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1) Ernest R. Peterson (Thu Feb 29 11:30:41 EST 1996) [Email]
from Warren,Pa. 16365
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I like the layout of your home page. I don't have time right
 now to check out the rest. Be assured that I will return later to
 do so. 

Ming's Reply

Thanks Ernest! And do come back again :-)

2) Tobi-Dawne Yandt (Thu Feb 29 14:40:41 EST 1996) [Email]
from Good Ole Toontown Saskatchewan
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Oh no!!!!!!  I rather liked the old guest book, the world looked so 
much more populated.  Ming, i'm not sure weather to take your comment
about cristina and myself being like Serena and Rae as a complement
or an insult, but it was pretty funny.  I guess it is kind of true
though, we are always fighting about something, but its usually in 
good humor.  Cristina, of course we'll go to the mall on friday, like 
I'd miss a chance to shop.  Cristina (or should I say Rae) I am not 
an evil queen.  I am usually a very kind and giving person, just ask 
Ming.  I'm sure even he could tell you just how wonderful I am.  Just
by the by, are we going to get sundaes at the mall?  Or I know, why 
don't we get a couple of fat loadded strawberry crapes?  See you latter
Ming.  I just love this place, it is soooooo cool.  Keep smiling.  This
big old world we live in is pretty great.  -- Tobi-Dawne.

Ming's Reply

Hi again Seren...I mean Tobi :-) Be assured that the comparison of you girls to Raye and Serena was purely complimentary. After all, Serena is pretty perfect right?... um, except for her poor academic record, except for her total lack of resistance for food, except for her being a cry-baby, except... :-) And Raye wants to be a Shinto priestess!! (at least in the Japanese version) Now that is cool!

3) Tobi-Dawne Yandt (Thu Feb 29 14:44:36 EST 1996) [Email]
from Saskatoon, SK
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Cristina, I almost forgot.  Are we going to go to Cheko's while we 
are down town? 

Ming's Reply


4) cristina bustos (Thu Feb 29 15:07:43 EST 1996) [Email]
from saskatoon sask.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!  I don't know what comment wa given about me being like raye or
tobi like serena but you got the serena part down to a tee.  Just 
jokes.  Can someone please tell me who does the voice(IN AMERICA) of
Darien?  cause i can't seem to find out.  And tobi, would i miss a 
chance to go to cheko's and get more stuff?  of course not!  call me
when you ge home.  Catch you on the flip side!
Cristina Out

Ming's Reply

Seems like Raye isn't such a shoppaholic :-) Unfortunately I donno who did the voice of Darien, though I know who did that of Mamoru...

5) Zhaleh Afshar (Thu Feb 29 18:01:07 EST 1996) [Email]
from ppp01-31.net.uoguelph.ca
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! Most Impressive! I am a great fan of Sailor Moon. Unfortunately 
I don't have the software to view the Videos of the songs. But I enjoyed
the Funny faces Gallery very much! Keep up the good work! 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for your support Zhaleh! For now I have only the video for the theme song, so I guess you didn't miss much.

6) Nicole Padua ( Nicki) (Thu Feb 29 19:39:42 EST 1996) [Email]
from NY
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! Thanks for putting up some songs from the new CD!! 

Ming's Reply

Oh it's my pleasure Nicki! Hope you like them.

7) Grace Siswanto (Fri Mar 1 02:10:24 EST 1996) [Email]
from Seattle, WA --- Jakarta, Indonesia
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi Ming!
As usual just want to pop out to say that I like your home page
since it has all the new things that a browser can have. And
of course, to advertise my own home page!!!  Visit me everyone!!!

Ming's Reply

I was wondering why Grace didn't show up earlier :-)

8) Danger Mouse (Fri Mar 1 04:16:41 EST 1996) [Email]
from DM's Homepage at U of Scranton
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/nausicaa.html:

The Black Knight always wins!

I'm invincible!

You're a looney!

Ming's Reply

Hmm... now aren't we being obscure? But then I think all this makes sense if one realizes that you're actually... THE BRAIN!!!, danger mouse indeed :-) Conquered the world lately? How's Pinky doing? And Spielberg? Now I wonder who's more looney...

9) Tobi-Dawne (or acording to Ming, Serena) Yandt (Fri Mar 1 10:53:27 EST 1996) [Email]
from Saskatoon SK.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming.  The world is beginning to look a little more populated, 
I'm glad to see it.  Ming, what made you decide to set up a page like 
this one?  And how did you go about it?  You know what Ming, you are 
pretty cool, and you are right, Serena is pretty perfect, and yes, 
though I hate to admit this, I tend to have the same faults.  (Just 
ask Cristina).  Ming, have you checked out the page with the messed 
up "Sailor Moon Says"?  it totally rocks.  I just about died laughing
when I read it.  You should think about making a link to that page 
from here.  Cristina, have you found that page yet?  If not, you 
should definately look it up.  The best two were the ones about not 
throw things at your friends, even if your mind has been taken over 
by the megaverse, and the one about how Raes grandpa was really a 
monster, and how we should all kill our grandpa's before they have 
the chance to transform.  Cristina, if you can't find the comment Ming
made about us being like Serena and Rae, just go to the old guest book, 
because thats where it is.  (smile)  Well, I better run.  I'm late for
class, again.  Bye Now -- Tobi-Dawne         

Ming's Reply

Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner Tobi/Serena, my time just seems to disappear into the black hole which is the internet :-)

To answer your questions, I decided to make the SM funny face page because I really love those funny faces. It started out as a simple page with only funny faces, but it eventually evolved into a page with a bit of everything.

And yes, I did check out that Alternate Sailor Moon Says page, pretty funny :-) I have three links to pages with links to other SM pages, so I'm sure the Alternate Sayings page is there too.

10) Tobi-Dawne, Again. (Fri Mar 1 11:06:10 EST 1996) [Email]
from Saskabush Saskatchewan
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Ming, I almost forgot.  I have to correct your comment to Danger Mouse.
Danger Mouse is an old cartoon.  He had nothing to do with Pinky and
The Brain, nor has he anything to do with Spielberg.  He was pretty
low budget, but he was great.  I loved the episode with the giant 
chicken.  (smile)  -- Tobi-Dawne   (yes, I know.  I watch far too many
cartoons for a university student.) 

Ming's Reply

Oh OK, thanks for correcting me Tobi/Serena. Unfortunately I haven't seen Danger Mouse and the guy has a picture of the Brain in his homepage, which is why I thought that's what he meant...

11) David 'Tuxedo' Federman (Fri Mar 1 18:23:32 EST 1996) [Email]
from federman.tor.hookup.net
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I am an absolute Sailor Moon Fanatic! I love the show... I just plain love all aspects of Sailor Moon. Sailor Moon, continue your success! It is your destiny! 

Ming's Reply

Thanks Dave! It's nice to be appreciated by another SM fanatic :-)

12) Chris Ysebert (Fri Mar 1 19:04:28 EST 1996) [Email]
from Strathroy, Ontario, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Great job! I was just wondering how to get that Moon CD. I have all the songs you mentioned on tape. 

Ming's Reply

Thanks Chris! If you can't find the CD in your local CD store, try ordering it from cdnow.com. Just search for artist (not title) "sailor" and you'll find it.

13) cristina (Raye) bustos (Fri Mar 1 20:23:05 EST 1996) [Email]
from saskatoon sask.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!Hey there everyone, just got back from shopping and i feel great!!
I just got a new poster and 4 new hologram cards!!!!  And i have to 
correct my earier spelling it's not Cheko's, its Checo's trading Co.
Anyway, i was wondering something, i heard that the Sailor Moon CD was
out in english, does anyone no what label it's under(GEFFEN, SONY, 
ETC.) or where i could get my hands on one?  Well gotta get going.
Catch you on the flip side. 

Ming's Reply

Back from shopping Cristina/Raye? Yes, the CD is out, how can you not notice it on my page?? :-) It's under the label...ehem... "KID RHINO" (silly isn't it?) with catalog number R272267. You can order it through the internet, see my reply above.

14) Tobi-Dawne Yandt (Sat Mar 2 15:53:37 EST 1996) [Email]
from Toon Town SK
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

What is with all these people who cannot take instructions?!?!?!?!
When Cristina and I went shopping yesterday we couldn't find the 
N.American version of the Sailor Moon CD anywhere.  Even the people
at Checo's didn't know where we could get it, heck, I had to tell them
there was one, they didn't have a clue.  Ming, I don't suppose you know
what label it is under, or who is selling it.  The people at Checo's
said they would love to order some in, only they don't know where to order
them from.  (sigh)  Anyway.  When we went shopping I was very unhappy.
We went to Checo's (yeh) but Cristina bought almost all the cards I had
wanted, and she also bought a poster that I already have, so know we have 
two double posters, and I only got one new card. (whine)  Ming, I think
you should explain to her that that wasn't very fair, and she should 
have let me buy half of the cards and her the other half.  Oh, and Ming
when we were shopping we kind-of started arguing about who you liked more,
me or her.  You like me better, yes?  Oh, of course you do.  After all
I'm the nice one.  (smile at Cristina)  -- Tobi-Dawne. 

Ming's Reply

No need to get upset about people not following instructions Tobi/Serena, since I only expected half of them to do so :-)

About the CD, please read my replies above, and you can tell people in Checo's to order it from cdnow.com too, perhaps mentioning my name so I get discount next time :-D

I thought you gals went to the Checo's together. Provided you and Cristina/Raye have the same physical strength and agility, I don't see why you let her get all the goodies... which reminds me of the scene when Serena and Raye were fighting over comic books in the episode Nightmare in Dreamland...

Which of you I like better? You mean the real you or the shadow you (Serena/Raye)? Hmm... better not comment on this :-)

15) Tobi-Dawne (the moon princess) Yandt (Sat Mar 2 16:04:30 EST 1996) [Email]
from Hubcity Saskatchewan
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Here are my two favorite Sailor Moon Says sayings by Daniel Albrook:

1 -- "Yes, and you also shouldn't throw sharp pointed art instruments
      at your friends, even if you have had your mind taken over by 
      the Negaverse."

2 -- "Today, Rei learned that her Grandpa was an evil beast from the
      Negaverse.  Your Grandpa probably is too, so you should go kill
      him right now, before he has the chance to transform."

Well, thats it.  Arn't they great?!?!?!?!  
																Love, Peace and Happiness -- Tobi-Dawne.   (smile) 

Ming's Reply

Eh yes, funny. They have the same silly flavor like the real Sailor Moon sayings :-)

16) cristina (jupiter) bustos (Sat Mar 2 16:37:22 EST 1996) [Email]
from saskatoon, sask.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!  Yeah right Tobi.. moon princess---HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
Sorry, anyway that doesn't matter, anyway tobi, who's getting you 
nice Sailor moon pictures for your computer huh??  Plus you are 
getting 30 cards from your boyfriend and probably even worse.

Man have i hit an all time low, i'm watching BAYWATCH!  I think i'm 
going to watch 17 hours and more of sailor moon.  That'll do the 
trick.  Well does anyone know what sailor uranus, sailor neptune, and
sailor saturn's names going to be in the show? well if you know drop 
me a line.
Catch you on the flip side!

Ming's Reply

Oh boy, here comes the cat fight of Tobi/Serena and Cristina/Raye again... and Baywatch?? Yes, really low indeed :-)

17) queen serenity (Sat Mar 2 17:12:32 EST 1996) [Email]
from the moon, space
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

moon prism power!!!!!
oh yeah, hi!!  i love your collection of faces!!  they kick butt!!  my
favourite s. scout is lita **sailor jupiter**.  she rocks the world!!

Ming's Reply

Thanks eh...queen serenity, came back to life recently? Must be the re-runs... :-)

18) Luna KN (Sat Mar 2 21:40:41 EST 1996) [Email]
from intercourse,pa
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! And all my friends thought that I was alone in loving sailor 
moon!  They called me crazy!  I love the faces!  

Ming's Reply

Hi Luna! (Gee, who's next? :-) You're not crazy Luna, they (those who don't watch SM) are! BTW, how's Artemis doing?

19) PAUL JACKSON (Sun Mar 3 00:38:40 EST 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


Ming's Reply

Thanks Paul, and I'm eagerly waiting for the new Sailor Moon R episodes too...

20) Tobi-Dawne (the moon princess) Yandt (Sun Mar 3 15:21:06 EST 1996) [Email]
from Toontown sk
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

                    ******* M * I * N * G ********

Hey, where are you?  Are you feeling allright?  I hope everything is

Cristina -- I am the moon princess, so there Rei.  (smile)

Ming, Cristina is a cool person.  I mean she is downloading a whole
wack of pictures off of her computer for mine.  I don't suppose you 
know if there is a Sailor Moon screen saver or not.  If there is one,
do you know where I could get it?  My little sister, Riki, or Rini,
is at the University with me today, and believe me.  Her and Rini are
trajically alike.  (sigh)  I'll get Riki to post a message next, and
I'll get her to tell you a little about herself.
Well, I'm going to run.  Cristina, check out Legend of the Red Dragon.
Me and mike the ghost got on pretty well last night.  (smile)
Love, Peace and Happiness to all -- Tobi-Dawne. 

Ming's Reply

I'm here Tobi/Serena, thanks for your concern.

There's a SM screensaver at http://www.dorsai.org/~mhsieh/form.htm, check it out.

Oh is today the "Bring-your-sister-to-school Day"? :-)

21) Riki-Leanne Yandt (Sun Mar 3 15:26:09 EST 1996)
from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!  I'm Riki, and I'm 11.  My evil sister is making me write this.
By the way Sailor Moon SUCKS!  Um, do you enjoy talking with Tobi?
Tobi is a real pain.  We have got a big family.  There are 6 kids.
I can't stand Tobi and all her Sailor Moon stuff.  Um, I don't know
what else to write, bye.  

Ming's Reply

Hi Riki! Seems like you have the same nice attitude as Rini :-) Your sister isn't that evil, not to me at least, and I guess it's just sibling rivalry like Rini and Serena. I wonder who the other 4 siblings correspond to...

22) Tobi the Moon Princess. (Sun Mar 3 15:29:38 EST 1996) [Email]
from Good Ole Saskabush, Saskatchewan.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Isn't she sweet.  I leave the room for two minutes and she goes on a 
Tobi, and Sailor Moon, bashing rampage.  And of course I didn't get 
back in time to prevent her from submitting it.  Ah Me.  Gotta Love her.
(big smile)  See you latter Ming -- Tobi-Dawne. 

Ming's Reply

Don't be too harsh on Riki/Rini, after all she's travelled back in time just to be nagged by Serena, now even you would get upset right? :-)

23) Helena (Sun Mar 3 16:58:57 EST 1996) [Email]
from freenet.durham.org
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I think the sailorscouts are the coolest in the world.
I love the images you have of the sailorsoldiers.
Keep up the good work!!

Ming's Reply

Totally thanks Helena Dude!

24) Tobi-Dawne Yandt (Mon Mar 4 12:30:44 EST 1996) [Email]
from S'toon, SK
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming.  Glad to see your back.  Had me a little worried there for a
while.  I do love my sister, I really do.  But I really don't think that
my love is reciprocated, Ah Me.  Well, gotta run.  Just thought I'd drop
you a line to let you know I'm glad everything is well.  
Peace, Joy and Everlasting Serenity -- Tobi-Dawne.  (smile) 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for your concern Tobi/Serena! And how blissful it must be to have a naughty baby sister... :-)

25) Charles Glaspie Jr. (Mon Mar 4 14:18:20 EST 1996) [Email]
from Oakland,CA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! The faces are VERY funny! Keep up the good work! 

Ming's Reply

Thanks Charles!

26) Kotatsu Neko (Tue Mar 5 12:07:26 EST 1996) [Email]
from Kotatsu Neko's NekoNet
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/kiki/:

It's nice to see you all do such a beautiful job!  Long Live 
Miyazaki & Ghibli! 

Ming's Reply

Arigatou Gozaimasu Neko-san! Long Live Kiki! Long Live Totoro! Long Live Pazu and Sheeta! Long Live Nausicaa! Long Live Conan!... :-)

27) Nicole Wood (Tue Mar 5 15:30:34 EST 1996) [Email]
from St.Andrews Manitoba
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I really like the setup and content os your Sailormoon funny 
faces page. Maybe you could put some outlines of the sailor scouts 
on insted of colour so black and white printers can print though
BYE :) 

Ming's Reply

Yes, good point Nicole... but you can always convert the color image into B & W with your favorite graphics program :-)

28) Mercedes Oropilla (Tue Mar 5 15:59:04 EST 1996) [Email]
from ip93-90.tor.interlog.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming, I really like the funny faces gallery. Do you know why 
sometimes they repeat the series over and over again? Please tell
me because I'm really annoyed at that

Ming's Reply

I agree Mercedes that it's annoying to have all these re-re-re-runs, but then perhaps we should be thankful that they're at least showing Sailor Moon here daily instead of weekly, like in Germany, where they're only up to episode 20 now!

29) Tobi-Dawne, the moon princess, Yandt (Tue Mar 5 16:07:04 EST 1996) [Email]
from University of Saskatchewan, Comp Sci, MacLab.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Well Ming.  I did it again.  I failed yet another test.  This one a 
midterm for my Computational Science Class.  I am so pathetic, I even
studied for this one.   AHAHAHAHAHAHHHHHHHH.  I swear I am going 
completely insane.  I don't know why I'm telling you this, I guess its
because we don't really know eachother and I know you won't call me
stupid.  (Knowing if Cristina reads this she will laugh at my pathetic 
attempt to do well academically).  Ah Me.  
Well, I think I'm going to go shopping, buy myself something I have
no use for.  More Sailor Moon stuff, and another CD.
Bye Ming -- Tobi-Dawne, the pathetic excuse for a university student. 

Ming's Reply

Oh poor Tobi/Serena! Don't be upset, after all Serena also got poor grades all the time but see how she turns out...(Luna shaking her head and mumbling ironically "not very good I guess") And I won't call you stupid no matter what, unlike that rude dude Darien... So cheer up Tobi/Serena! Hey I know a thing or two about computers too, so feel free to email me if you got questions :-)

30) Tobi-Dawne Yandt (Wed Mar 6 11:51:58 EST 1996) [Email]
from Toontown, SK
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming.  thanks alot for your encouragement, it really means alot.
(smile)  One of my assingments was to do up a hypercard stack, I bombed
that one, the next assingment was to draw up a diagram ilistrating where
each button takes you and which cards connect to where.  I didn't do the 
first assignment correctly so I couldn't do this one at all, not that I
could have figured it out anyway.  Pretty much the only thing I can do on
a computer is to write Email and cruse through the web.  I don't supose 
you could help me figure out how to make my own web page, we use UNIX.
Well, gotta run, I need to put up my new sailor moon merchandise, the guy
at Checo's must absolutely love me.  Bye Now -- Serena II  (big smile)

Ming, why does your guest book keep telling me to go to the "more detailed
map" whenever I try to submit.  My submitions are no longer on Saskatoon, 
they are in Regina (barf-orama). 

Ming's Reply

Sorry for the late reply here Tobi (but I did email you right? :) About the guestbook problem, I think it may be because you tried signing on the rest-of-the-world section of the guestbook instead of on the N.American section...

31) Anand Kalelkar (Wed Mar 6 17:08:46 EST 1996) [Email]
from Oak brook il
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I

this homepage. Lots of cool pictures and sounds. Do you know how long sailor moon R lasts and when we'll see S, Super S, and Eternal?

Ming's Reply

Thanks Anand! They showed up to (Japanese) episode 72 in N.America, so there are still 16 more episodes left in Sailor Moon R. As for SMS, SMSS... I really have no idea whether DIC would show them. I sure hope so!

32) TOBI-DAWNE YANDT ***** THE MOON PRINCESS (Wed Mar 6 22:25:46 EST 1996) [Email]
from toontown, sk
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I DID IT!!!!!!

I'm sorry, this is just sooooo exciting.  I know it's not much, but I've
never had one before.  And you know whats even more exciting?  I did 
it myself, with no help from anyone!!!  You have to check it out.  I 
even put a link to the Sailor Moon Funny Faces Gallery.  Okay, gotta
run and tell all my friends.  I'm so excited I can't even sit still.


Okay, see you later.  (humungeous smile)  --Tobi-Dawne. 

Ming's Reply

Yes Tobi, very nice homepage you got there, and very revealing :-) Thanks for linking to my page!

33) Steve Hu (Thu Mar 7 06:04:12 EST 1996) [Email]
from San Diego
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Awesome page! 

Ming's Reply

Awesome thanks!

34) Artemis (Thu Mar 7 10:59:35 EST 1996) [Email]
from Upstate New York
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! Great Page!!! I LOVE IT! Keep up the good work! bai!

Ming's Reply

Oh here's Artemis finally :-) Thanks Artemis!

35) Aaron Maupin (Thu Mar 7 11:30:21 EST 1996) [Email]
from Columbus, Ohio, USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi Ming! I must say, all the humor in Sailor Moon is what kept me watching before I got hooked on the storyline, and it's good to see a place where I can look at all those funny faces! Especially Luna when she goes nuts over something stupid Serena's just done. I put a link to your page on my still unfinished Links Page.


Ming's Reply

Thanks Aaron! And is that a target-sight aiming at Serena?? :-)

36) Nikolas Baksi (Thu Mar 7 19:02:28 EST 1996) [Email]
from Windsor, Ontario, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hello Sailor Moon Fans

I think that Sailor Moon should have more weapons.
And Queen Beril's monsters should take more hits.
I like the show and all but the bad guy's should be stronger.
My class taeses me because I watch Sailor Moon but I love the show!
I did a drawing of the Sailor Scouts for art. I leave my house at 
8:00am but the show is on at 8:30am on channel 29 (Global). I would like
Sailor Moon to be on at 7:30am. That's all for now love Sailor Moon 

Bye From your number 1# Fan: Nikolas Baksi    

Ming's Reply

Hi Nick, intersting suggestions but maybe a bit too violent :-)

37) cristina bustos -- Sailor Mars (Thu Mar 7 22:03:06 EST 1996) [Email]
from Saskatoon sask. -- Mars
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!  I just stopped by to say congrats to tobi on getting her own
homepage.  Well that and to say Where are you Ming?  That and does 
anyone know how to read those japenesse letterings?  Cause i have 
alot of posters with them on it.  if you can please let me know or
just leave me a letter here.  Well gotta get gone.
Catch you on the other side of reality! 

Ming's Reply

Oh hi Cristina, I'm here, just got occupied by other things... Well, I don't really read Japanese, but I can read the kanji's and the rest I can look up in the dictionary, so what have you got in those posters?

38) Mahealani Martinez Hayashi Wada Smith (Thu Mar 7 23:11:40 EST 1996) [Email]
from Seattle, WA.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I haven't really been on the 'net much but when I am I usually 
look just at the Sailor Moon and Reboot home pages, and have re-
cently found yours and decided that yours is #1!!!

I LOVE the Sailor Scouts!! especially Sailor Jupiter 
and Sailor Mercury.

Keep up the good work!  See ya (hee hee)

Ming's Reply

Thanks for your support Mahealani!

39) Tobi-Dawne Yandt -- The Moon Princess. (Fri Mar 8 12:11:42 EST 1996) [Email]
from University of Saskatchewan, second floor Arts Bld. Comp. Sci. Maclab.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming.  Cristina, thanks.  I'm rather proud of my homepage.  I 
know its not much, but its mine.  Ming.  I realized I've never told 
you about my hair.  Now this is not on perpose (spelling?).  It's 
just kind of neat.  Anyway, From about '91-june'95 I had Sailor V. 
hair.  I got it cut in the summer of '95, then I had Sailor Mercury 
hair.  When I went shopping with Cristina last week, I got it cut.  
I now have Sailor Uranus hair.  I thought that was kind of cool, 
Cristina thought so too.  Well, I have to run.  Time to go shopping 
again.  Love Peace and Serenity -- Tobi-Dawne (smile) 

Ming's Reply

Hey Tobi, I thought you have Serena's hair, with meatballs and all :-) Try it some time, it's going to be the next fashion in hair style :-)

40) cristina (sailor mars) bustos (Fri Mar 8 13:20:37 EST 1996) [Email]
from saskatoon sask. (Mars)
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!  TOBI!!! you went shopping without me!!! BUT WHY!!! I think i'm 
going to cry, or beat you up.  i would have gone with you.  Well 
i guess i'll get over it, but still it hurts.  well my parents 
are calling me, by the way ming do you know the new sailors names?
Catch you on the flip side 

Ming's Reply

Here comes shoppaholic Cristina :-) Sorry but which new sailors? You mean the outer senshi's? I don't think anybody knows their N.American names yet, maybe except those who did the dub for the later episodes...

41) Dean Webb (Sat Mar 9 12:56:35 EST 1996) [Email]
from Dallas, Texas, USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Love the page and the MIDI files as well. I find Sailor Moon to be much better than Barney or Lamb Chop, and my kids agree with me! I stop by the page every now and then to refresh my wallpaper. I use Windows 95 and Plus!, and would be very interested in a Sailor Moon desktop theme. Let me know if one is out there. In the name of the Moon, I will punish evil! (I hope that doesn't mean you! ) Dean "I'm almost too old for this" Webb

Ming's Reply

Nobody's too old for Sailor Moon Dean :-) But I think *everybody's* too old for Barney or Lamb Chop, since even kids would find them kiddy. Donno what you're looking for exactly, but if you're looking for SM screensavers, refer to entry 20 above.

42) Carrie (Sat Mar 9 16:48:45 EST 1996) [Email]
from Torrance, Ca.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


I'm 16 years old, and I'm proud to say I'm not ashamed of being a Sailor Moon fanatic! Sailor Mars is my
favorite scout because she's hot-headed and critical..........like me! And my boyfriend Dan looks exactly like
Darien! Am I lucky, or what? 

Ming's Reply

So we have another Raye look-alike? :-) And Carrie, 16 years is about the same age group as that of the characters in the show, so of course you shouldn't feel odd watching it.

43) Alexandra Dao (Sat Mar 9 19:19:56 EST 1996) [Email]
from Ontario, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi, actually, the program that I'm using can't handle sounds or 
images (does that not suck?), but I saw your gallery of funny faces before and I loved it!
I have one question: Do you know how (where) I can get my hands on
the new Sailor Moon CD? Well, that's all for today, oh and hey Zhaleh, check your mail!
     Alexandra (aka Sailor Mars, Sailor Alexandra) 

Ming's Reply

Hi Alexandra, seems like the SM CD hasn't made it to Canada yet (someone please correct me if I'm wrong) The only way I know for you to order the CD is cdrom.com. Search for artist "sailor" and you'll find it. But I heard you may have to pay custom to ship it to Canada, so it may be a bit expensive...

44) Tobi-Dawne Yandt ***** The Moon Princess (Sun Mar 10 15:52:58 EST 1996) [Email]
from Toontown, SK.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Cristina, I'm sorry I went shopping without you, but it was 12:30 in
the afternoon, you were still in school.  Don't worry, whenever I go to 
the mall, when you are available, you know you are the first person I 
call.  I went shopping with my Grandpa.  You know that he's getting married.
I won't be able to just horse around with him anymore.  His fiancee hates
me.  She thinks I'm evil.  But we all know the truth, she is Queen Beryl
in disguise and we'll get her eventually.  (wicked smile)  Well, I have to 
run.  Bye now.  Ming, are you feeling allright?  I haven't heard from you
in a week?  -- Tobi-Dawne wishing you all, Love, Peace and Serenity. 

Ming's Reply

Hey weren't you supposed to be in school too Tobi? Don't tell me you skipped class to go shopping!! Even Serena won't do that :-) And as I said to Cristina, I'm doing OK, just neck-deep in business-to-attend-to you know... so sorry I didn't reply earlier...

45) David Dunn (Mon Mar 11 19:02:08 EST 1996) [Email]
from University of Western Ontario, London
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hello.  I am an avid fan of Sailor Moon and just love the artwork 
you have collected here.  Your page is the best.  Keep up the good 

Ming's Reply

Many thanks for your support David!

46) Sarah E. Leger (Mon Mar 11 20:43:38 EST 1996) [Email]
from Baton Rouge, La.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!  I'm a fan of Sailor Moon and I watch it every day.  I think
the Funny Face Gallery is really neat!  I'd like to be able to
read some stuff about the pictures after they're displayed.  Like,
What's happening to make Luna have such a funny face.  Thanks for
the great home page!  I'll be back soon!  

Ming's Reply

Hi Sarah, thanks for the suggestions, I'll see what I can do...

47) Jason Nisperos (Mon Mar 11 21:40:04 EST 1996) [Email]
from Milpitas, CA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Konnichi-wa! (whoops... i'm also a pinoy, as well...)
yep, it's jay-dee! (dj chibi) again... the sailo' moon anime admirer,
the nutty "techno/rave/elec. funk/slow jam" tracker composer
& re-mixer (what turntables???), the one who writes BOORING
messages (no, really! =)) and a REALLY REALLY BIG Sailor 
Chibi-Moon (Rini) LOVER! (possibly the only one?) So how you doin'
Ming?  Well... do you know why some people can't access
"alt.fan.sailor-moon"... and for that matter... do you know an
alternate way how to access it? ( yes, i'm really ignorant of
newsgroups and stuff... =P ) Since I use Microsoft Network
(yes, ol' microsoft) and an "oddball" program called "NetNews".
I want to access it _BADLY_ so I can try posting my music
work for the moon-world to hear!  So far no luck on it.. :_(
hmm... if all else fails, can you help me distribute my moon music
PRETTY PLEAZ??? (it's not too bad... in fact, a lot of my friends
liked my "unfinished" Moonlight Denetsu "S" song (Short TV
version, unfortunately... =( ), and Otome no Policy trance mix... ;-)) 
Thank you!
Sorry if this all sounded like a shameless plug or somethin'...
Oh yeah... I really want DiC to make the music for the new series
much more like the Japanese BGM's (especially the R&B song 
"Fire soul love", which reminds me about Janet Jackson...)
Hm... what else??? oh yeah... anyone have any High-Q GIF's or JPG's
of Sailor Chibi-Moon? I really like her a lot!!! (is it the pink hair? Or is
it her annoying but cutesy attitude?) E-mail me if you have any!
Enough long shiznitz... c-ya nex-time!

     Jay-Dee! (Dj Chibi) / Jay-Dee! Audio Concepts 

Ming's Reply

Hi Jay-Dee, did you notice the new Chibi Moon picture I put up? I'm sure you'll like it. The reason not everybody can access alt.fan.sailor-moon is because not every news server carries that newsgroup. Your best bet would be to email your local news administrator and request that a.f.s be included in their newsfeeds. I do have access to a.f.s. here so I may be able to post your songs for you...

48) cristina (raye) bustos (Mon Mar 11 22:21:33 EST 1996) [Email]
from saskatoon sask. (Mars)
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!  Sorre it's been so long, Ming if i knew what was on the posters
i wouldn't have to ask, i know they're symbols but thats it.  Well
i am totally freaking out, cause i'm in the school play and i have 
to help write the script and i have know idea how to, anyone have any 
advice. Well gotta go.
Catch you on the flip side of reality

Ming's Reply

Um Cristina, you do need someway to let me know what's written on the poster of else I won't be able to help you. Perhaps there's a picture of it somewhere on the net? Happy script-writing :-)

49) Debra Sham (Tue Mar 12 04:12:39 EST 1996) [Email]
from Netscape
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

	I really really like your animation page because I am a big 
fan of animation myself.....and, although I never saw Sailor Moon, 
but her cute face make me really want to rent the video and see it!!!! 
	By the way, I am glad that you have links to Galaxy 999 because 
it is one of my all time favorites. 
	Do you like Creami-mami, Candy-Candy, City Hunters? Can you 
include some of these animations in your page(or some links to 
these sites) in the future?
	See, I grow up in Hong KOng and I came to Los Angeles couple years 
ago. So I basically grow up with all of these animations!!!
			Big Animation fans: Debra
p.s. my school is University of California, Santa Barbara.  

Ming's Reply

Hi Debra! I'm glad you like my anime pages. I think they should have Sailor Moon on TV around your area too, so check the TV listings.

Of the shows you listed, I've seen only a bit of Candy Candy, and it's pretty good. Since it's a real old show, there aren't many materials available. I do have a black-and white comic of Candy Candy, so the best I can do would be to scan a couple of images from there...

And yes, I'm from HK too and I also grew up with anime I guess you can say :-)

50) Tobi-Dawne Yandt ***** The Moon Princess (Tue Mar 12 13:42:18 EST 1996) [Email]
from Good-ole Toontown Saskatchewan
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming!  Glad to know everything is alright with you.  And yes, your
Email messages all came through, loud and clear.  Cristina -- you know
I'm here for you if you need help with that script, I've written dozens
before, and I've read the book, so It's safe to asume I know what happens.
Ming, I'm rather offended that you would suggest that I would skip class
to go to the mall.  On Mon, Wed & Fri, I only have class from 8:30 till
10:30.  So that leaves my afternoons free for whatever.  --Which is 
definately nice.  (smile)  Unfortunately I have to run.  I still have
alot I could jabber on about ----- OH!!!  I just remembered.  MY GRANDPA 
HAS POSTPONED THE WEDDING!!!! (huge, gargantuan, right large, monsterously
goofy, Serena-like smile)  ----- Well, bye now.  Peace, Love and Serenity.

Ming, I forgot.  When you Emailed you asked about my last name as well as my
first.  My last name is german.  Before my mother got married it was
Guskjolen, which is norwegien.  It was origanally spelled Gaaskjoelen.
At least thats what I've been told. 

Ming's Reply

Calm down Tobi, I was just joking, I know you aren't a shoppaholic like Serena... maybe :-) And thanks for the info about your name, very interesting indeed.

51) The Moon Princess ***** Tobi-Dawne Yandt (Tue Mar 12 16:48:38 EST 1996) [Email]
from HubCity Saskatchewan
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I don't know why there are two of my last post, some freak genetic 
experiment gone wrong?  Anyway, Ming.  Why did you have to remove 
the songs from the new CD?  Were you breaking some law or something 
by having them there?  The new picture you put up is absolutely 
gorgeous.  Just by the by, do you know what the letterings on 
Rae/Mars' little pieces of paper mean?  You know the papers, the 
ones she sticks to everyones foreheads. . .
Well, Have to run.  Got a computer class to go to (AHHHHHH  Don't make 
me go. . .AHHHHHHH)  -- Peace, Love and Serenity, Tobi-Dawne. 

Ming's Reply

Well, Tobi, I had to remove those songs because DIC threatened to sue me if I didn't. Apparently they were afraid that people can download them and resell them or something, silly if you ask me. In any case, I'm glad you like the new picture of Serena and Rini, took me quite a while to touch it up :-) And the kanji characters in Raye's piece of paper means "Evil Spirits Go Away", isn't it obvious? :-)

52) Nicole Claydon (Tue Mar 12 19:00:06 EST 1996) [Email]
from Ottawa, Ontario
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


	I really like your sailor moon home page. It is really funny. 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for your support Nicole!

53) Gerry Pratt (Wed Mar 13 01:25:42 EST 1996) [Email]
from dialin78.oanet.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I love this page.  Anime is great.  I just wish my girlfriend 
wouldn't write such long comments here about nothing. 
 Sailor Mars rocks!!!  Sorry Serena but you are a meatball head.
  I also figured you needed someone from Edmonton on the map. 
 We do have a pretty big mall here.   

Ming's Reply

Hi Gerry/Darien, your girlfriend (sorry I'm not mentioning names in case you don't want me to) and her buddy you-know-who are using this guestbook as a bulletin board you know... And how dare you openly say you prefer Raye over Serena! Your girlfriend's going to fry you for this! :-)

54) Tobi-Dawne Yandt ***** The Moon Princess (Wed Mar 13 12:43:57 EST 1996) [Email]
from Toontown SK
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Gerry -- I am not a meatball head!!!!!

Ming, its okay.  Gerry has never met Cristina, he likes Mars.  One of the
reasons he likes her is because of the fire . . . Wooppee (sarcasm).
His Handle is Pyro, that should explain it.  
How do I get off the Sailor Moon Mailing List now that I'm on it.  I find
it rather anoying, and if I have any questions I can just post them here.
All the messages just eats up both memory and my time, which I could use.

Peace Love and Serenity everybody -- Tobi-Dawne. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Tobi, sorry that you left the mailing list, guess you joined at the wrong time... But please check the message archive if you want to know what we've been talking about since you left.

55) Its just me again (Wed Mar 13 12:51:24 EST 1996)
from cspm15.usask.ca
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Ming, I finally went to your homepage.  It totally rocks.  Cristina,
you have to check it out.  He's got a sound bite there and everything.
I was definately impressed.  Well, I have to run.  I have to do an essay
on "How Frankenstein made me reevaluate the meanings of both the civilized
and the primative world".  Answer, it didn't.  Its just a ghost story.
Mary Shelley herself said she wrote it as a ghost story.  Oh well, I 
only have the first paragraph done and it's due tonight.  EEPS.
Bye Now.  Peace Love and Serenity -- Me. 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for dropping by my homepage Tobi! Hope you did well on your Frankenstein essay... but wouldn't it be more interesting if the topic were "How Sailor Moon made me reevaluate the meanings of both the civilized world and the Negaverse"? :-)

56) Jeff Corbett (Wed Mar 13 16:27:03 EST 1996) [Email]
from Seneca College, Toronto ON
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hello.  I have just discovered Sailer Moon.  I stumbled on it on TV.
Here, it's on YTV (cable 25), the children's station at Monday -
Friday 12:00 noon and the same episode is repeated the same day at
3:30pm. What is it that's the appeal of this cartoon. I assume they
are marketing the show to kids, but I find myself time-recording
the episodes on my VCR to watch in the evenings.  At this point in
the series, Sailer Moon (Sernia) has met Mercury and Mars.  Today's
episode was the cruise ship one (Cruise Blues).  I only picked it
up about 10 episodes ago, so I am not sure what or why the story is
all about. How long has the series been going on in English? By
reading some of the previous comments, I guess a lot of "Sailers"
have been added to the show.  Anyhow, it's interesting to watch, and
I guess I'll speak to some of you other fans soon.  Take Care.
Jeff Corbett  e-mail jicorbet@learn.senecac.on.ca

Ming's Reply

Hi Jeff, welcome to Sailor Moon fandom! Don't let them fool you that Sailor Moon is a show for kids, because it isn't. It's meant for all ages and for both genders. To answer your question, the N.American version of Sailor Moon started airing last September (August in Canada), and so far they have been re-running the first 65 episodes (corresponding to the first 72 episodes in Japan) Seems like you started watching pretty much from the beginning episodes, so I don't think you missed much.

57) Gerry/Darien "Pyro" Pratt (Wed Mar 13 17:35:48 EST 1996) [Email]
from Edmonton(The big Mall)Alberta
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Tobi, you know I prefer you over anyone else but Sailor Mars just 
plain rocks.  I can't help it she kicks butt.  Ming, keep up the 
good work.  Tell my girlfriend Serena does have meatballs on her 

Ming's Reply

Oh boy, now we have Darien joining the cat fight :-)

58) MICHELE PRINCE (Wed Mar 13 18:36:27 EST 1996) [Email]
from as31s03.erols.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! Thanks for putting up the wonderful pictures. I love the show 
and it's really entertaining to see the pictures.
I love them all! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

Ming's Reply

Thank you very much for your support Michele!

59) Liane Labranche (Wed Mar 13 18:56:39 EST 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!  I may be 15 years old, but my friends and I are big Sailor Moon fans.  In
fact, we want to make a movie and cast ourselves as the stars.  Of course, I
jumped at the chance to play Sailor Moon.  I have a question.  I tape the 
show everyday and have seen almost everyepisode.  I love the episodes 
with Reene (I hope I spelled that right).  Anyway, the last episode that I saw
was the one where she found out Sailor Moons real identity, she didn't find
out that she was her mother and they didn't save Crystal Tokyo.  After that 
they went back to showing some of the first episodes.  Are there any 
episodes after that one?  Oh Yeah!  How come I couldn't find any pictures of
Tuxedo Mask?!?  If I'm going to play Sailor Moon in our movie and I'm 
supposed to think "dreamy" shouldn't I get to see pictures of him?

Ming's Reply

Hello Liane! 15 is a perfect age for being a Sailor Moon fan, indeed any age is OK! :-) I wish I get to see the SM movie you guys make! To answer your questions, the last episode you saw is "Sibling Rivalry" (episode 65 in N.American version, episode 72 in Japanese version) It belongs to the Sailor Moon R series ("R" stands for Romance) and there are 16 more episodes in the R series. After that there's the Sailor Moon S series with 38 episodes, following this there's the Sailor Moon SuperS series which is just coming to an end in Japan. Rumors has it there will be another Sailor Moon E (for Eternal) series, which may be the final series... As for pictures of Tuxedo Mask, I've seen quite a few, try looking here.

60) (Thu Mar 14 15:55:23 EST 1996)
from cspm14.usask.ca

61) Eric Michael Thomas Baker (Fri Mar 15 09:16:16 EST 1996) [Email]
from Chicopee, Mass., USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

Awesome page, I loved it. Next time I visit I'm bringin the whole family.

Justicar, Church of Nabiki

Ming's Reply

Thanks Eric! The Baker's family is always welcome here!

62) Tobi-Dawne Yandt ***** The Moon Princess (Fri Mar 15 11:53:35 EST 1996) [Email]
from Toontown
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

AHHHHHH!  OH NO! My last message wasn't recorded.  Drat!
okay, a quick overview of what I said;

				Ming, would you please tell that boyfriend of mine, who is more 
like Melvin than Prince Darien, that I'm not going to speak to him 
untill he acknowledges that the sailor scouts could do with out Rae, 
she is not the best.  Sailor Moon is prettier by far.  And what is 
with Mars' hair, I mean, purple streaks? that is so 1988, I'd rather 
have meatballs anyday.   And Rae's hair is always done the same way, 
it always looks messy, what is with that flyaway hair.  That girl 
needs some styling products. 

Okay, I think that was pretty much everything.  Only it took alot 
longer to say last time.  Oh -- Cristina, I'll call you from work 
tonight if I get a chance.  Okay, Gotta run.  Peace, Love and 
Serenity everyone.  -- In the name of the moon I will punish you. 
																					Tobi-Dawne, smile.  

Ming's Reply

What happened Tobi/Serena? Tripped while submitting the last message? :-) And no need to trash Raye because Gerry likes her, she does have her merits you know...

63) Gerry Pratt (Fri Mar 15 12:14:57 EST 1996) [Email]
from Pick a spot.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

What do you mean more like Melvin?  I am definately like Darien. 
I show up at strange times, say something stupid, and then leave.
Besides, Darien and I have the same color hair, we are both taller
than you/Serena, and look good in a tuxedo.  I just don't have the
mask for it.  As for the purple streaks in that hair(1987ish you
said) Purple is an awesome color.  Don't forget my birthstone is 
Amethyst,which is purple, and that's one of the reasons I like her
so much.  That and the fire, so nyeah(real mature sticking tongue 
out expression).  I just have to explain it to you a few more times
on the phone I guess.

I picked a spot in the middle because it was too empty. 

Ming's Reply

Hey guys, stop the cat fight please, you're waking up the neighbors! :-)

64) Sabrina Spruitenburg (Fri Mar 15 17:54:01 EST 1996) [Email]
from Pullman, WA 99163
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I /LOVE/ the Sailor Moon funny faces page! What a neat place. :)

Sailor Sabrina 

Ming's Reply

Thanks Sabrina, the new Sailor Senshi! :-)

65) cristina (Raye) bustos (Fri Mar 15 20:29:56 EST 1996) [Email]
from saskatoon sask. (Mars)
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey what's hanging guys, long time no type, I like what you've done
with the place Ming.  I love that picture, it's beautiful.  Well i'm
still trying to find those picture symbol.  But so far no real luck,
but there is one place on the web but i can't remember where it is, 
but i'll find it and tell you.  there was a picture of Mina, that is
from a poster it has the same symbols on it,  i'll try and see if i 
can find it.
Catch you on the flip side people. 

Ming's Reply

I'm glad you like the SM page Cristina/Raye, and please find that picture, I'm curious what symbols they are...

66) Kiyomi Murota (Fri Mar 15 22:51:23 EST 1996) [Email]
from Vancouver!!!!! BC... CANADA!!!!!
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

  As a decdicated Sailor Moon (aka Skater Spoon) freak, I would just
like to congradulate you on a job well done on your homepage.
Good Job! :)    0)    [8)      

Ming's Reply

Domo Arigatou Kiyomi-san! I like "Skater Spoon", very funny :-)

67) Richard Rhoads (Sat Mar 16 14:13:25 EST 1996) [Email]
from cust59.max3.phoenix.az.ms.uu.net
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:


Ming's Reply


68) Bobb Billings (Sun Mar 17 10:49:19 EST 1996) [Email]
from topgun.cinecom.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Wonderful place!  Lots of hilarious pictures... There are a few I 
was surprised not to see, such as the scene at the end of "Gramps
In a Pickle" where Luna and some of the scouts are watching Reeny
work out.   

Ming's Reply

Eh yes Bobb, most of the funny images in the SM funny faces gallery came from the earlier episodes because I couldn't find images for the later ones. But I'll keep looking...

69) Robert Ramsey (Sun Mar 17 11:33:43 EST 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming!This page is really cool!Those funny faces are really

Ming's Reply

Thanks Robert!

70) Cynthia Lau (Sun Mar 17 19:53:19 EST 1996) [Email]
from dd36-142.compuserve.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

Hi! I like the animation you've here. Haven't seen them since I came 
here. Hope I can see more in the future. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Cynthia! Guess you're from HK too huh? :-) Thanks for your support, I'll try my best to do more and do better!

71) Liane Labranche (Sun Mar 17 19:53:37 EST 1996) [Email]
from Kemptville, Ontario, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

OK I have a question.  Why is it that no one can figure out who Sailor Moon
and the rest of the Sailor Scouts are?  I mean do you know anyone who
wears their hair meatball style?


Ming's Reply

Hi again Liane, seems like this is a rather common question people have, so why not check out the "answer" in the the SM FAQ?

72) Tobi-Dawne Yandt ***** The Moon Princess (Mon Mar 18 12:10:20 EST 1996) [Email]
from Toontown
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

My car has no engine.  I killed my car.  I am unimpressed. 

Ming's Reply

You sounded like a lost soul Tobi... until I read what you wrote later :-)

73) Shampoo (occasionaaly known as Wendy Watson) (Mon Mar 18 20:02:44 EST 1996) [Email]
from Savannah, GA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! Greetings from GA! I'm on the Sailor Moon ML, just thought I'd 
stop by and see the pages for a change! Very nice I might add!
It's too bad about the DIC censors, but I won't go into that here.
Keep up the good work!!

Ming's Reply

Thanks for dropping by Shampoo/Wendy! (must be a Ranma fan huh? :-) Guess we should forget the DIC business and see how we can help SM stay on the air in the US instead...

74) Tracy Diamond (Tue Mar 19 09:40:05 EST 1996) [Email]
from Wauwatosa, Wisconsin
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hello! i just wanted to say that i'm so happy cos my birthday's this
Saturday, and i might get a Sailor Moon cake! it's gonna be the best!
and, i love the page! bye-bye!  

Ming's Reply

Hope it's not too late to say Happy Birthday Tracy! And I hope you get the SM cake too, but then you'll want to keep it and not eat it... tough decision huh? :-)

75) Jocelyn Rhindress (Wed Mar 20 14:28:07 EST 1996) [Email]
from Sackville New Brunswick , Canada
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Hi!I love your page.It is very original.Sailor Moon is the greatest.  
That is all.

Jocelyn Rhindress.

Ming's Reply

Thanks for your support Jocelyn!

76) TOBI-DAWNE YANDT ***** THE MOON PRINCESS (Wed Mar 20 19:54:23 EST 1996) [Email]
from U of S Maclab, second floor arts bld.
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I killed my dads van.  It has a dead something now that wasn't dead 
when I borrowed it.  I am unimpressed.  I am now borrowing my Auntie 
Kathie's car.  Hopefully I won't kill it too. 

Ming's Reply

Finally we have the answer to Tobi's strange behaviour, or may be it raises new questions... :-)

77) Lucy MacKenzie (Wed Mar 20 21:01:39 EST 1996) [Email]
from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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Hi! I love the funny faces gallery!
My friends at school think Sailor Moon is pretty cool!
Keep up the good work!!

Ming's Reply

Thanks for your support Lucy! And get as many friends of yours to watch the show as you can! Boys, girls, young or old! They've got to love the show once they watched it :-)

78) Gerry Pratt (Thu Mar 21 01:46:34 EST 1996) [Email]
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I haven't logged on in a while.  Just thought I'd see how one of my 
favorite pages is doing.  I'll make a link to this one when I get
mine up and running.  I think the theme will be something like
Sailor Moon meets Darth Vader.  For all of you male Sailor fans out
there, I'm 20 and I like Sailor Moon (Sailor Mars in particular.  
with a handle like Pyro I kind of have to) and I'm not ashamed to
admit it.  I liked it even before I knew my girlfriend liked it too.
We can talk about the Scouts and it's great.  I also know who not
to lend my car to.  So far Tobi has killed two and I don't want my 
Mustang on that list too.  It's bad enough I just got a crack in my
windshield tonight.  That'll be about $150 to fix.  Oh well, at 
least my engine still works, unlike Tobi's cars.  Always look on the
bright side of life. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Gerry, thanks for dropping by again, can't wait to see SM vs. DV :-) And about the B-day gifts to Tobi, I think... well, I better email you about it, lest Tobi's eavesdropping :-) And I think you're right about the car thing... Hey you saw Monty Python's "The Story of Brian"? Just wondering since they have a song in there called "Look on the bright side of life", very funny :-)

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Hey there all you peoples!  How have you all been, Oh Ming Guess what
I am going to be in my school's spring production!!! I'm going to be
on one of the main characters!!!!!  And guess what i found a place 
with pictures with the symbol letters!! in a place called Sailor 
Moon's Hottest Links.  Go down to the pictures of the Sailor Senshi!
I am happy, Have you heard of a book called the Hitchikers Guide To 
The Galaxy?  Well that is what we are going to be doing for the Play!
Well people i have to go so i will leave you with these wise words..
Absolute power coruptes absolutly....
Catch you on the flip side of reality

Ming's Reply

What?! You asked whether I heard of HHGTTG Cristina?! Hey I love it so much I even have a HHGTTG page! (well, a section of a page at least) I taped the complete HHGTTG series too! So which character are you playing Cristina? Marvin? :-)

I couldn't find that SM page you mentioned Cristina, can you give me the URL?

80) Tobi-Dawne Yandt ***** The Moon Princess (Fri Mar 22 13:29:57 EST 1996) [Email]
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Hey Ming, my dads car is better.  Unfortunately mine is not.
How are you doing, caught in the web again?  I think I should start 
calling you fly.  Well, I have to run, Comp.Sci. term project to do.
Love peace and serenity -- Tobi-Dawne 

Ming's Reply

Hi Tobi-the-car-killer :-) I'm doing fine Tobi, and why call me "fly"??

81) G. VICTORIA (Fri Mar 22 14:34:06 EST 1996) [Email]
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Hi! I'm glad you like the funny faces, and yes, I also love those love-struck images of Sailor Moon, they're classics :-)

82) Tracy Diamond (Sat Mar 23 22:29:45 EST 1996) [Email]
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hello! well, today is my birthday and, i got my Sailor Moon cake! it
was sooo neat! unfortunately we had to cut it up. but, i got lots of
pictures! and, i got some Sailor Moon sheets for my bed, and a Sailor
Mars doll! she's so cool. i guess you could say i kinda had a Sailor 
Moon theme this year. :)

Ming's Reply

Oh wow, what a nice Sailor Moon B-day you had! I'm glad, though it's pity you can't keep the cake :-)

83) Christina Su (Sun Mar 24 05:25:49 EST 1996) [Email]
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Hello Ming!
    I just barely started looking at your page, but it's taking so
long for anything to come up...too many people trying to see the 
same thing.  But from what I can tell, I pretty much like it.  The
thing that really struck me as funny, though, was when I started to 
look at your guest book.  My name is Christina, as well, and I seem
to have too many people telling me I'm like Raye...in looks,
temperament, everything.  It wouldn't even be happening if my 
boyfriend hadn't mentioned it at all!  *sigh*  But I kind of like
being compared to Mars.  It sure beats being Serena!  *wink* j/k 

Ming's Reply

Hi Christina! There's no confusion between you and Cristina/Raye, since her name doesn't have an "h" :-) Yeah, Raye's cool too, and I love to see the catfights between her and Serena :-)

84) Tobi-Dawne Yandt ***** The Moon Princess (Sun Mar 24 15:41:48 EST 1996) [Email]
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Ahhh!!!  Thats great Fly!!!  I read THHGTTG when I was in grade six,
I have a hardcover edition with all of the series, I am definately
going to check out that page of yours.  *smile*  
Why do I call you fly?  Well, you always seem to get caught in the 
World Wide Web.  
My car is doing better to now, Now all I have to do is buy a new battery.
And I was rather proud of myself, I managed not to kill my aunties car.
That is rather abserd, is it not?  How on earth did I manage to destroy
the engines of two cars in a week. . .
Anyway, I better run.  I do have a term project to do.  Its due in two 
days, and we only started on friday.  
Oh!! that reminds me.  I went insane on the weekend.  I had to chaparone
this pre-teen lock in, on friday night, I didn't sleep.  The last time I 
had slept was thursday night, and I went to work.  (ahhhh)  I worked on
saturday night untill three am.  I slept like a baby last night.  *smile*
It was nice.  Well, gotta get running.
	Peace, Love and Serenity -- Tobi-Dawne.  
Smile and the World is your captive. 

Ming's Reply

Oh FLY! Sorry I'm a bit slow you know Tobi :-) Thanks for signing the SOS petition BTW! Hey get your friends/family/pets to sign too! :-)

85) Brett Rayer (Mon Mar 25 11:15:07 EST 1996) [Email]
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     Cool page with great links but... being of a more destructive 
background, I would suggest you add anime of the Macross/Giant Robo/
butt kicking nature.  /////
                     [    ]
                      O---]   Manga man says - "Shojo sucks"
                     /_  ]

Ming's Reply

You're in luck Brett, because I'm in fact working on a Giant Robo page, no Macross though, Gomen.

86) Dustin James Leslie (Mon Mar 25 21:28:38 EST 1996) [Email]
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	*		  THE			*
	*  Dustin Leslie Guest book Sing in!	*
	*					*
	*	DJSM inc. Chairperson		*
	*					*
Table of Contents

1.1 Intro for my Sing in
1.2 Some Info on Sailor Moon
2.1 The Naoko Takeuchi Charater Profile@
2.2 The Outer Senshi Charater Profile
3.1 A written Summery of the Series by Ken (a memeber of Naoko Ltd.)
3.2 Dustin Leslie's Charater profile by Hawkeye
4.1 conclusion


Hello all you Sailor Moon fans! I am Happy to say that I am the
biggest fan of Sailor Moon, I have a collection of over two 
thousand Pictures and over 200 differnt sound files from MIDI to Wav. But I am
Very proud of my collection of 60 Avi's from Japaniese and English
Shows, if anyone want's a file just ask and I will send it
your way, (It might take a while I am having trouble with my
Mail box). [Ps the "Usagi" is the japaniese verion of serena
"Usagi" Sands for Rabbit in japaniese that is what she has 
rabbits on all her stuff. I also am tapeing the series. Well
So far from what I know about Sailor moon Is that...


There is a new Series in Japan "Sailor Moon Eternal"
Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune are Lovers. (Which is ok)
Sailor Saturn realy isn't evil , she is just misunderstood
The Rest of Sailor Moon R and lots of Sailor Moon S Shows are
Comming in September 1996 [thanx to the nice people at DiC]
There is a huge mess of Audio CD's out on the market in japan
and there are a few English ones.
Chibi Usa (Reeny) is a Sailor Scout (She uses the heart crystal
and Becomes Chibi moon)
Sailor Venus IS Sailor V "this is very old"
Toys 'R Us has the DiC english translation avaliable for retail.
Sailor Moon is the Moon Princess and The Moon queen
Zoecite and Malachite are lovers (Obivous)

Sailor Moon is planed to marry Tuxedo mask! I don't know when but I
will keep you posted!


Here is a Charater Profile from Naoko Takeuchi! Him self!
The Creator has this to say

Celest is Serena\Usagi Celest was the orginal name.

Amy [Ami Mizuno]/Sailor Mercury
Celeste's classmate. A genius with 300 IQ who wants to follow her mother's footstep and
become a doctor. Cool, calm, and collected, she didn't have many friends until she met Celeste.
But as Sailor Mercury, she has the power to manipulate water.

  Rae [Rei Hino]/Sailor Mars
Shintoism shrine maiden. Quick tempered Rae possesses the ability to tell the fortune. Has pet
ravens called Demos and Fobos. As Sailor Mars, she has the power to manipulate fire.

  Maggy [Makoto Kino]/Sailor Jupiter
Big and strong, she is a kind girl who loves to cook. As Sailor Jupiter, she can manipulate thunder
with devastating results.

  Monica [Minako Aino]/Sailor Venus
She was the first to realize her mission as a Sailor Soldier after meeting Altemis, a white feline
with magical power. She first appeared in Sailor V video game while investigating Sailor Soldier's
mission and fighting supernatural crimes in Tokyo by herself. She first revealed herself as Princess
Serenity to protect the Princess's true identity, which remained hidden until Celeste recovers her
memory as the princess.

  Mark [Mamoru Chiba]/Tuxedo Mask
A mysterious high school student who moonlights as Tuxedo Mask in search of the Silver
Christal. Having lost his parents and suffered amnesia when he was young, he is looking for the
Silver Christal, after hearing someone's voice in his dreams asking him to search and protect it.

A black cat sent from the moon to protect Princess Serenity. The crescent marking on her
forehead gives her the power of human speech among other abilities.

  Celeste's Mom & Dad
A loving couple, who have no idea that their teenage daughter is a soldier on a mission. (We
know how parents can be so ignorant.)

  Nadine [Naru-chan] 
Celeste's best friend in school. Her mother owns a jewelry store which is attacked by the Dark

  Michael [Furu-chan/Motoki Furuhata]
Son of the building owner, he manages the arcade store Celeste and her friends hang out. The
basement of the building is a secret command center for Sailor Soldiers. 

  Queen Beryl
Leader of the Dark Kingdom. In her past life, she was fond of Endimion, who was Princess
Serenity's fiancee. Jealousy drove her to lead a revolt against Prince Endimion on earth. As
Queen Beryl, she attempts to capture Silver Crystal for herself.

  Queen Metalia
The evil force behind the Dark Kingdom. Ordered Queen Beryl to recover Silver Christal to
regain her power after being sealed by Queen Serenity, Princess Serenity's mother. 

  Jedite (Dark Kingdom's Far East Command Officer)
  Nephrite (Dark Kingdom's North America Command Officer)
  Zoicite (Dark Kingdom's Europe Command Officer)
  Kunzite (Dark Kingdom's Middle East Command Officer)

Cool Nes pa?
Well let's see The Sailor Moon Movies will be out in english
soon as they finish'em, But don't hold your breath, Let's see
Here is the info for the Outer Senshi



Haruka (Sailor Uranus)

Full Name: Ten'ou Haruka

Age: 16

Birthdate:January 27th

Hobbies/Skills: auto racing, auto repair/maintenance, track and field, playing the piano

School: Mugen Gakuen High School, first year

Favorite Subject: PE

Personality: Extremely masculine. Her short blonde hair and imposing height make her almost
INDISTINGUISHABLE from a boy. The fact that she breaks dress code and wears the male
school uniform, that "Haruka" can be a male OR female name, that she rides and races with her
motorcycle and screaming yellow sports car (doesn't have a real license, either ^_-) and her
language is boyish in nature doesn't help either. Brash and sarcastic, she loves having fun at
others' expense. Most of the girls who are the Inner Senshi have crushes on her at one time,
believing her to be a very handsome and cool boy. Haruka delights in it and is more than happy
to tease them, and Usagi is her favorite target... ^_^

As Sailor Uranus, she takes a much more serious turn. Utterly devoted to her "mission", she is
willing to sacrifice her partner's life as well as her own if it means saving the universe.

In both forms, she's very strong, and extremely agile and fast, and is a local track star among high
schools. Her dream used to be to become the top Formula One driver in the world... but as she
says, "That used to be my dream. Now my dream is to do something only I can do. For that, I'll
sacrifice anything."

Special Powers: As Sailor Uranus, Haruka controls the power of Earth. She focuses it into a
yellow ball of energy that has all the force of an earthquake. This attack is known as the "World
Shaking". To transform into Sailor Uranus, she raises a rod topped with the alchemical symbol of
Uranus and shouts "Uranus Planet Power... MAKE UP!" She also possesses one of the three
Talismans that will save the world... the exquisite Space Sword.

Michiru (Sailor Neptune)

Full Name: Kaiou Michiru

Age: 16

Birthdate:March 6th

Hobbies/Skills: playing the violin, painting, swimming

School: Mugen Gakuen High School, first year

Favorite Subject: music

Personality: Michiru is the intellectual voice of the Outer Senshi. While Haruka would prefer to
act now and consider their actions AFTER they've been acted out, Michiru's strong conscience
often gets the best of her, and she must try to make Haruka stop and think about what they're
doing. She chides Haruka for tormenting the Inner Senshi girls (before they know they are Inner
Senshi) and even seems to be a little jealous... ^_^. 

Michiru is extremely intelligent, and very skilled at playing the violin and painting. She is also well
adjusted and seems to see everything in life as a new experience. She enjoys swimming
immensely, and she once asked Ami-chan "Were you something from the ocean in a previous life
as well?" Her dream is to become a famous concert violinist.

As Sailor Neptune, she is also very serious, and like Haruka, willing to die for her cause.
However, she doesn't want to see Haruka get hurt, and has often put herself at extreme risk to
prevent that.

Special Powers: As Sailor Neptune, Michiru possesses control over the power of the deep sea.
Her attack is the "Deep Submerge", which is a glowing blue ball of energy with the force of a tidal
wave. To transform into Sailor Neptune, she uses her transformation rod and shouts "Neptune
Planet Power... MAKE UP!" She also possesses one of the three Talismans: the Deep Aqua
Mirror, which always reveals the true image.

Setsuna (Sailor Pluto)

Full Name: Meiou Setsuna

Age: 18

Birthdate:October 29th

Hobbies/Skills: shopping

School: none, already graduated

Favorite Subject: n/a

Personality: Little is known about the secretive Sailor Pluto, except that she guards the gateway
that makes time travel possible. She first appeared in Sailor Moon R, as the mysterious Senshi
that gave Chibi Usa the Time Key. She is probably the second most powerful Sailor Senshi, and
has the tendency to only appear in times of extreme danger, because she does not wish to involve
herself in the time-flow. As a rule of thumb, when Sailor Pluto DOES appear, all hell is about to
break loose very soon...

As Setsuna, she is quiet and soft spoken. She is seldom seen in either form, though. She appears
to have had dealings with Haruka and Michiru in the past, and works fairly well with them,
including playing "getaway driver" for them by piloting in a helicopter to pick them up, and even
bringing them back after their heart crystals have been removed....

Setsuna knows almost everything that's going on at all times, somehow. It is from her that the
Sailor Senshi discover the Holy Grail, and discover that only it can help them save the world... if
it's not too late.

Special Powers: Sailor Pluto's attack has a major difference from the other Sailor Senshi's...
hers is the only whispered attack. The "Dead Scream" blasts the target with gale force wind. To
transform into Sailor Pluto, she uses her transformation pen and shouts, "Pluto Planet Power...
MAKE UP!" (seeing a pattern here?) She also possesses the third talisman, which is part of her
Time Staff: the Garnet Orb. When the three talismans are brought together, it summons the Holy
Grail, which allows Sailor Moon to... (haha! You thought I was going to TELL YOU, DIDN'T
YOU?! HAHA! You have to watch the show now!!) 

Hotaru (Sailor Saturn)

Full Name: Tomoe Hotaru

Age: 16

Birthdate:January 6th

Hobbies/Skills: reading, collecting dolls and lamps

School: Mugen Gakuen High School, first year

Favorite Subject: history

Personality: Tomoe Hotaru, daughter of Professor Tomoe Souichi, one of the evil members of
the Death Busters, seems to be at first glance, a cute, shy girl. Lurking inside her though is one of
the most sinister and powerful forces in the universe.

Hotaru is, like Haruka and Michiru, a student at the Mugen Gakuen High School. She has no
friends, and is rejected by her peers for being "weird". One reason for this is her bizarre,
unexplainable ability to heal injuries, which the other students find to be disgusting. Hotaru is
reclusive, to say the least. She is seldom seen in public, preferring to reside in her dark house, and
very pale, as well as physically weak. She can't sustain physical activity for very long. Then
Hotaru meets Chibi Usa, who is the first person who has ever been kind to her. Little does Chibi
Usa know what's in store... ^_^

As Sailor Saturn, Hotaru is, in a word, frightening. Perpetually stoic and calm, she has no
remorse, and no sympathy for anyone or anything. If someone stands in her way, they are cut
down. Her goal when she appears is to wipe the Earth of every living thing, leaving it in a freezing,
nuclear winter-like state known as "The Silence". It appears that Hotaru is separate from Sailor
Saturn, and can't control her. When Sailor Saturn takes dominance, Hotaru is wiped out. But is
Sailor Saturn truly evil? Or is she a vessel for some darker force? Was there ever really any
question? ^_-

Special Powers: As Sailor Saturn, she wields a fearsome polearm weapon known as the Silence
Glaive. It slices, dices, and makes thousands of julliened fries... out of whatever (or
WHOMEVER) gets in front of it. Her attack is "Death Ribbon Revolution", which sends out
countless ribbons to slash a target to pieces. If I tell you any more, I'll spoil the story. Go watch it.


Here is a Story Line Writen by (THE NAME AT THE END)

Introduction to the Story 

When you look up on the face of the moon, reflecting pale light in the dark sky, do you ever
wonder if you have been there, perhaps in another time.....?

Celeste [Usagi Tsukino] is a fourteen-year-old junior high school student in Tokyo. She's bit of a
crybaby, a little clumsy, just a regular girl next door. Until, that is, she steps on a black cat
(wouldn't you know it to be some kind of omen!) which starts talking when its crescent-shaped
mark on its forehead is revealed, telling of her mission as Soldier Sailor Moon.
Guided by the chatty feline Luna, Celeste is given a brooch with magical powers and begins her
quest for the mystical Silver Crystal and the mission to save the Moon Princess of Silver
Celeste finds her fellow Sailor Soldiers one by one: Amy [Ami Mizuno] (Sailor Mercury), who is
Celeste's brainy classmate, Rae [Rei Hino] (Sailor Mars), who is a Shintoism maiden with
foresight ability, Maggy [Makoto Kino] (Sailor Jupiter), who is big and strong but homely at
heart, and Monica [Minako Aino] (Sailor Venus), who is at first presented as the Moon
Princess of Silver Millennium, the long-gone kingdom on the moon whose inhabitants are
marked with a crescent on their forehead. Together they fight against the evil force of Dark
Kingdom, which destroyed the peace on earth in the past and trying to take over once again.
While fending off the assortment of evil characters sent from Dark Kingdom led by Queen Beryl,
Celeste encounters a mysterious figure who calls himself Tuxedo Mask also in search for the
mystical Silver Crystal. Is he her ally or her enemy? No matter, Celeste falls in love with him.
First thought to be the leader of the Sailor Soldiers, it is revealed that Celeste is the reincarnated
Princess Serenity of Silver Millennium herself, and Sailor Venus is the true leader of the Sailor
Soldiers. While it becomes also clear as their memories of former lives are recovered, that
Tuxedo Mask is reincarnation of Princess Serenity's fiancee Endimion, Prince of Planet Earth.
Silver Crystal, the kingdom's talisman has the potential power to destroy a planet or power to
sustain life forever depending on how it is used. Silver Millennium, however, has been destroyed
a long time ago by the evil force of Queen Metalia, who now also searches for the Silver Crystal
to regain its power.
Celeste (Victoria?)/[Usagi Tsukino] Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity With her long hair parted
and knotted at her head, Usagi is much like any other teenager who likes to take a nap, play
Sailor V video game in the arcade, hates English tests, etc. But her life is forever changed one
day on her way to school when she meets Luna, the cat sent to her from the moon. With her
brooch, she transforms into a Sailor-collared superhero, Sailor Moon. ("Prism Power
Make-up!") Her other weapons include her tiara, which doubles as Moon Frisbee, stick pen
with which she can transform herself, moon-shaped wand with healing power. 
As she moonlights (literally) as Sailor Moon, she leads the group of Sailor Soldiers in the battle
against the evil forces of the Dark Kingdom. During one of her battles, she meets Tuxedo Mask,
a mysterious Zoro-like hero. She is attracted to him, but keeps it a secret from other Sailor
Soldiers at first not knowing whether he is an ally or a foe in the fight against Dark Kingdom
She and Tuxedo Mask find out about each other's secret identity. When he is wounded
protecting her, she recovers her memory of her past life as Princess Serenity of the Silver

Written by Kay Ohara 

Well Besides that I am a little nuts I mean come on this write up took me 6 hours!
I have some more things to say, I think that the reason why I love Sailor Moon is because
every thing that happens in the story links in with my life. I would like to say that
Sailor moon is the The Greatest show on earth.


Now Here is a Basic Charater Profile written by My pal.
(Of ME That is)

Name: Dustin James Alexander Leslie
AKA : Du$ty , Usagi , eechi moon , Warlock
Age : Actual ; 14
      Physical ; 20
      Mental ; 28
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 215 pounds
Sex : Male (I hope! HEHEHE)
IQ : Too smart for me!
Hobbies :  	SAILOR MOON!
		Modem Games
		Social life
		tv... (other than sailor moon)

Birth Place: Regina, Saskahsawan Canada
Currently living: Ottawa ontairo Canada
Place He want's to be: Tokyo Japan
Birth day: june 6 1981
Favorite TV show :SAILOR MOON!
Favorite Food : Doesn't have one,
Favortie thing: Sailor Moon!
Favortie Sailor Scout: He loves em all!

Description: Stocky, well Built, Muscular, a bit of a gut, Blond hair Blue eyes, Nice tan
Some times.

What he want's to do when he gets older: Move to japan, start a Corperation, get married
have a girl and a boy, Settle down, Make lots of money, and to keep sailor moon on air for
the rest of his natural life.

Written By Dustin's Good Pal Hawkeye!


Well there you have it, my life all of it! I hope your happy! Write me! Please!

See ya!

Dustin James Leslie

(Most of the things in this are exserpts of other peoples things, Dustin Leslie
is in no way realted to or with Naoko Takesuchi or his company, Further more, Sailor
Moon I owned and Copyrighted by way to many people to mention, So Don't bother to Sue me
I live in Canada)

More info

Phone Number (IT'S IN CANADA!!!!) (613) 837-6961 Ask for Dustin 
My Company Line is (613) 837-8090 ask for Mr. Dustin Leslie
My Address is   "DJSM inc." 1893 longman cr. Ottawa Ont. Canada K1C 5G8

If you have any questions write me!
Or phone if you don't mind the long distance charges (DON'T CALL COLLECT! WE CAN't ACCSEPT THE CHARGES)

See ya (agine) 

Ming's Reply

Gee, Dustin, did you *type* all that in?? Thanks for the info anyway :-)

87) Aaron Maupin (Tue Mar 26 21:26:38 EST 1996) [Email]
from USA, land of very worried Sailor Moon fans
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

(Tough act to follow!)

The petition is coming along nicely, Ming! I sure hope it helps. I've already started my snail mail campaign to DIC. Hope it helps more than my letters to FOX regarding VR5 did...

I'm looking into the possibility of receiving the new episodes from satellite, just in case. Even if Global and YTV aren't on the dish, they have to get the episodes from DIC somehow...


Hey! You lurker! If you haven't already, sign the petition!

Ming's Reply

Hi Aaron! Thanks for the advertisemnet :-) Hey you got a nice homepage there! I also have a physicist-friend in OSU, donno whether he graduated or not though :-) I wish I have satellite TV too, heard they have some anime there...

88) Charles (I'm not Maxfield Stanton. Honest!) Craig (Wed Mar 27 15:58:05 EST 1996) [Email]
from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey (Pomona, NJ)
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

	Just slumming through the Internet, and I found your Sailor 
Moon page.  I must say, it's great!  I'm just starting a Sailor Moon
Link Page on my Web pages (it'll probably be http://loki.stockton.edu
/~stk3716/smoon/smoon.html when I'm done).  I'm sure some of your great
Sailor Moon funny faces will be on it!
	Signed the petition, and told a few of my friends to, as well.
They are also big Sailor Moon fans!  Unfortunately, they tell me I look
(and act) too much like Maxfield Stanton (I deny this).
	Keep up the good work, see you at Crystal Tokyo!

Ming's Reply

Hey there's nothing wrong being like M.S., he's supposed to be a hunk-a-meister you know :-) I hope we get to see more of the Crystal Tokyo episodes in the U.S.... so if you haven't done so already, please so as Aaron said above: Sign the "Save Our Sailors" (SOS) petition!

89) RoB CRoFT (Wed Mar 27 19:48:08 EST 1996) [Email]
from Orangeville, Ontario
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi. My name is Rob. And I stand for LU-V! And I also stand for Justice! PA CEE PA CEE! Hey, does anybody know where I could find that CD in the Toronto area? CD is good. Need Sailor Moon idols to worship, and not those godforsaken dolls. EEP! That really sucks how they're gonna cancel SM in the US. THEY'RE GONNA GET IT! I think we should all go over there and howl like tards until they say "Fine, we won't cancel the show, just PLEASE LEAVE US ALONE!!" SCäuTz. Aww yeah.. the one where Nephyte dies is one tomorrow... :( poor Nephlyte... NYYYOOOOOOOOOOO-EEOOOOOOOO!!!!! Don't think HE'LL be having a chocolate parfait! NO SIR! I AM a purple cockatoo. Or we could send like some big, black dude over there: "Yo, DIK! U try'n ta play me lika foo? Don'choo be ici'n Sal'uh Mewn o'h else i be popp'n a cap in yo ass" CAW! CAW! MARNIE!!! <--- aww yeah.... hmm.... oh well, peace out homeys! Sal'R MÜn Sez! SEE YA!

Ming's Reply

Hi Rob, I agree that the SM CD is much better than those dolls - YUCK! But I don't think howling is going to help us keep Sailor Moon on the air, maybe signing the petition will :-)

90) Vincent Diamante (Thu Mar 28 08:13:26 EST 1996) [Email]
from Washington, D.C.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Very nice page.  Beautiful image maps, although
they could be client-side for faster access.
Small point though.  I do find the AUs that
got with the MPEGs to be inaudible.
Small point though.  Beautiful Page


Ming's Reply

Thanks for the suggestions Vincent, but client-side image map is not yet implemented for many browsers, so I'll wait I guess. As for the .au sound files, they played ok in my soundplayer. It's possible that your player got confused by the format or the sampling rate etc.

91) Arthur J Taylor (Thu Mar 28 15:49:17 EST 1996) [Email]
from Butte, Montana
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Just signing up.  

Does anyone know where I can buy the TV series on tape?  


Ming's Reply

If you're refering to the Sailor Moon episodes on TV, I think the first few episodes were sold in Toy-R-Us, but I heard it's quite difficult to actually get one.

92) Sufyan (tuxedo mask) Bakir (Thu Mar 28 16:13:34 EST 1996) [Email]
from Nashville
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi there. I am actually from Malaysia, but now studying in America.
I like your Sailor Moon Funny Faces page very much.
In Fact, I used the page as my centerpoint for Sailor Moon.
Which means, I go to othe Sailor Moon pages from your page... hmm...
I am currently trying to download each and every video clips
which are available on the internet. But The main V.clips 
downloading page, the Anime Video Vault, seem to be down, for two 
days now. Hopefully only temporaryly. 
Hey, how come theres a lot of multiple posted message, i mean messages 
form same person here? i thought guestbook supposed to be signed
only once by each person. whatever.
I only started watching sailor moon for about two weeks, but i
have already become addicted to it. i like it! but i missed a few 
beginning episodes. thats sucks. ah well.
thats all... outta here


Ming's Reply

Hi Sufyan! I'm glad you like my SM pages. And yes, I noticed that Vandessa's video vault is down, I hope it's temporary too. As for the multiple messages, there's really no rule which said you can't do that :-) And further I wanted this to be a "fun guestbook", so people can pretty much do what they want here. It's a good way to meet friends too.

93) rebecca gamblin (Thu Mar 28 19:19:13 EST 1996) [Email]
from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

 I am 5 years old, my favorite sailor scout is Sailor Moon 

Ming's Reply

Thank you for visiting Rebecca! Sailor Moon's my favorite scout too (they all are actually :-)

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