hail Kaiser Reinhard! 

    Ming's Reply

    Um, people, never mind what Walter said, I know in his heart he's a Sailor Moon fan, he's just too embarrassed to admit it :-) And I'd say "Hail Yang!" too if LoGH makes it to US TV. To know more about LoGH, check out the LoGH Information Center or my LoGH page.

    53) Patrick Bureau (Wed Feb 14 21:20:51 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Very nice page you have going, and great links!

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks Patrick!

    54) Anand Kalelkar (Thu Feb 15 13:15:02 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Oak Brook, IL
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!  I just began watching this show about three wekks ago.  I like
    show better than other anime cartoons because they are all high
    school kids, like me.  I watch this show everyday at 6:30 while
    eating my breakfast before going to school.  I like sailor Mars the
    best because she has a cool personality and I like her long, dark
    hair.  If you don't mind, I would like to have a link to this page
    on my homepage. 

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Anand, I like Sailor Moon too, even though I'm not in HS anymore. I also think Mars is cool since she never gave Serena a break :-) And of course, I'd be glad if you make a link to my page!

    55) Jennie Samaniego (Thu Feb 15 15:30:40 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Los Angeles, CA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I think Sailor Moon is a great demonstration of the female power.  
    The Sailor Scouts stand by each other but they do have their 
    occasional catfights.  It is realistic towards female friendships.
    I think Tuxedo Mask is soooo handsome!!  I even bought a black kitten 
    and named her Luna.  Please email me so we can talk more because 
    I know of few people around here who I can talk to about this.

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Jennie, I'm glad you can identify with Sailor Moon. I also think the show depicts very well the youthfulness of teenage girls. BTW, does your cat have a cresent moon on her forehead too? :-) If you're interested in discussing Sailor Moon with others, why not join the new Sailor Moon mailing list? See ya!

    56) B. Erica (Thu Feb 15 17:42:34 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Toronto, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi, there!
    What's up!  Just wanted to tell you that my younger sister is 
    absolutely crazy about your show!
    But tell me something who is Ming!? 

    Ming's Reply

    Ehem, I think maybe you're thinking that my page is the official Sailor Moon page... um, it's not. The page was created by a guy called Ming (me :-) But thanks for dropping by!

    57) Dominick Parisi (Fri Feb 16 03:17:53 EST 1996) [Email]
    from www-e4.proxy.aol.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! Just looking for some fans in the chicago area. Been a fan since 
    the 70's. 

    Ming's Reply

    Seems like there are a few around you on the map...

    58) Rahimi Othman (Fri Feb 16 16:55:59 EST 1996) [Email]
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    enjoy the beauty! 

    Ming's Reply

    Oh yes, enjoy the beauty!

    59) Johnnie D. Thomas (Fri Feb 16 17:20:19 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Atlanta, GA USA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I feel as if I have come home. For the past several weeks,
    Sailor Moon has been a closely guarded secret that I have shared
    with only one other person. I am 26 and I want to be a sailor scout
    i feel much better now

    Ming's Reply

    Welcome home Johnnie! :-) You don't have to watch Sailor Moon in the closet any more since there are many like you who love the show, and be proud of it! But I don't think there are any male sailor scouts...

    60) Justin Anderson (Fri Feb 16 23:43:43 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Fort Collins, Colorado
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/slump.html:

    I am a big fan of Akira Toriyama, and I just wanted to tell you
    that you have a GREAT Dr.Slump page!!!  
    I love the links too, nice work.  

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks for your support Justin! But my Dr.Slump page is still in its infancy, I plan to add more stuff soon, so keep watching!

    61) Kara Silva (Sat Feb 17 15:29:27 EST 1996) [Email]
    from p0.lithium.sentex.ca
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi!  Sailor Moon rocks!  Blackie loves Sailor Mars.. 

    Ming's Reply

    Yes, we all love Sailor Moon and gang.

    62) Ann Richard (Sat Feb 17 21:06:36 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Fairhaven, Massachusetts
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/totoro.html:


    Ming's Reply


    63) Rizza de Leon (Sat Feb 17 23:29:30 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!  I am very fond of Sailor Moon.  It's funny and very entertaining.
    Although here, it's on only in the mornings and I can't watch it 
    because of school.  I hope that they can show the new episodes on a
    convenient time like weekday afternoons, or saturday mornings.
    But all in all, Sailor Moon is outstanding! 

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Rizza! It's true that Sailor Moon is still being shown at unfavorable time-slots in many stations, but hopefully as the show gets more popular, it'll be moved to better time-slots. How about taping it with a VCR?

    64) Gregory Jonathan Clem (Sat Feb 17 23:38:02 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Mansfield, MA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Mighty Page!
    Is there anyone who doesn't like Sailor Moon for one reason or
    another who has watched the TV show? (The commercials for those
    dolls does NOT count)
    Oh well...
    Now all I have ta do is found out where those silly CDs are sold...
    (Is it just me or in the TV show does Moon have as many funny faces
    as all the other scouts combined... and not just on your page...)

    Ming's Reply

    I do know some people who hated Sailor Moon because it stands for something they despise: namely innocence, love, friendship, youthfulness... and the dolls too :-) If you're referring to the Japanese SM CD's, you can get them in most anime stores, like Nikaku, but if you want the N.American version, you'll have to wait till later since they aren't released yet. And you're right, other sailor scouts seldom show funny faces compared with Sailor Moon... maybe except Sailor Mars, who likes to stick her tongue out at Sailor Moon :-)

    65) Karen Tsang (Sun Feb 18 00:54:47 EST 1996) [Email]
    from nominal.dialin.utoronto.ca
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I simply adore Sailormoon. Some say I am too old for it, but I 
    still like to watch the not-too-good English version cartoon and 
    collect their cards. If anyone knows what happened to the Sailor 
    Scouts in Sailormoon R, Sailormoon S and Sailormoon SS, please tell
    me! Thanx a lot! 

    Ming's Reply

    Don't listen to them Karen, one's never too old to watch Sailor Moon. If you think you're too old to watch SM, then you're *really* too old :-) If you want to know more info about the show, check out Hitoshi Doi's SM page or join the new Sailor Moon mailing list or check out the newsgroup alt.fan.sailor-moon (not available to everybody though)

    66) Justin Thomas (Sun Feb 18 19:02:18 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Illinois
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hello, Nice to see I'm not the oldest living Sailor Moon fan in
    America.  My friend got me hooked on Anime (It is tough to get my 
    hands on after all I am in the middle of the bible belt) 
    Unfortunately I have to leave for school 6:40 so I miss most of the
    show. (Earlier I got to see the last half of the show when I got home
    ) it sort of evens out.  Any way, thanks for the time, it's nice to
    know I'm not alone out there.
                                                Justin Thomas

    Ming's Reply

    No Justin, you're not the oldest SM fan (unless you're 70 years old! But someone please tell me if I'm wrong on this :-) And I don't think the bible said that anime is evil :-)

    67) Jennifer McDermott (Sun Feb 18 21:46:41 EST 1996) [Email]
    from annex07-ppp-11.accent.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! Love the Home Page! I would just like to say that
    I totally adore Sailor Moon and the rest of the gang. My
    friends are constatly making fun of me for watching it!
    But hey some of them back me up since I got them in to it!
    I try to get home in time to watch it but I'm always so busy
    after school! Anyhow love the page that I said before and 
    keep up the good work! 

    Ming's Reply

    Good work you did too Jennifer in assimilating your friends into Sailor Moon! Let's keep up the process and let the world know that resistance to Sailor Moon is futile! :-)

    68) Cj (Sun Feb 18 21:52:05 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Boston Massachusetts
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


    Ming's Reply


    69) Robert Okano (Sun Feb 18 22:03:19 EST 1996) [Email]
    from University of California, Irvine
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!  I am just starting to explore the wonderful world of Hayao
    Miyazaki.  Can you tell me how I can order copies of his films?
    I would prefer English subtitled versions rather than dubbed ones.
    Thank you... and I think your pages are great!  Keep up the good

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks Robert, but there's no official subs/dubs of most of Miyazaki's movies (except Totoro), so you'll have to try fansubs. Email me if you're interested.

    70) Elaine Gregory (Mon Feb 19 18:20:20 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Sacramento, California
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/millenia.html:

    I have been an anime fan since the late 1970's.  
    I like most anything by Matsumoto Leiji, but I particularly likr 
    Uchuu Senkan Yamato (Star Blazers), Waga Seishun no Arukadia/Uchuu 
    Kaizoku Kyaputen Harlock (My Youth in Arcadia/Space Pirate 
    Captain Harlock - really, anything with Harlock, Sennen Joo 
    (Queen Millennia) and Ginga Tetsudoo Surii Nain (Galaxy 
    Express 999).  I was delighted to discover a webpage devoted to 
    Her Majesty, Queen Millennia.  I do have a comment question:  
    according to a Roman Album, is it true that Yukino Yayoi/Queen 
    Millennia and Maeter are one and the same, as the graphic seemed 
    to indicate?  Most curious.  Keep up the great work - I'd love 
    to see this site expand. 

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Elaine! It's nice to know another Reiji Matsumoto and QM fan! As for your question about Yayoi, I'd have to look it up... My QM page is still in its infancy, I plan to add more stuff soon, so come visit again!

    71) Nick Pappas (Mon Feb 19 21:09:32 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Golden B.C.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    This is a cool page! 

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks Nick!

    72) Nathan Adams (Mon Feb 19 22:14:19 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Nestleton (Don't ask me where.), Ontario
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!  I just want to say that I love anime!!!
    My fave movies are Akira, and Vamppire Hunter D.
    Unfortunatly being in a place where there aren't many places to
    get new anime.  I haven't seen as much as I want to.  E-mail
    me if you want.  :) 

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Nathan, seems like you've only watched anime commercially available in N.America, which aren't always the best ones. I suggest you try contacting local anime clubs in your area, they may be able to help you find more anime to watch.

    73) Nina Nguyen (Tue Feb 20 14:51:33 EST 1996) [Email]
    from San Jose, CA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    HOWDY!!  I just love watching the Sailor Scouts fight
    the bad guys and go through life with adventure.  Its so
    funny to see Sailor Moon cry when she has the smallest of 
    problems!! This is a Wonderful page!! 

    Ming's Reply

    Howdy Nina! So I see you like to witness the miseries of others huh? I guess it's OK :-)

    74) S. Taverner (Tue Feb 20 16:02:23 EST 1996) [Email]
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! Well greetings out there from Winterpeg! (Winnipeg) We just 
    survived the coldest winter on record! Even though we're freezing 
    over here, Sailor Moon sure warms up these cold Winterpeg Nights.  

    Ming's Reply

    My sympathy is yours! Stay warm up in Winterpeg :-)

    75) Heidi Cadorna (Tue Feb 20 23:46:28 EST 1996) [Email]
    from San Jose,California
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hello All Sailor Fans!!!!!!!!!
    I just wanted to know where can I get a
    Sailor Moon calendar? '96?
    Well, I love watching Sailor moon!
    Even though I'm olny 13 years old!!!!
    I also love sailor Jupiter!!!

    Ming's Reply

    Try Nikaku Heidi, I think they still have the SM calendar.

    76) James OogleMire IDoo Day (Wed Feb 21 01:13:19 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Golden Colorado
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Sailor Moon is the coolest, if only 20 year old guys weren't looked
    at as if they were perverts when they buy dolls... I could have all
    the Sailor Moon action figures too!!! 

    Ming's Reply

    Um, if you're referring to the US version of the Sailor Moon dolls, and if you really like them, then I guess you're a bit perverted :-)

    77) Mike Johnson (Wed Feb 21 04:14:36 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Brentwood, CA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I'm a twenty year old male who watches the show, and can't get 
    enough of it!  I don't have the chance to watch it right off of the
    tube, tho...  My friend Ben (who is 4 years older than me, and also 
    a fan!) is my only lifeline to the show.  He tapes it and lends me
    the tapes...  I wanna see more anime, whether it be the americanized
    versions or subtitled, I care not.  The problem is my girlfriend. 
    She just doesn't understand.  :(  Anyway, I like Sailor Moon because
    although she is usually a cry-baby, she can be pretty mature, too...
    I like Mars and Jupiter cause they are cute and firey tempered.. :)
    And I like Venus cause she's pretty and Mercury cause she's both 
    smart AND pretty....  GREAT combo!  :)

    Ming's Reply

    Great combo indeed Mike! And don't give up trying to get your girlfriend to watch anime: You don't want your kids being nagged upon by their mom when they watch anime right? :-)

    78) Scott Sumpter (Wed Feb 21 11:44:30 EST 1996) [Email]
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    I think that you should have a special quicktime secton
    because these are very few and hard to find.  If you
    know of any anime quicktime galleries please e-mail me 

    Ming's Reply

    I have a link to the Quicktime anime archive in my anime page Scott.

    79) Mike Duncan (Wed Feb 21 11:56:35 EST 1996) [Email]
    from camelot.dsccc.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    This is a really great page.. 

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks Mike!

    80) Meagan Russell (Wed Feb 21 17:27:41 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Timmins Ontario
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    I really like Sailor Moon But my all time favorite is Sailor Venus.
    I first heard of this show in Nice France.At first it seemed kind
    wierd. But now I like it!And on YTV they mixte up the first couple
    so I didn't see the first ones!

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Meagan! I'm sure they'll have re-run after re-run after re-run of Sailor Moon in Canada, so don;t worry about missing a few episodes now :-) Nice, France? I wonder what's Sailor Moon's name in French... :-)

    81) Stephen Opipari (Wed Feb 21 20:36:32 EST 1996) [Email]
    from pipe13.h1.usa.pipeline.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

       I like the MIDI page.  Thanks for making it MIME enhanced.  Works 
    great with the Crescendo plug-in for netscape 2.0!  Hey, where are 
    the folks from Michigan?  I feel like the only one here. 

    Ming's Reply

    I'm glad you enjoyed the MIDI page Stephen, though I don't use the Crescendo plug-in myself. I think any MIDI player that can be launched from the command line should work with netscape too...

    82) Jennifer A. Wand (Thu Feb 22 06:57:33 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Newton MA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hey, long time no see hon!! Don't forget you still have a free comic book to cash in on. May I suggest the one that's going to be available March 1? Talk about Mars FIRE ignite! :) Jen/Sailor Newbie :)

    Ming's Reply

    Oh hi Jen! Thanks for dropping by! I still can't decide on the comic book though, so maybe I'll wait till you become famous. Then I'll ask for an autographed version of your best-seller :-) So my rain-check please!

    83) Meagan Russell (Thu Feb 22 17:36:40 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Earth
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    I like Sailor Moon but my favorite is sailor Venus.
    I really like they're expressives faces!!!!

    Ming's Reply

    Hi again Meg :-)

    84) Omar Gazi (Fri Feb 23 20:48:52 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Anaheim, CA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! Nice place you got here! I'm 11, and I try to watch Sailor Moon
    everyday, even the reruns. (It doesn't help that it airs at 7:30 AM
    around here, and school starts at 8:00... It's a 10-minute drive!)
    I've seen other SM places on the 'Net, and this is one of the better
    ones... really! The problem is that if I told any of my friends that I 
    watch Sailor Moon, I'd be a laughingstock. Only 2 of my pals 
    acually like SM... Oh, well. Life isn't perfect; SM: S didn't air here
    yet!!! Bye. 

    Ming's Reply

    If your friends laugh at you watching Sailor Moon, ask them what cartoons they like to watch, and then laugh back at them because there's nothing else in US TV that can compare with SM!

    85) Crystal Lam (Sat Feb 24 18:31:56 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Toronto, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

         I like Sailormoon because it is funny and has nice pictures. 

    Ming's Reply

    Same here Crystal!

    86) Priscilla Lo (Sun Feb 25 03:15:53 EST 1996) [Email]
    from San Carlos, CA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi Ming and everyone who loves sailor moon,
    I started to watch sailor moon last year and I am crazy about it.  
    I am almost 19 and some of my friends said that I'm really "low-B"
    (if you are Chinese, you'll understand the meaning, it means stupid.)
    But some of my friends respect what I like and they even bought me
    sailor moon stuffs for birthday present.  Too bad that I don't have
    time to watch sailor moon on TV since it is at 2 p.m. and I'm not home
    at that time.  But I bought the whole set of sailor moon comic books
    in Chinese from Hong Kong.  They are so much cheaper than in here.  
    I really like this homepage and those funny face pictures.  I even
    have sailor moon as my wallpaper.  Keep up the good work and I'm looking
    forward for more pictures to download.  

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Priscilla! Whether Sailor Moon is "Low-B" or not depends on what you compare it with. Compared with Miyazaki's shows, yes, SM is a bit inferior, but compared with Gundam or Macross or some such shows, SM is definitely of higher B!

    87) Angela G. Biyak (Sun Feb 25 12:39:13 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Morden Manitoba
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! I like the funny faces alot!!!!!  But, you should know something.  Almost the whole show has funny faces. 

    Ming's Reply

    Ah yes Angela, Sailor Moon can be called the "Wacky Funny Face Show" :-)

    88) Diana Carson (Sun Feb 25 14:31:25 EST 1996) [Email]
    from ts7-10.slip.uwo.ca
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! my name is Diana Carson and a am a crazy sailormoon fan
    and I would like to make some comments first before a complament
    on your page, first I would like to say that you know you have
    the sailormoon theme song and you just got a clip to of it and it 
    is a Mpeg well you should also put an Avi one to if you have 
    another space and also get a clip for everyone of the songs if you
    can. And now for my comments on your page it is great my favorite
    scouts are sailor saturn and sailor jupiter.
    From a crazed fan of the show sailormoon! 

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Diane, thanks for the suggestions. I'll definitely take them into consideration...

    89) Jim Holland (Sun Feb 25 22:32:26 EST 1996) [Email]
    from pm1-orl1.iag.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Sorry I left some fields blank above, but I honestly 
    have no idea what they refer to. I just wanted to let you know
    how neat I think it is to be able to check out this page (your anime 
    page) and find all that really cool stuff. I like the Midi Server, too.
    I've been a fan of anime since I saw my first anime flick many
    years ago. I actually don't recall what the name of the movie was --
    I didn't know at the time. I just know that I loved the style the movie
    was made in. Now I think my favorite would have to be Ninja Scroll,
    but I get a kick out of all anime films. Well, this is running a little long
    so I'll stop jabbering. 

    Ming's Reply

    Yes Jim, the forms are a bit puzzling... but so is life! :-) In any case, thanks for dropping by, and keep watching anime!

    90) Justin Dubreuil (Mon Feb 26 12:52:50 EST 1996) [Email]
    from n.s.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

     Why do you only have 1 engish cartoon and a iot of japenise ones 
    listed in your fileon the funny fase gallery!!! 

    Ming's Reply

    Um, I think you're referring to the songs Justin. I used to have mostly Japanese Sailor Moon songs on my SM page because the N.American Sailor Moon CD didn't come out until Feb 27. But now that it's out, I have put the N.American Sailor Moon songs up on my page as well, so go check it out!

    91) Osamu Kasahara (Tue Feb 27 00:30:40 EST 1996) [Email]
    from reqf-071.ucdavis.edu
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I thought your Laputa page was great. I found myself reminiscing 
    as it has been close to a decade since I first saw the film.  
    I had to download "Kimi o nosete" and sing along with it. I've been a
    Japanimation fan since I was a little kid.  Laputa and MS-Gundam are
    my favorites.  I wish I had more time to invest in anime because I 
    could upload a whole library of stuff I'm sure you'd enjoy.  I had a 
    friend who worked on Five Star Stories.  He has since moved on and 
    it seems I am too.  But I will be a fan for life having grown up 
    with anime and all. I do have a few questions though:
    How do I get a Japanese-capable browser?  Do you have the script to 
    					Osamu Kasahara age:18
    					Hometown: San Francisco 

    Ming's Reply

    Hai Osamu-san! I'm glad the Laputa page helped your reminiscence. I guess Laputa is such a great movie it'll stay in your memory forever! I'll answer your other questions by email.

    92) ben quinn baragiola (Tue Feb 27 16:13:08 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Albuquerque NM
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    all this stuff is good for tha heart.  i gotta get some little
    japanimation girls.  them's is good stuff.  understand? 

    Ming's Reply

    Um, a little :-)

    93) Katelyn Black (Tue Feb 27 19:42:57 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Sarnia, Ontario
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I really like the pictures and I like the theme song that plays while I 
    am trying to figure out what to choose. 

    Ming's Reply

    Thanks Katelyn! Unfortunately I can't enjoy the background music since I don't use Internet Explorer :-( But I'm glad you enjoyed it :-)

    94) Tobi-Dawne Yandt (Wed Feb 28 10:33:37 EST 1996) [Email]
    from cspm20.usask.ca
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    I am soooo impressed.  I thought the only people in the world who 
    adored Sailor Moon as much as myself was my dear friend Cristina,
    Apearantly I was wrong.  I'm a university student here at the Good-ole
    University of Saskatchewan, and I've got Sailor Moon feaver pretty 
    darn bad, I mean, I've been known to skip classes so I don't miss it.
    I can't look at a meatball without laughing, and I call my friends cat
    Artimis, thats not her name, she just happens to be a white cat.  I am
    so absolutely insane for any merchandise, cristina and I have wars over
    who gets what first.  I think I'm in the lead, I have a wonderful 
    boyfriend who has a good job, therefore he can buy me all sorts of 
    stuff.  For example, he took me down to Cheko's, the main Sailor Moon
    retailor here, and bought me $50 worth of stuff.  After he took me home
    he went back and bought me 30 hologram cards.  He's soooo great, but
    not as great a prince Darien.  (smile)  Well, I've used up alot of 
    space here so I guess I should stop, I could go on for hours.  I 
    haven't even gotten to talking about each of the scouts individualy.  
    Nor have I told you why I remind Cristina of Sailor Moon, maybe its
    the valley girl attitude I usually have, but I could be wrong.  Anyway
    it was great to talk to you.  And, anybody is welcome to Email me, I
    just love expanding my social circle.  Bye Now.  --- Tobi-Dawne. 

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Tobi! Guess you're wrong about nobody adoring Sailor Moon, just look at this guestbook (which has become the Sailor Moon appreciation page :) and check out the Sailor Moon mailing list! The fact is Sailor Moon is becoming a world-wide phenomenon, and justifiably so. Want to empty your boyfriend's pocket? Check out Nikaku, lots of Sailor Moon merchandise you can mail order there. Don't tell him I told you though :-)

    95) Cristina Bustos (Wed Feb 28 14:20:16 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Saskatoon Sask.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi!This is Cristina(Tobi's Friend), and i'm glad to see that lots of
    people are really getting into SAILOR MOON.  Being a high school kid,
    not many of my peers agree with my thinking.  That's usually why i 
    hang out with older kids like Tobi, that and her chatter always 
    makes me laugh.  Well as tobi has already told you we are having a
    contest to see who can get more sailor moon stuff, but she has her 
    boyfriend but her stuff, so that's not really fair.  But my birthday
    came buy and i got my brother to get me sailor moon posters, but he 
    got me a flag instead.  Tobi also got me a poster to help me along
    but now its up to me to get the dolls.  But since i don't have a job
    and my mom won't let me get a job until summer it's pretty rough 
    goings.  Do you guys think that this is fair?  I know i don't, but 
    that dosn't seem to matter to my mom.  well i guess it's time for me
    to get going cause the evil queen is knocking at my door.(TOBI)

    Ming's Reply

    Oh poor Cristina! Got to get a boyfriend or a job fast :-) After that check out Nikaku above and I'm sure you'll beat Tobi!

    96) Tobi-Dawne Yandt (Wed Feb 28 14:32:33 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Toontown, SK.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I see you've met Cristina, isn't she great!!!!!  One or two 
    corrections though.  I am not an evil queen, i am perfect, and good,
    and wonderful, and beautiful, and humble, and really really nice, but
    I was knocking at her door.  (smile)  One more thing, she had a birthday
    and that put her ahead of me in the race for merchandise, I think its 
    very fair that i have a boyfriend who buys me things, I'm not much 
    ahead of her, she can tell you the spicifics when she posts back, as
    I'm sure she will.  Cristina is great, she reminds me of Sailor Jupiter.
    She is just so fun, and she is a brute.  She is a real scrapper.  But
    she has a good heart, and once you get to know her she would stand
    by you through anything.  Well, gotta run.  Cristina is looking over
    my shoulder.  Bye Now. -- Tobi-Dawne. 

    Ming's Reply

    Oh OK, here's a brand new song for Cristina/Jupiter :-)

    97) Jillian Reichenau (Wed Feb 28 17:59:45 EST 1996) [Email]
    from wp26.english.swt.edu
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


    Ming's Reply


    98) cristina bustos (Wed Feb 28 18:54:56 EST 1996) [Email]
    from saskatoon sask.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! It's me again!  Just to respond to what tobi said.  HA HA HA HA!
    Her sweet!  Nice!  She's pure evil!!!  Just Joking she's really a 
    sweet person.  Tobi are you still going to the mall with me on friday?
    Catch you on the flip side.

    Ming's Reply

    I think you girls are more like Serena and Rei :-)

    99) Madeline Wimmer (Wed Feb 28 19:52:06 EST 1996) [Email]
    from North Olmsted, Ohio
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/totoro.html:

       My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite animated movie. 
    I would love to find out where I can buy totoro
    merchandise.     Madey  

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Madeline, check out the commercial section of the Anime Web Turnpike, lots of anime companies there, I'm sure you can find a lot of Totoro stuff there.

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