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1) Gerry Pratt (Sat Mar 30 03:07:20 EST 1996) [Email]
from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Earth
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Wow, I'm the first on this guest book.  For those of you who don't 
know who I am I am 20 and I like Sailor Moon.  It is an awesome 
show.  We must do all we can to keep Sailor Moon on the air.  
Anything less would be uncivilized.  Do it now.  Do it for yourself
do it for others, but most of all, do it for the voices who would be 
unemployed if Sailor Moon is cancelled.  That is all. 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for the ad Gerry :-) Are you related with some of the voice actors/actresses? Just wondering...

2) Robert Ramsey (Sun Mar 31 10:56:48 EST 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!I haven't been here in a while.Nice page.I think it really sucks that they might take Sailor Moon off.I signed the petition. I hope they keep the show on,it's my favorite.Well,bye.

Ming's Reply

Thanks Bob, guess we're all disappointed that they want to get rid os Sailor Moon, let's hope the SOS can make a difference.

3) Anna Seifried (aka. Lita) (Sun Mar 31 12:03:45 EST 1996) [Email]
from ns.archives.ca
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! SailorMoon RULES! She is the WICKEDEST, COOLEST thing to come
to TV in a LOOOOONG time. Though I must say, I really do prefer the
original Japanese version. And her hairdoo is SO fine! I also luv
DNA2 and Devil Hunter Yoko.                                 

Ming's Reply

Yes Anna, I think most people say they prefer the Japanese original, but I think the N.American version isn't without merits either. And we can't expect mainstreet USA to watch subtitled anime on TV right? :-)

4) Tobi-Dawne Yandt ***** The MoonPrincess (Mon Apr 1 13:18:02 EST 1996) [Email]
from Good Ole Toontown Saskatchewan.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming.  The world looks unpopulated again.  *smile*  Well, anyway,
I just thought I'd drop you a line to let you know there have been some
changes to my homepage.  Take a look, I happen to think it's rather 
impressive.  And about the link to my sailor moon page, I origanally 
wanted a butterfly (another one) at the top, but then I saw the picture
I have now.  Everyone keeps telling me I should put a picture of sailor
Moon up there, I tried, but it didn't work *sheepish smile*.  I hope you
approve of the changes.  Peace, Love and Serenity -- Tobi-Dawne

Ming, I think there might be something wrong with your guest book, I hope I can submit this. . .
Yah, there is deffinately something wrong.  I will keep trying, but I've tried to submit seven times.
I'm going to try to submit this thing right in the center.  *fingers crossed* 

Ming's Reply

Sorry Tobi/Serena about the guestbook, it's buggy you know :-) But I fixed it now. And your "new" homepage is very nice! It's still revealing but at least you removed your address, which is wise. But why that picture in your Sailor Moon page?? And thanks for the SOS ad!

5) Gerry/Darien Pratt (Wed Apr 3 02:03:45 EST 1996) [Email]
from Edmonton. Where it is really cold.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming!  Got my first version of a homepage up and running. 
I will be adding on to it.  Right now the only real graphic on there
is one of the scouts so I guess that's okay.  The homepage is at

There is a link to your page as well as to Tobi's.  Check it out
if you want a laugh at a poorly done page.  Not bad for a first 
attempt but still nowhere near as good as yours.  I'm getting there
though.  Keep the scouts alive for me will ya! 

Ming's Reply

Hmmm, couldn't access your homepage Gerry/Darien, maybe the URL isn't right? I do want to check it out.

6) Nibicus (Wed Apr 3 16:21:43 EST 1996) [Email]
from acer221.pvs.k12.nm.us
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!??  Um...hi.  I was lookin around, and I noticed a link for 
this page, and decidedd to have a look, and it looks pretty nice,

Ming's Reply

Oh, thanks wandering traveller :-)

7) Termyt (Thu Apr 4 12:38:22 EST 1996) [Email]
from Lovely downtown Akron, Ohio
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/nausicaa.html:

Konichiwa Ming! It is a pleasure to be writing you today.  I am so
greatful that you have decided to honor Miyazaki-san by devoting
web space to Nausicaa and Laputa. These two films are amongst my
all time favorites (only taking a back seat to Takahashi-san --
insert Ranma plug here). I'm afraid I don't know much about Sailor
Moon, but if she is cancelled, perhaps the poor unemployed voice
actors could do some of Miyazaki-san's work (even though I generally
like subtitled versions better). Oh well, just a thought. Read you 

Ming's Reply

Hi Termyt (how do you pronounce this?), I'm glad you're also a Miyazaki fan (who wouldn't be after watching Laputa or Nausicaa? :-) Now why is everybody worried about those voice actors...?

8) Seth Thornberry (Thu Apr 4 18:02:42 EST 1996) [Email]
from Ye Olde' Lubbock, Texas
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/nausicaa.html:

I dunno why I decided to sign this thing...I love Nausicaa of the 
valley of the winds, I just wish I could find the re-released english

Ming's Reply

Hi Seth, I think we'd all like to see Miyazaki's works (not just Nausicaa) released in English, but somehow Ghibli is not doing it... :-(

9) Mari Bettineski (Fri Apr 5 19:42:30 EST 1996) [Email]
from America
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

I'm very impressed by your pages and all, but please, get more
Tenchi Muyou songs! 

Ming's Reply

OK OK Mari, I've already put every TM MIDI's I can find on my anime MIDI page. If you know where I can get more, please let me know.

10) Laura Naumann (Darien's Honey From the Moon) (Fri Apr 5 21:43:39 EST 1996) [Email]
from Houston, Texas
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! I'm Laura! I am a die hard fan of Sailor Moon and her looney ways!
I am glad there is all this support for her she really needs it. 
For all you Sailormoon fans out there surfing the internet please
sign the "Save Our Sailors" petition to keep our Fav. Chick on the air here in the U.S.
For all those girls out there don't you all think Darien/ Tuxedo Mask/ Moonlight Knight is the cutest?
Always watch Sailor Moon and don't forget to support her.
 I LOVE DARIEN!  SEE YA! LAURA(Darien's honey from the moon kingdom) 

Ming's Reply

Hi Laura, excuse me for asking, but are you Darien's other love interest on the Moon Kingdom? Gee, Tobi's not going to like this :-)

11) Kenneth Miller (Sat Apr 6 20:41:06 EST 1996) [Email]
from College Station, Texas
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

Cool page! Miyazaki is my absolute favorite anime director. Laputa
 is my favorite movie. (Animated that is) I actually do not like 
Sailor Moon and do not get it in this town so I do not care if 
they cancel it. ^_^ Oh, well. Keep up the good page. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Ken, I'm glad you like Laputa, but Sailor Moon is also a great show in it's unique ways, and what's more important, it's the flagship anime show in Japan. If SM failed in the US, we won't get other anime shows on TV, understand?

12) Katie Anne Johnston (Sun Apr 7 10:22:36 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Brighton,Michigan
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!I'm Kate Johnston(14) and I just got on the net.
I am a BIG fan of SM and watch it every day @ 5:30 am where I live 
with my dad.I'm writing from MI,because it's my only connection.
I love the funny faces gallery and the Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
web page,they are sooooo totally COOL! Yes I signed the SOS page 
I want to see more SM and taking it off is definatley a tourture to
infinity!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe I'll write later  Kate (Corie) :) 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for supporting SOS Katie! And you're right, it'll be a real pity if they have to cancel SM. Hopefully SOS can help SM stay on TV, even though it may be on TBS/Cartoon Network only...

13) Katrina Rempel (Sun Apr 7 15:32:10 EDT 1996)
from Thunder Bay
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!  I'm 8 years old, and my favorite sailor scout is Sailor Jupitor. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Katrina! Yes, Jupiter's cool, even though she likes picking fights :-)

14) Jillian Smythe and Andrew Young (Sun Apr 7 17:04:24 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Rainy Oregon i
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/totoro.html:

Hi!  Hi!  Hello!  How are you!  Totoro is COOL!  Go out and buy
the video!  I'll pay you $5!!  My neighbor is totoro!!!! 

Ming's Reply

Hi Jill, no need to pay me $5, I already have the video, and the plush Totoro toy too :-) It's hanging behind my car's windshield.

15) Tobi-Dawne ***** The MoonPrincess (Mon Apr 8 13:31:31 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Good Ole ToonTown Saskatchewan
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming.  I hope everything is alright, haven't seen you for quite 
some time.  I think I'm just looking for a bit of moral support for my
finals, it's monday now, and my first one is on wednesday *spelling?*.
It's my english exam.  Actually as soon as I'm finished writing it I'm
planning on filing a grivance against my professor.  He is letting
personal feelings for different students interfere with their marks.  I've
showed my papers to many people, most in the class with me, and they 
can't understand why I'm getting such low marks on such well done essays.
Also, when I went to go ask him about my essays he refered to me as a 
pathetic student, he called me stupid  and said he my marks are of no 
concern to him.  I was, and am, unimpressed.  I am failing a class I need
because my professor is a bigot.  -- wishing you the stars, Tobi-Dawne.

Ming, there is something wrong with your guestbook, you can't post from SK. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Moon Pricess :-) Sorry haven't been around the guestbook for quite a while, busy saving Sailor Moon you know :-) And sorry to hear that you have such a bad professor, but I mean if he's really letting you down without justification, you definitely should file a complain with your school or somewhere else. After all you have to fight for Justice remember? :-) Thanks for the stars, hope they don't end up over my head :-)

16) cristina bustos (raye) (Mon Apr 8 15:24:19 EDT 1996) [Email]
from saskatoon sask. (mars)
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey there, I'm BACK!!!!!!!!!  I just got back to saskatoon, i was in
moose jaw visiting family. (SHUDDER)  well as you can see, i'm the 
same.  I was wondering if anyone could tell me if or where i could 
get my hands on a sailor moon movie (in english)?  Because i know 
there are movies out there, i just don't know where and or if they're
in english.  Well if you can help me out thanks.  Tobi about that 
Prof. of yours, i hope you nail him to the wall.  Well it has been 
so long since i've written, i tryed writting before i left but i 
couldn't post any where in the saskatchewan, is something wrong with
it?  Well gotta go, catch you on the flip side.
And may the force be with you, (Gee how can you tell i just saw Star
Wars again?) 

Ming's Reply

Welcome back Raye :-) Moose jaw? Must be a joyful family you have :-) According to DIC's president, they don't have the rights to the SM movies, which means that they won't be released in English any time soon. But fan-subs do exist. I love the SM-R movie, very effective emotionally, especially in the last 15 minutes, you've got to see it! And sorry about the guestbook mess-up, it's fixed now.

17) Matt Feiler (Tue Apr 9 13:07:41 EDT 1996) [Email]
from pm1-15.ppp.satelnet.org
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


Ming's Reply


18) Avery Alexander Smith (Tue Apr 9 16:02:08 EDT 1996) [Email]
from AHHHHHH don't know
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!this is cool

Ming's Reply

Thanks Avery :-)

19) Skye of the Moon (Tue Apr 9 16:13:02 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Oshkosh WI and Crystal Tokyo
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

 If they cancel Sailor Moon they are as good as dead. I will have my  
sisters get my revenge. 

Ming's Reply

Gee, aren't we vindictive here? Ck ck ck

20) Sarah Dunn (Wed Apr 10 16:13:12 EDT 1996) [Email]
from slip129-37-158-82.on.ca.ibm.net
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Sailor Moon is THE coolest show!!!!! I absolutely adore it!!!!! I
really think it sucks that YTV is in rerun fever with it.  I wish 
they would finish the set of episodes with Reenie in them. I have 
been dying to know what happens since Reenie found out that Serina
is Sailor Moon and that she has the Silver Crystal.  I hope that 
Serina and Darien get back together.  All my friends think that I 
have gone bananas for watching it at my age (16) but I can't help it 
I am hooked!!!  I heard that they might have 40 new episodes in 
either May or September but I hope it is in May 'cause I don't think
I could wait that long. 

                                           see ya,

Ming's Reply

Um, sorry to break it to you Sara, but the latest news is that there would be at most 26 new episodes, maybe none at all, depending on whether Bandai-Toei can strike a deal with TBS/Cartoon Network. And even if they do, the new episodes probably won't be ready till November or so. To learn more and see how you can help, refer to the SOS page.

21) Liane Labranche (Zoisite) (Wed Apr 10 19:49:14 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Kemtpville, Ontario
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey!  Remember me?  Well if everyone else is signing in as characters 
then I want to get in on the fun.  Even though I probably spelled her name 
you may now call me Zoisite!!  My friends tell me that I can do her voice 
really well.
I'm really pleased that everyone is signing the SOS.  If you haven't signed
yet then please do!
Oh yeah!  Tobi/Serena I checked out your home page and it looks great!
I just wanted to let everyone know that I'm creating a home page on the net
and it is most definately going to have a SM link.  Acctually my group 
members and I are creating it.  I guess I should explain.  By group I mean
my work group in my Comm/Tech class.  One of our projects is a home
page.  The groups name is Orion.  Our first link is a SM link.  Sorry Ming, I 
wanted to put your funny faces gallery in, but my friends liked the New York
home page better.  At the moment we are trying to put a picture af Tuxedo
Mask on.  As soon as we're up and running I'llgive you the address.  You'll
have to E-Mail us and tell us what you think.
Well I guess that's all for now... No wait, Does anyone know where the SM
soundtrack can be found?  I've looked everywhere!  HELP!
OK, that's all


Ming's Reply

Hi again Zoi :-) You can find the SM soundtrack in http://www.cdnow.com/. Just search for artist "sailor" and you'll find it. Not sure about availability or how much they'll charge to ship to Canada, but it's definitely there.

22) Juan Aramburu (Thu Apr 11 18:36:24 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Champaign, IL
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

Hi! My name is Juan, and I've been reviewing Anime/Manga pages for hours! It's nice to finally find one worth a favorable review. The reviews are located at Straight Shot: Anime. You can also visit bunnyOS! Thanks for a nice page!

Ming's Reply

Thanks for the favorable review Juan! It's an honor!

23) Dustin "Otkau Makoto" Leslie (Thu Apr 11 19:09:15 EDT 1996) [Email]
from dmoc5o.bell.ca
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hello! It's every bodys favoite Sailor Moon Fan!
Well Hello, for those who know me and can't get thru...
Well My Mail is back and I am ready for some!

Any way, I would like to start by saying, Ming your doing a mighty
Fine job! I am proud of you. I am starting a Sailor Moon E-Mail
Club if any want's in write me! and give me a reason why Sailor Moon
is the best show in the world.

I can't figure out how to Put up Html tags right now, I will get
back and Fix this ok... 

Ming's Reply

Hello again Dustin! Thanks for your support! Is your "email club" the same as a mailing list? If so, there are already at least three SM mailing lists in existence, including one maintained by me :-) Check here if you're interested. Sailor Moon is the best show in North American :) because:

Besides being technically impressive, the show boasts outstanding characterization, a solid and continuous story-line, sweet innocent romance, commendable moral messages, superb music, and last but not least, lots and lots of fun!

(In case you're wondering, the above is taken from the SOS petition :)

24) Dustin "That Nut That wrote that HUGE letter" Leslie (Thu Apr 11 19:36:39 EDT 1996) [Email]
from My Own Little Slice of Sailor Jupiter Heaven
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hello... Well Ming you might rember me as the Otaku that wrote that
way to long message.. Well Sorry.. I was kinda boared.. anyway
Please Write me...

I like your page Ming, Very well structured. 
Uhh.. Umm... Well...
My Fav Scout is Makoto Kino (Sailor Jupiter) Lita Kino
I am a big fan of Troy Silver Stantons Fan-fic work.
Well I think I am going to shut up now..

Ming's Reply

Now I wonder why you put Vandessa's homepage as yours... are you two related?? :-) I'm glad that you like my pages, Vandessa's is also very nice.

25) Patti H. (Thu Apr 11 20:22:33 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Houston
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! How's it going??? Your funny face page is really funny,(hence
the name) and
I hope that Sailor Moon Doesn't get canceled. I even made up my 
own petition (but only got 31 signatures :(  )I wish I was a Sailor
Scout so that I could put things back to normal,
but I've tried my best even sent a letter to a teen magazine.Well
I know that I've tried my best. Well ok luv ya bye bye!!!  Patti 

Ming's Reply

Hi Patti, I'm glad you got some laughs from the SM Funny Faces Gallery, because that's what it's for :-) And I'm even more glad that you started your own petition! The number of signatures isn't really that important. If 1000 people gwt 30 signatures each for their own petitions, we'll have 30000! And what's more, it shows DIC-TBS-Bandai-Toei that it's not just a handful of people who did the real work. So keep up the effort!

26) John F. Jaramillo (Fri Apr 12 14:24:00 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Sacramento, California
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I just wanted to say that this is a terrific homepage, and I'm glad 
to know that I'm not the only one who thinks Sailor Moon is terrific.
Let's all help keep Sailor Moon on the air. And to all those who 
answered my question about the Negamoon episodes, I'd like to say 
thank you.......

Ming's Reply

Hi John, you're definitely not alone in appreciating Sailor Moon. You'll be alone if you don't like the show :-)

27) Shih Yuan Wang (Fri Apr 12 16:56:59 EDT 1996) [Email]
from auburn,al,usa
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!It's good to make a friend here.
I think all of us are touched by 
the LoGH. And at least we have the
same interest. If somebody like to
know what a chinese opinion in LoGH
,please send your E'mail to me.
I am a graduate student in auburn
university. I come from Taiwan. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Shih-Yuan! Nice to meet another LoGH fan too! I think LoGH is pretty popular in Taiwan and Hong Kong, because there are quite a few Chinese people in the LoGH mailing list.

28) Liane Labranche (Zoisite) (Sat Apr 13 12:39:27 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Kemptville, Ontario
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hey Ming!!
Thanks for the information about the SM cd.  That homepage that I was 
telling you about is almost finished.  We've just got a few more pictures to
put on and then we have to get it up and running.
I checked out your homepage, Ming!  It looks great.  I'm a big Looney 
Tunes fan too.  But I like the more recent ones like Animainiacs, as well as
Pinky and the Brain!
So how's the SOS petition going?  My friend thats working on the homepage
with me is planning to sign as soon as we have time.  We've got a lot of
projects due in our Comm/Tech class and they're due in about 2 weeks, so
we've really got to get working.
Well I guess that's all.  Oh Yeah.  Could someone please E-Mail me?  I want
to make sure this address works before I put it on the Home page.

Thanks Liane/Zoisite


Ming's Reply

Hi again Liane/Zoisite! I like mostly the older classic Looney Toon shows, those by Tex Avery and company. The new ones just couldn't capture the flavor of the old somehow... The SOS is going pretty well. We already got more than 7500 signatures (as of 4/28/96) and now TBS says they're going to air Sailor Moon starting 9/9/96! Check out the SOS page for details.

29) Jose Cordoba (Sun Apr 14 01:56:28 EDT 1996) [Email]
from osf1.gmu.edu
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/conan.html:

I can't believe how detailed your Conan page is!  Conan brings back
lots of memories.  It was the first Anime I ever saw and I've loved
Anime ever since!  Was it ever released in English? I saw it as a
little kid dubbed to Spanish.  Please, where can I find it on video?
I'm dying to watch it again!  Again, you have an EXCELLENT page. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Jose, I agree Conan is a very memorable show. In fact, I saw only a few episodes when it was shown in Hong Kong more than 15 years ago, but it left such a deep impression that it remained with me all these years until one day I discovered that it was a wonderful series done by Miyazaki! I decided then I have to do a homepage for this show. As far as I know, Conan was not officially released in English, but fan-subs do exist, if hard to find...

30) Erin Weatherill (Sun Apr 14 13:03:42 EDT 1996) [Email]
from McMaster Hamilton,ON,Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!   Sailor Moon is the best show on earth!!!!!Sailor Jupitor is 
the best. You really should get some pictures of the new Sailors, 
you know Sailor Saturn, Sailor Pluto, ect.Well gotta go surf the 


Ming's Reply

Hi Erin, I don't want to get pix of the outer senshi because I don't want to spoil the story who donno about them yet :-)

31) Heather Miller (Sun Apr 14 19:47:13 EDT 1996) [Email]
from http://www.lookup.con/Homepages/63376/index.html
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Cool! Kenneth is my brother. He told you that we did not get Sailor
Moon hear but we do.He jest did not want to say that he hates it.
I love it and I watch it every day. 

Ming's Reply

How can Ken hate Sailor Moon Heather?? I bet he's just ashamed to admit he likes it :-)

32) Gorebash (Sun Apr 14 22:02:38 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Cape Cod, MA USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I'd just like to say that I REALLY enjoy the Nausicaa page. I think
that Nausicaa is the greatest Anime character I've come across so 
far. Unfortunately the only Nausicaa video I have is the old
American one. Does anyone have any info on the July `95 release. I'd
like to find a copy of that release. I'd also like to get a copy of
the original version with sub-titles since the American one cut out
so much of the movie. Is there a web page with info on the American
version of the movie? The credits on the video don't include who 
did the voices. The only one I can pick out is Asbel's voice because
it's the same guy who did Leonardo's voice in TMNT. Any info would
be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

Ming's Reply

To learn more about the new English release of Nausicaa, check out the Miyazaki homepage. I don't think there's any info about the old Nausicaa dub because it was so bad every anime fan avoided even talking about it :-)

33) Termyt (Mon Apr 15 12:58:02 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Beautiful and Vaivacious Akron, Ohio
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

OK! OK! You've badgered me into it! I've found out about Sailor Moon
and she is DEFINATELY worth saving. I signed the petition and I'm 
going to get all of my freinds (that I can shame into it) to sign,
too.  Even if it is for no other reason than to see to it that more
anime is brought America.  The sailor scouts can count on me for
support.  There, I did it. I hope it helps!
P.S. I hope it is O.K. to sign the same book twice.
P.P.S. My name is pronounced the same as the colonizing insect with
      a fetish for borrowing in wood.
            Ter - the er is like the er in archery or hamburger
            myt - the y has a long 'i' sound like 'ai' in Japanese

It's been good reading you again- If your ever in Akron, drop me a
  line. It would be great to meet you face-to-face. Bye :-> 

Ming's Reply

Hi again Termi...yt :-) I'm glad you finally learned about Sailor Moon! It's a wonderful show that everybody should know and love. And thanks for signing the SOS petition, it has already helped.

34) Se-chan (Mon Apr 15 16:00:54 EDT 1996) [Email]
from California
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I think your homepageis really cool! And the petition , SOS,
was a good idea to! (hmm.. . why didn't I think of that?)
I hope that in the Fall DIC is going to release some new episodes  
of Sailor Moon!! 

Ming's Reply

Hi Se-chan! Thanks for supporting the SOS! You have already helped! Oh, you have a very nice SM page too!

35) Darien Ukyo (Tue Apr 16 14:06:57 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Earth...where do you think meatballhead? The Negaverse?
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!My name is Darien Ukyo and this is my first time writing to someone via computer.
I am a great fan of Sailor Moon and am sad to see that it may be taken off the air
in my area.  I will especially miss my favorite character,Tuxedo Mask.  We share a
lot in common.  More than you think actually.  You want to know more about me?
Just say so meatballhead. 

Ming's Reply

Well, I don't really have meatballs on my head, but I'll pass the word on :-)

36) Melanie Capps (Tue Apr 16 20:39:00 EDT 1996)
from Austin, Texas
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I'm 11 years old. I really enjoyed your show. Especially when 
Darien finds out who Sailor Moon is. It's really bad that their
taking it off. I will really miss it. I hope we can stop it before
it's too late.(for all who read this, please help us keep SAILOR
MOON on the air) 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for supporting the SOS Melanie! The good news is TBS will be showing Sailor Moon in September. Read more about it in the SOS page.

37) Amy Cheong (Wed Apr 17 14:43:12 EDT 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


Ming's Reply

Thanks Amy! Isn't "Amy" (or "Ami") a wonderful name? :-)

38) Tobi-Dawne ***** The MoonPrincess (Wed Apr 17 15:26:52 EDT 1996)
from Toontown
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming.  I'm in the middle of finals right now -- STRESS !!!!!!!!!!
Anyway, I just thought I'd let you know that I won't be around for 
very much longer.  I can no longer afford to keep my email, nor my
Web account active.  I will send you a final email before I'm off line
for quite some time.  I'll include my snail mail address so we can still
keep in touch, I rather enjoy your company.  As for the girl who refered
to herself as Dariens honey, you can have the cartoon him.  I've met, and
am currently dating a dead ringer for him.  His name is Dan.  The only
difference between him and Darien is that dans hair is a little curlier.
He has all of Dariens good traits, both physically and mentally, but he
doesn't carry any of his bad points -- no, wait -- he teases me to.  *smile*
Anyway, I have to run.  Love and Joy -- Tobi-Dawne 

Ming's Reply

Ohhh nooo, don't go Moon Princess! :-) We're gonna miss ya... And who's Dan? What happened to Gerry-the-other-Darien? Oh well, guess it's none of my business :-) Don't go away too long Tobi, and keep in touch!

39) Dustin "Otaku Makoto" Leslie (Wed Apr 17 15:46:27 EDT 1996) [Email]
from In a chair.. On my computer?
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hello everybody, It's your old pal Dustin, Well I have some insiders news... DiC Dosen't Own the rights to The Sailor Moon Movies, So Don't hold your breath untill they come out in english translation.. Also DiC Has not renewed there contract with the Toronto Based Voice Company that did the Orginal 60 some odd episodes, :( I sure hope they Use them, because the Voices are so CUTE! Anyway, Yes Neptune and Uranus are Lovers, And yes DiC is going to have one hell of a time trying to Cut out there scenes, Oh did I mention, I was speaking to my Man at DiC and He has this to say "Hey Dustin, I just want to tell you that We here at DiC Cut 40 minutes worth of video out of the orginals, He also Sent me a 15 minutes of those Scenes on Video, But I had to promise I would Not Give them out.. :( sorry, anyway Thanks Zoi for Writing me that letter I have sent you a little Suprise ;) ok where was I, Oh ya, the Sailor Moon Comics Entitled " The Adventurs of Sailor V " are now open to the american/Can Public.. Cool, But they are not translated, :( Bummer I picked one up and after 20 minutes of trying to read the darn thing I put it down Hey Don't get me wrong I know Some Japanese, but reading a Comic I don't think so. Ok Dustin's Sites of the Week... (Guess What I figured out how to use Html Tags!) Kiki's Sailor Moon Chat Vandessa's Short attention Span Sailor Moon Sounds THE Outer Senshi shrine The Shadow For the Site THE SHADOW I request that you be over 18 it is an Hentai site devoted to Sailor Moon, The only reason it made my lits is because I contains the Works Of Troy Silver Stanton in the Stories under SMV Disclamer: Please Note that Sailor Moon is property of Nakoto Ltd. Kondosha, DiC , Atlantic/Rhino Records, and way to many to list, so Don't sue me, or Ming or any Sailor Moon Homepage person, Please. Bye Bye LUV YA!

Ming's Reply

Thanks for the info Dustin :-)

40) Dustin "Otkau Makoto" Leslie (Wed Apr 17 16:36:13 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Crystal Tokyo.. DUH
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Sorry Ming I have singed in way to many times... :( But I just want to say that I realy Support your SOS Project! Please Keep up the good work... ok.. PLEASE!!! EVERYBODY Sign the SOS petiton it's at SOS!!! Any Way Sorry I have over stayed my welcome.. I will shut up for a week..

Ming's Reply

Thanks for supporting the SOS Dustin! It's ok to sign more than once here, but not in the SOS petition :-)

41) Dustin "Otaku Makoto" (Wed Apr 17 21:17:52 EDT 1996) [Email]
from In a Chair, in a basemant with my computer?
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hello, It's the every present Dustin, Please forward all my mail to my Brother seen as my E-mail accoutn is down for some odd reason.. Thanks for you support, and just for being you I will post one of my Magical Sailor Moon Bhttp://www.argo.net/%7Egregclem/nexus Nexus! LuV ya BYE BYE

Ming's Reply

Greg says thanks Dustin :-)

42) Jason Dean (mee) (Thu Apr 18 15:26:36 EDT 1996) [Email]
from nowhere
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!  I bet you've had this homepage ofr a while so I'll keep 
my message short.  Great site, good graphics, excelent work
now for questions.  1)  What do you think about DIC 
taking Sailor Moon off in the US?
 2) Do you think that it is right that Canada keeps Sailor 
moon on the air when the states takes it off?
 3) What is your opinion on the Censorship in cartoons in 
the us (i.e. flashing lights during their transformations)

Ming's Reply

You got lots of questions Jason :-) 1. Na, they won't take it off the air, we won't allow them :-) 2. Nobody should be deprived of Sailor Moon, not even in Antartica! :-) 3. I think some of the more explicit scenes were rightly cut out. Since anime is still stereotyped as "gore-and-sex cartoon" by many in the west, the last thing we need is to reinforce the stereotype by showing the more sensitive stuff in the show, which isn't of much importance to the magic of the show anyway.

43) Sharon Davidson (Thu Apr 18 21:49:08 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Amarillo, TX 79109
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!  Love Totoro so much that I have been searching for more, more.
I don't care if it is books or video (the children would prefer 
video).  I live in a place where there is little culture or interest
in the outside world.  If you know of an easy access to videos or
date of video releases please e-mail me at tadchem@arn.net  ok I 
just found these homepages.  I am new to the net so please forgive
any faux pas.

Ming's Reply

Hi Sharon, if you want to mail-order anime vidoes, try Nikaku. They have a lot of stuff at quite reasonable prices. And if you like Totoro, you'll love the other Miyazaki works (like Laputa, Nausicaa, Kiki's Delivery Service). They're among the best of the best anime I've seen. Unfortunately they're not yet released officially in English, though fan-subs do exist...

44) Sarah Jane Joy (Thu Apr 18 23:11:35 EDT 1996) [Email]
from burniel.tor.hookup.net
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I am a big fan of sailor moon and so is my friend donna gaing bye!for now!

Ming's Reply

Hi there fellow Moonies Sarah and Donna! :-)

45) Dustin "Otaku Makoto" Leslie (Fri Apr 19 09:18:57 EDT 1996) [Email]
from In great pain...
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

This will problibly be my last sing in here, I sing in every time I
visit a site, Sorry Ming, I just have some things to say

Boka Daisukininaru Sailor Jupiter....
Gomen ne sunao ja nakute
Yume no naka nara ieru
Shikou kairo wa shotto sunzen
Ima sugu aitai yo....


Ming's Reply

Hmm, a Japanese test huh? :-) I think "Boka" should be "Boku", can't correct your grammar because I donno it :-)

46) Claudia (Sat Apr 20 14:26:03 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Vancouver, BC, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Wo!!..nice homepage! I still have a lot to learn from u :)!

Ming's Reply

Na Claudia, I think I have to learn from you :-) Seems you got a nice and loyal man (Abbey) :-D

47) Jacqualine Chau (Sat Apr 20 20:12:34 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Ontario
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

Hi!  I am very amazed with the Laputa display!  I am a big fan the 
cartoon, i think that I had Watched this over five times or more.
So excellent job dude! 

Ming's Reply

Hi Jackie! You won't be a Vivian Chow fan by any chance will you? :-) I think we all love Laputa since it's such a wonderful movie. I think I watched it maybe 20 times, sometimes in Cantonese, sometimes in English, and other times in japanese :-)

48) Tod Tatsui (Sun Apr 21 23:54:39 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Chicago Il.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

Hi! I'm glad there's other people who've seen Laputa. I've got the Japanese version on tape, am looking for an english version. Has Streamline released it on video? They released the film in theaters. I saw it when it came to town, it was great.Nausica is a great film, didn't they call her princess sunshine (how creative) in the english version? 

Ming's Reply

Oh, you saw the English versions of Laputa and Nausicaa in theaters in Chicago?? Was it a regular movie theater or a special-interest theater? Well, you're very lucky since neither movie was released in anywhere else in the US, and as far as I know, the videos weren't released in English either (not in the US at least).

49) Steve Ehlers (Wed Apr 24 02:04:29 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Omaha, Nebraska, USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/totoro.html:

Hi!  Totoro is a wonderful film that works well on many levels.  
I am so pleased that it is widely available in English thru Fox 
Video, as it appeals to my 6 year-old who is still learning to read,
as well as my older (16 and 14 year old kids).  I wish there was a
sequal!   PS  any leads on where I can buy an original movie cell??

Stevo out... 

Ming's Reply

Hi Steve, I'm glad that you and your family like Totoro, it's a wonderful magical show! I don't think there's a sequel to Totoro because Miyazaki likes doing different movies every year. He has done some other equally wonderful movies like Laputa, Nausicaa, Kiki's Delivery Service. They're among the best of the best anime I've seen. Unfortunately they're not yet released officially in English, though fan-subs do exist...

50) Monique "Mars" Correia (Wed Apr 24 16:41:30 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Mars
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! My favorite sailor scout is Mars.  I wish that she could end up
with Darean.  She deserves him.  Sailor Moon is the princes, the 
leader of the sailor scouts and she gets Darean too!  They should 
let Mars keep him.  They make such a cute couple. I'm dying to see
the movie.  Hopefully it does come out here in the US. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Monique! Sorry that Mars didn't get Darien, but hey she got Chad right? :-) Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon are already fighting enough without Darien in the way, what do you think will happen if they form a love triangle?? Gee, the universe might end!! :-)

51) Lunar Wind (Wed Apr 24 17:03:36 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Charlotte,NC
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!Greetings Ming!
     This web page was the first SM site I visited and 
still one of the best! It was back before the mailing list
was going; since the ML got started, I haven't been to
other sites too much, I got hooked on reading the posts!!
I've been lurking around it from the beginning, but now
that my address is going, I'll be making my appearance
soon!  See ya, Luna Ming!

                           Guten Tag!
                           Lunar Wind 

Ming's Reply

Oh hi, are you a mailing list member? Don't seem to remember seeing your post. Maybe you're one of the silent ones? :-) In any case, thanks for your support!

52) David "Tagon" Scott (Thu Apr 25 17:30:08 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Utah
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


	The collection of Sailor Moon Fuuny faces is is a great look
at the animation style that makes me love the show! 

Ming's Reply

Yip I agree, even though they're "only" funny faces, they do show how advanced the Sailor Moon animators are in expressing the emotions of the characters. They are alive! :-)

53) Jiannhorng Liu (Fri Apr 26 22:37:56 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Georgia
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!  This page is awsome.  I never know midi music can be 
so moving especilly when you listen to those familiar music 
you heard long time ago.  Thanks... 

Ming's Reply

Hi Jiannhorng! I'm glad to have helped bring back some fond memories of yours! :-)

54) Florence Lee (alias Sailor Flo) (Sat Apr 27 00:53:13 EDT 1996) [Email]
from ppp12.actlab.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!  I love the Sailor Moon Funny Face Gallery!  
It's wicked cool.
I think it's a shame for DIC to try to cancel SM.  
No way am I going to let that happen.
For all of you who didn't sign the letter to DIC yet, do it NOW!  Or it might be too late. 
*gasp!*  For a cool SM page, try http://cali.law.umn.edu/moon/  
It's a site where you can take a Sailor Moon quiz.  
Isn't that cool? 
In fact, I am an author myself!  Hee hee hee hee. 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for your support of the SOS and the Funny Faces Flo! It now seems Sailor Moon will be aired on TBS starting this September, which is good news to those who have cable...

55) Melissa McCafferty (Sat Apr 27 23:26:09 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Peoria, Il
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I can't beleive it I'm not the only college student out there that
lovel this stuff!  It's great.

Ming's Reply

You're hardly the only college student who loves SM Melissa. It's only that many of them are ashamed to tell others they like a "kid" show, but it's about time that they learn SM isn't a kid show! And all of the closet Moonies should come out and support the show!!

56) Jason Jimenez (Sun Apr 28 16:14:42 EDT 1996) [Email]
from A nice, sunny spot.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/nausicaa.html:

Hey! This place is great! I just wanted to say, I think the written
translation of Nausicaa is better than the the English version I 
have. I never knew the video skiped so much!!   Well, see ya! =^.^=

P.S. More Yupa pics!!

Ming's Reply

Yes Jason, the English dub of Naussicaa (i.e. the much dreaded "Warriors of the Wind") cut out about 20-30 minutes from the original, and they messed with the rest to make it look totally silly! It's so bad that Miyazaki decided not to release his later movies in English, until recently that is. I heard that Nausicaa has been redubbed in English, this time more faithful to the original. Hopefully it'll be released in the U.S. soon.

57) Aino Minako (Sun Apr 28 17:53:15 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Rancho Cordova, CA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

LUNA!!! What did you do to the Funny Faces Gallery! It lookes like
something from the 70's! Did you take more tips from Dave? 

Ming's Reply

Now what are you talking about Minako-chan?? What's so 70's in my SM pages huh? And don't forget that SM music is also 70's-like =)

58) SAILOR SUN (Sun Apr 28 19:27:08 EDT 1996) [Email]
from THE SUN
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:



  __      __      __
 /  \    /  \    /  \
||__||  ||__||  ||__||
|    |  |    |  |    |
|    |  |    |  |    |
|    |  |    |  |    |
|    |  |    |  |    |
|    |  |    |  |    |


Ming's Reply

Must be pretty hot where you are huh? =)

59) Penny Anderson (Mon Apr 29 20:39:27 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Everett, Washington State
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hello! 'nuf said. 

Ming's Reply

Hello too =)

60) Larry Drews (Tue Apr 30 17:40:30 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Blacksburg, Virginia, USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


	I thought I'd drop a note you and say hi. I find your SM pages to 
be very enjoyable.  I've added them to my hot-links area on my page.
I have a few of the SM movie books and I've been tempted to scan in
some of the "Funny Faces" from those and offer them to you.  There's 
quite a few hilarious ones in the S movie. I like your other WEB  
stuff too.  I just wish they had a VRML veiwer for the MAC. *sigh*  
Oh well.

	One of the things I do, is run a major Animecon on the east coast.
It's called Katsucon.  We're actually trying to get Naoko Takeuchi
as guest for our 3rd con next March.  Wish us luck.  Oh, and drop by
check my art gallery, and SM fan fic sometime.


Ming's Reply

Hi Larry, thanks for dropping by and thanks for adding a link to my SM page! And yes, I also remember a lot of funny moments in the SMS movie. I don't have the SMS movie book, so if you can scan some pictures for me, I'd be most grateful. Hey you got a very nice homepage too, and the drawings are cool! (Yes, Angie does look like Lum =) Best of luck with Katsucon and Takeuchi!

61) Zorin the Lynx (Wed May 1 00:38:15 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Miami, Florida!
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! Just wanted to say I think Sailor Moon is pretty cool, though I've only seen 4 or 5 episodes.. I think the show is hilarious at times, and Luna is just so ky00t!! }:) Check out my Home page. }:)

Ming's Reply

Hey someone actually like the cat, isn't that something? =) Oh, and keep watching SM Zorin, it gets better and better and better (and even better if they make new episodes!)

62) benny (Wed May 1 02:49:43 EDT 1996) [Email]
from pm4s26.intergate.bc.ca
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

hi!  i am looking for the picture for the title for laputa
but i couldn't find it anywhere.  finally, i come across your
laputa page and i found it.. where did you get it?  i hope
you would write back..bye.  and, thank you. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Benny, I think you're referring to the image of the Japanese title for Laputa. I used an image I found in tcp.com, and manipulated it so that only the title remains. Actually I scanned another image for the title, but I haven't had time to work on it yet...

63) Kevin Duropan (Wed May 1 14:28:56 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Las Vegas
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

 I like the show Sailor Moon and my favorite sailor is Venus. She is
pretty. Here in Las Vegas Sailor Moon is on the Warner Brothers 
channel (WB) and used to be on at 9:00 am (when kids were at school)
now it is on at 3:30 pm (the perfect time) so hopfully this is a 
good sign! I have to know what happens next...

P.S. Your Sailor Moon page is so COOL!!!!!!
                                               Kevin Duropan

Ming's Reply

Hi Kevin, you're lucky to have SM showing at 3:30pm in Las Vegas. I only wish they'd shown it at such good time-slots everywhere...

64) Tsukino Usagi (Elizabeth McCabe) (Wed May 1 20:43:11 EDT 1996) [Email]
from West Kingston, Rhode Island, Earth (technically I'm still on the moon)
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi, Ming! Love your page! Not just your ordinary Sailor Moon page, eh? Sailor Moon is my absolute favorite show! I haven't gotten my hands on the orininal *undubbed* version, do you know where I could even *possibly* find it?? Well I've sent my SOS petition, and am still supporting!! We've won part of the battle, but I can tell there's a long road ahead.. I recently mailed in my application to be in the "Official Sailor Moon fan club.. I hope it gets here soon..:^) The only problem I had with it is when you call the number 1-800-378-LUNA, they tell you to write "your child's favorite scout, and your child's name".. Well, that was a little embarrassing, but I'm willing to deal with it to become an official "Junior Sailor Scout"..:^) Well, keep your eye out, soon I will probably have my own web page (of course, just what we need ANOTHER Sailor Moon page) but, ehh, mine will still be cool.:^) Keep up the good work, and anyone reading this SUPPORT OUR SCOUTS!:^) Thanks, Tsukino Usagi =============8{:^) <--cute eh?

Ming's Reply

Hi Liz/Usagi =) Thanks for dropping by! I can't tell you where you can find SM fansubs here, but if you're really interested, email me. And thanks for signing the SOS petition!

65) SAILOR GALAXY (Thu May 2 18:35:54 EDT 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:



Ming's Reply

Um, I think they're still up to Sailor *Stars* only, no galaxy yet =)

66) WanWan (Fri May 3 21:30:17 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Berkeley, California
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hello MingMing!! Ur pages are sooo cool!!! It just happens that I 
ran into ur pages...I can't remember how many hours I had spent on
ur pages!! :) Well...just want to tell you that I luv ur pages...
(ohh...like Laputa, Nausicaa, Sailormoon...I will go see Kiki and 
the rest when I have time.) I just luv all those pix you got!! Just
wondering...where did u get all those pix ah??? Do you mind that I
grabbed the ones I like and put them on my homepage?? :) I just luv
those funny faces of Serina, maybe that's why I like her... hehehe...
About the show...that's too bad! Showing at 6:30 am??? That means
it is impossible for us(West coast) to watch! :( Even though I can't
watch it anyways since I don't have a TV in my apt(away to school)...
but I will put the SOS logo up in my homepage...ohh, I just started 
my homepage, and I'm going to have finals...so, I expect to add all
the stuff to my homepage at the end of the month. Welcome to check 
out my page now or then... :) ciao!
PS: just wondering... are you Chinese? or Japanese? (I would say you 
are Chinese... :)

Ming's Reply

Hello WanWan/Shirley =) I'm glad you like my pages. I got most of the pictures from tcp.com or other places, plus a few I scanned myself. So feel free to grab anything you like. You have a very nice homepage too, with the Javascript and stuff. We're trying to convince TBS to change the show time of SM to a later time, so hopefully it won't be shown at 3:30am your time... Oh, and yes, I'm Chinese, from Hong Kong actually. That's where you're from too I guess, right? =)

67) Justin Marchesi (Sat May 4 16:54:31 EDT 1996) [Email]
from D Bar CA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

     Nice page!!!

Ming's Reply

Thanks Justin!

68) April Guy (Sun May 5 11:49:32 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, North America
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! I love your page, Ming.  
 I am 13 years old, and in grade eight.  
I read the mailing list all the time, but I'm still reading  
messages from three weeks ago. It's really too bad that Sailor Moon  
is being taken off of syndacation! Do you know if it will be taken  
off of the channels it is currently on in Canada? I don't get cable, 
so I have to set my VCR to tape it every weekday morning.  
I think that the SOS petition is really great, and I hope that more  
episodes will be dubbed and shown in North America.  
Thanx for your time,  
April Guy 

Ming's Reply

Hi "April" (isn't it May already? =) as far as I know, Sailor Moon will stay on YTV and the other channel (forget the name) in Canada, so you should be able to continue watching it. But whether they'll show new episodes is another story...

69) J. R. Stavely (Sun May 5 12:29:50 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Western part of Tennessee
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Salutations, I love your pages.  They are just way to cool.  I have
been lurking the SM and Ranma MLs and decided to look at the Home
pages people have been posting.  I used Atlas to view this page.
I must say it again....This page is to Cool!!!

                Sailor Moon Rulz!!!

Ming's Reply

Hi JR the ML Lurker =) Thanks for using Netscape-Atlas... what am I talking about?? =)

70) Gerry Pratt (Mon May 6 02:56:19 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Edmonton
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming.  Sorry I haven't written in a while, I was a little bummed
out over breaking up with Tobi.  But at least I now have a
girlfriend in this city who will watch Sailor Moon with me.  She 
isn't as into it as I am but I'm sure it will grow on her.  I seem
to pick women who are like Serena.  Candace is blonde and a clutz,
but at least she is as smart, if not smarter, than me.  She even 
makes some of the faces that Serena does.  Well as close as a real
person can get.  My homepage URL should be corrected now.  I am still
working on putting my Sailor Moon vs. Darth Vader theme together.
I still need access to a scanner so I can work with some good 
pictures I have.  Anyway, keep up the fight for a better time slot 
for the girls.  I'd be sorry to see such a wonderful show taken off
the air.  Later. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Gerry, I'm also sorry to be rather lazy in answering my guestbook, and I'm sorry to hear that you broke up with Tobi... but seems you're back in track in no time =) Funny why you always date Serena-lookalikes when you said you like Raye =) Sailor Moon vs. DV??

71) Helene Beaulieu (Mon May 6 09:21:50 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

do you know  where I can register for chats lines on Sailor Moon?

Ming's Reply

Sorry Helene, I guess you already got the answer from the mailing list right? =)

72) Valerie T. (Mon May 6 21:57:02 EDT 1996) [Email]
from hay-ca1-19.ix.netcom.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I really like the page. My favorite sailor scout is Sailor Venus. 
I am going to reccomend the page to my friends. Why isn't Chibimoon,
Sailor Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, and Sailor Neptune not on television 
yet? I NEED to know what the internet address is for the "Pretty 
Soldiers" page. Thank you! Please write back SOON!

Ming's Reply

Thanks Valerie for your appreciation of my pages! But I'm sorry I donno which "Pretty Soldiers" page you want to know... ChibiMoon and the outer senshi's aren't on TV yet because DIC is still negotiating with other companies for the new episodes. If you want to know more and want to help bring new Sailor Moon episodes to TV, please check the SOS page.

73) Chi Ming Cheung (Thu May 9 00:43:31 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Austin, TX
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hey!  Stop using my name!  (^_^; 

Ming's Reply

Very funny =) I bet I used this name before you're even born =)

74) Chris Nix - The "Dragonlord" (Fri May 10 09:11:51 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Stockbridge, Georgia
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I love this page! I liked it so much that I put it on my page. I too am upset over DIC and Sailor Moon. I don't know why they're doing this. Though I would like to see Sailor Moon S & Super S. I am also a fan of Project A-ko. Is there a connection between A-ko and Sailor Moon? Or is it just the uniform?


The "Dragonlord"                                                                                 

Ming's Reply

Hi Dragonlord, meet Ming the Viking Lord =) I think Project A-ko is supposed to be a parody of the magical-girl anime genre, and thus the similarity with SM.

75) Laura M. (Thalionar) Laffoon (Fri May 10 17:36:34 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Lynchburg, Virginia
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi Ming!!!
Just thought I'd drop by and grab some of the binaries.
By the way I absolutely *adore* the new SOS image! Usagi looks soooo plaintitve! :(
You may get 2 of these, I don't think the first one went through!
Ta ta for now! 

Ming's Reply

Hi Thalionar! I'm glad you like the "mellow" SOS logo, it's also my favorite =) Hope to see you again in the mailing list!

76) Jared Ross Dresdow (Fri May 10 19:54:08 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Anoka,Indiana, U.S.A.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I just love your Sailor Moon page. I'm 13 years old and a big
fan of Sailor Moon. I'm working on a homepage right now and I have 
both SOS logos at the top of my page with a link to your page. I'm 
expecting my page to be on the internet by December. I agree that 
Sailor Moon should get a better time slot and that they should make 
new episodes. Bye!

Ming's Reply

Hi Jared! Thanks for supporting the SOS! Looking forward to visiting your homepage!

77) Stewy Stumpert Stupy (Sat May 11 00:14:11 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Kingston ont.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Yo! What's up? I really DIG Sailor Moon. She's so groovy and 
hip hopp'in and totally happening. I think anyone that thinks Sailor
Moon should be taking of the air is BERZERK! Either that or there 
totally surfing on the wrong side of the wave! I'll chat with you 
Sailor dudes later. 

P.S. Watch out for that NEGASCUM!

Ming's Reply

Yo! I agree with you Stewy Dude =)

78) Quicksilver (Sat May 11 16:41:18 EDT 1996) [Email]
from ccn.cs.dal.ca
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

you must be weird not to like this show. it is the funniest thing I
have ever seen (aside from Bean)
so you better have a link on your homepage to this place and all others. 

Ming's Reply

Bean?? =)

79) Joseph Leon Randall (Sat May 11 19:15:31 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Susanville, CA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/millenia.html:

Hi!  I like your comments but I am trying to find some anime movies where are they? 

Ming's Reply

Hmmm... everywhere I guess =) Try looking in the commercial section of the Anime and Manga Resources guide or the Anime Web Turnpike.

80) Samantha Ly (Sat May 11 23:42:06 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi Ming,

I just have to say that you've got a very cool home page.  However, when
I clicked onto one of your guestbook pages, I noticed that the country in 
which I presently reside is not boxed in.  Am I one of the fewer Canadian
guests at your internet site??  Anyways, just to let the world know that I've
just been recruited to a Sailor Moon admirer!


Ming's Reply

Oops, sorry Samantha if your corner of Canada isn't inside the box =) It's not my fault you know since I took the map from somewhere else.

81) Liane Labranche (Zoisite) (Tue May 14 16:30:49 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Kemptville, Ontario (THE NEGAVERSE)
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming,
     I haven't written in a while because our Internet is broken.  I must say that
I'm sorry to hear that our Moon Princess is leaving us (Tobi), I'm sure that 
a lot of people are going to miss reading her messages, I know I will.
     Anyway there was a purpose to my writing.  I've got a little story to tell you.
My friends and I were ice skating (we're not as good as Sailor Moon or Lita
but we're not bad either, however that's not the point).  While we were skating
we were really hyper and decided to do our Sailor Scout impressions.  As
we were doing them these two girls skated by us and just kept staring at us
(they had to be about 8 or 9).  My best friend and I went over to talk to them
and we asked why they were staring at us.  They basically said that we 
looked like idiots acting like goofy looking CARTOON characters.  So we
asked them if they watched Sailor Moon and they said NO!  Well we got 
mad and told that they just wern't cool!  How dare they make fun of Sailor
     By the way how's SOS going?
     Do you know if the Canadian stations will still carry SM if the USA switches
to TBS?

Anyway I better go
Peace and Luv

Ming's Reply

Hi Zoi, yes I also miss hearing from Tobi =( And you don't have to be upset about people not liking Sailor Moon. You can't expect everybody in this world to like the same thing as you do right? =) As long as you like it and know it's good, that's satisfaction enough.

82) Hugh (Don) McDonald Bright (Tue May 14 17:23:19 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/nausicaa.html:

I remember seeing this real cool cartoon movie way back when,
befor i knew that there was a word for big eyed japanese cartoons,

Yeah way back when HBO, or Cinemax, perhaps, ran this movie
about some girl on a flyning boomerang thing
and a bunch of insect things whose eyes turned red
if they were angry, or blue if they were chillin,

and manohman it was cool, been triyng to find out what it was
for the past 2 years, and now today i hear from my brothers friend,
that its "nausicaa or something" 
and here i am
thanks for this great page, but it will be a while before i dload
the 13 Meg Movie over this ppp line,

Ming's Reply

Hi Hugh, I'm glad my Nausicaa page helped revive some of your fond memory, and yes, the QT movie is a bit big, but it came this way and I'm too lazy to make it smaller =)

83) Lalaine Gloriani (Tue May 14 21:47:41 EDT 1996) [Email]
from ppp7.llv.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Japanese Anime rules!! 

Ming's Reply

Yip it does!!

84) Mary Louise Jeans and Tara Coady (Wed May 15 18:42:04 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

We relly like your show a lot!We think their should "more" new shows.We think that it should be changed back to 4:30 p.m [Atlantic time]5 people in our class pretend their the 5 sailor scouts.Mary Louise is Sailor Moon.Tara is sailor Jupitor.May we please have some imformation about the 5 sailor scouts.If this show is taken off the air we will lock ourselves in our bedrooms and cry for "DAYS!"Are their any new sailor scouts coming soon?If so give us some imformation on them please.

                                       THANK YOU!!!!!!! 

Ming's Reply

Hi Mary and Tara! To find more info about Sailors Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, check out this page. And there are more sailor scouts coming: Sailors Pluto, ChibiMoon, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn. Unfortunately we won't be seeing any new episodes at least until the end of the year, and maybe never! To find out more and to learn how you can help, check the SOS page.

85) Darien Ukyo (Fri May 17 08:48:51 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Earth! Have I not told you that already??!!??
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! Me again! So, how are ya Ming-meister? I'm fine! I'm also
bored! You know, I had a lot of trouble getting this right. 
Understanding what to do to get the message through on this 
guestbook that is. I don't use computers very much and they
are sometimes hard for me to get used to. A friend of mine told
me I could write to a Sailor Moon fan on the Internet and showed me 
how! Yay! Umm..Can't stay very long so can you answer one question?
Why is Amy's hair blue while everyone else has normal colored hair?
Okay, gotta go! Tell me though, would you like me to write again to

Ming's Reply

Um, I think Amy isn't the only one with unnatural hair color: Jupiter's color is green while Reeny's is pink. It's just the drawing style in anime to use different hair colors for different characters so that they'll be more easily distinguishable. In other words, the hair colors are merely symbolic.

86) Karen Black (Fri May 17 14:39:05 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Marshalltown, IA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!  Um. . .my dad is too stubborn to get a modem, so I can only 
surf at school, which kind of isn't great, but I love Sailor Moon 
and am shocked that my best friend Lizzi hasn't yet come here.  I
would like to know WHERE this petition for the SOS campaign is; I've
been searching all week and every time I click, thinking I'll be 
there, I'm not!  Arrgh!  Please help me out here.

Ming's Reply

Hi Karen, the SOS page is in here. Please sign the petition and ask your friends to sign too! Thanks!

87) Elaine Gillies (Sat May 18 21:13:03 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Whitby, ontario canadA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I'm Elaine 13 years old, and I just love Sailor Moon! I think the pictures are really great! If you or any other Sailor Moon fan is interested please feel free
to E-mail me at the address shown, I love to get mail from people with the same interests as me.
Oh ya, if you have any Sailor Moon info, send it to me, and i'll E-mail you back.
Well, Bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for dropping by Elaine!

88) Jim Howard (Sun May 19 13:36:30 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Kansas City, MO USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

My name is Jim Howard N0UWY. I am SysOp of a small bulletin board
system (Howard's Notebook) that has been online since June of 1982.
I am a ham radio operator and a nudist! For the last few weeks I
have been playing with CUSeeMe (my IP is:
I visited your web site and it looks excellent. It makes me want to
work to improve my own web pages. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Jim, though we don't have the same hobbies ;) thanks for dropping by!

89) Peter Swanston (Mon May 20 12:11:40 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Toronto Ontario Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

Hi!I Just spent like 20 minutes Writing a note and my computer
crashed when I was sending it so I made it shorter this time.
When I was 4 years old I saw Laputa on TV in England and 4 years
later I moved back to Canada. It was the best movie I had ever seen
I have been searching for a name to it till last month when I 
discoverd it on your web site that means I have been searching
for 8 years as I am now 12. Well anyways I would really like to 
see the movie again and I was hopping you could find the name of
a place where I could rent or buy the movie please look

                 THANK YOU !!

Ming's Reply

Hi Peter, I'm glad to help you rediscover Laputa since it's such a wonderful movie. Unfortunately there is still no official English release of Laputa on video tape, so fansubs are the only possibility...

90) John F. Jaramillo (Tue May 21 11:34:29 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Sacramento, California
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hello Ming.

			I just wanted to reply to that newspaper	article about SM. 
I'll be the first to admit, the show can be goofy. But its FUN
to watch, and funny. The truth is, we all need a little bit of
"goofyness" in our lives. Why the sudden smear job? There was 
a good feature story on SM about a year or so ago on ABC's 20/20.
They gave it a bit of the credit it was due.
			As for that person at DIC, who says that "There's no pleasing 
them" we should consider bothering HER about bringing the newer
epsiodes to the U.S. What do you think? 

Ming's Reply

Well John, Janice Sonski *is* one of the persons responsible for getting the new episodes. The fact is that DIC doesn't really care about SM fans. Since they're used to dealing with kids, they're treating us like kids too. All they care about is money and money and money. So unless they see profit for the show, I'm afraid they won't want to produce more new episodes. Hopefully by enlisting more public support for the show, we can pressure DIC and others into making more new episodes eve though the immediate profit isn't as good as they want it to be.

91) Peter Swanston (Tue May 21 17:16:35 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Toronto Ontario Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

Hi! Ming when I was really tiny I saw the movie Laputa it was the 
best movie had ever seen. I would really like to see it again 
and I was wondering if you new of any places you could rent or buy
it from or even send away for near where I live.

                       THANKS A LOT  !!
PS Thanks from Peter. 

Ming's Reply

Hi again Pete, as I mentioned, Laputa hasn't been officially released on video tape, so you won't find it in regular video stores. I suggest you try Toronto's Chinatown or Hong Kong town (Scaborough). I'm sure they have anime rental stores there which has Laputa. However, it may be in Cantonese...

92) April Guy (Tue May 21 17:46:24 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

   It's me April again. I was just thinking about your SOS page. It 
would be kinda cool (if it's possible) to have the current amount  
of signatures on the petition on the first page you get to when you 
follow an SOS link. That way, you wouldn't have to go all the way to 
the form you fill out to sign the petiton to see how many signatures 
there were.  
    Just my $0.02.  
     BTW, when I try to enter my location on the map, it says I have 
an error in location, or something like that. But I defenitly  
_don't_ have a text only browser. I have to enter my location on  
the part for text only browsers. Got any idea why this is happening? 
     Well, gotta bookit! See ya! 
      -April Guy- 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for the suggestion "April", I also thought about that, but in order to put the count in the main SOS page, I need to change it to a .shtml file, which will mean that most links to the SOS page will have to be changed as well, not an easy task. So the compromise I came up with is to manually put a rounded-off number in the main page. About the problem with the guestbook, it's possible you clicked too close to the edge of the map. Or it may be your browser is giving incorrect coordinates, I don't really know...

93) Darien Ukyo (Wed May 22 11:28:23 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Earth! !$#%?&$?$!!!
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! Ooops! I forgot about Reeny's pink locks! Oh well! No matter!
So Ming-vase, watcha doin'? I must apologize for not telling you
anything about me besides my name! Here goes! I am 21 years old
and I am in college. I have black hair and green eyes. I am a 
pretty good height and NOT over-weight! In fact, I almost look
just like Darien. Well except for the blue eyes! 
See ya Ming! 

Ming's Reply

Um, thanks for the description "Darien", very informative =)

94) Cassandra Decoste (Wed May 22 14:24:11 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Moncton New Brunswick Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! Umm...before I say anything, I have one question: 
Who is Darien Ukyo? I think I know him from somewhere... 

Ming's Reply

Since "Darien" seems to be everywhere geographically, maybe you do know him Cassandra =)

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