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1) Valerie Villanueva-Mina (Fri May 24 12:02:42 EDT 1996)
from hay-ca1-24.ix.netcom.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I'm the first one on here! The Sailor Moon Funny
Faces Gallery is great! A few questions... In what episode
does Sailor Chibimoon become a sailor scout? What about Sailor
Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto? Does North America get
Sailor Moon Supers S? I hope the rest of you enjoy the
Guestbook! Bye! 

Ming's Reply

Sorry for the 2-month late reply Valerie =) According to Doi-san's page, Chibi-Usa becomes Chibi-Moon in episode 103 (SMS series). Both Sailors Uranus and Neptune appear in episode 92 (near beginning of SMS series). Sailor Saturn first appears in senshi form in episode 125 (end of SMS series). And Pluto appears briefly in episdoe 82 (SMR series). Unfortunately we still don't have any good news for SM in NA, so we won't be seeing the SMS and later series until at least next year... =(

2) Janis J. Johnson (Sat May 25 11:17:45 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hello there. I am 9 years old, and I LOVE Sailor Moon.


Ming's Reply

Hello Janis! Thanks for dropping by! We all love Sailor Moon! =)

3) John De Jong (Sat May 25 11:45:18 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Nepean, Ontario
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!  Finally got around to browsing the whole shebang that is your
web site.  All I can say is that it shows that you have put a hell
of a lot of time and effort into this thing, and I am glad to have
you as our fearless (?) leader.

Keep smiling!

Ming's Reply

Thanks for visitng Professor! =) Yes, lots of time and lots of efforts indeed... "fearless" is fine, just not "furless" =)

4) Elaine Ruiz (Sun May 26 03:47:23 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!  Sailor Moon is THE best show ever...
I'm 19 years old and skip school just to watch it...
All my friends say i'm addicted...but i'll never admit it. 

Ming's Reply

Now now Elaine, didn't Sailor Moon say we shouldn't skip school and watch Sailor Moon?... Eh, guess not, heehee =)

5) Alison Louder (Sun May 26 11:16:49 EDT 1996) [Email]
from montreal, Quebec
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! I'm twelve years old and I love Sailor Moon, it's my favorite TV show. My friend and I are inventing a Sailor Scout called Sailor Sun. My favorite Scouts are Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon.
I have blond hair, brown eyes, and at hallowe'en I am going to dress up as Sailor Moon. My friend has short, dark hair and she will dress up as Sailor Mercury.
I log on to the Internet every day and find different information about the Sailor Scouts, Chibusagi  Moon, Darien, Tuxedo Mask, Luna and Artemis.
After school I rush home to watch Sailor Moon at four 'o clock.
I think that Sailor Moon should continue to be on TV 'till the last episode and that no one should even consider canceling it because if someone does cancle it, 
we will have found out so many things about the future of Crystal Tokyo, Queen Serenity, Chibiusagi Moon, the future Sailor Scouts and the destuction of the Megaverse.

    Bye! ALISON. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Alison! I can't agree more with you about keeping the show on the air, but it seems that it won't happen this fall in the U.S. =( But you're lucky because YTV is still going to show more re-runs, though I heard they'll take SM out of the Zone and show it only once a day at 12pm instead. Bummer huh?

6) Sarah Spencer (Sun May 26 23:40:08 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Anaheim, CA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


Sailor Moon whips all other cartoons with a BELT!! I also 
really appreciate female role models (some with...um..."alternative"
lifestyles in the un-translated series) for young girls. Save Our 
Sailors!!!  :)   
					--Pook (a.k.a. Sarah) 

Ming's Reply

Hellooo Sarah, a true feminist indeed! =)

7) Jessica Lee. Jones (Sun May 26 23:44:18 EDT 1996) [Email]
from pool043.max11.los-angeles.ca.dynip.alter.net
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! My name is Jessica Jones. I love Sailor Moon,and I hope it stays on the air
in the US. I'm only 11 but I can tell a good show and sailor moon is a great one. 2 thumbs up. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Jessica! I'll give Sailor Moon 4 thumbs up! (my big toes included =)

8) Darien Ukyo (Mon May 27 14:03:02 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Ugh...not again...
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! Er...I have a question from a friend of mine, "Erica".
She wants to know what the guy who does Darien's voice in the show 
looks like! Is he cute? Umm...Erica...ask your OWN questions next
time!!!! Anyways, I have a question now. When Sailor Moon
got her septre and the crystal was placed in her locket, what
happened to the Moon Crescent Wand? Oops. Another question...
well, right now in Sailor Moon Darien and Serena are not seeing each
other under Darien's request. When will they get back together?
Oh, and Cassandra Decoste BELIEVE ME, YOU DO NOT KNOW ME!!!
Oh, and Ming, MY NAME IS DARIEN!!!! (just in case you were doubting
me...ummm... "geographical?") 

Ming's Reply

Hello again Er... Darien =) The voice actor who played Darien in later episodes is Toby Proctor, I think you can see his picture in the SM Voice Actors page. I assume the cresent wand was vaporised after the battle with Beryl, at least that's how it looks like in the Japanese version... and don't worry, Darien and Serena will get back together =)

9) April Guy (Tue May 28 11:51:07 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

  It's me April again. I just got back from Toronto where I stayed  
from Friday till Monday for National Musicfest with my school band.  
It was really fun, except I was stuck in a room with a total SMB who  
had never even seen the show. :( 
  Well anyway, I got home about 11:30pm, and went to check if my VCR 
had recorded smoon on Canwest Global like I had programmed to. I  
discoverd that Friday's episode (Raye's Day in the Spotlight) had  
recorded just fine, but instead of recording the next episode  
yesterday, it had recorded the Ledgend of White Fang! I checked my  
TV guide, and it said that Sailor Moon wasn't on Global anymore,  
either on Saturday, or in the week!  
   Now I have no access to Sailor Moon except for my tapes. (I don't  
get cable. *sniff*) I don't even have half the series recorded. I  
was working on my video library when this happened.  
   I was wondering if it would help at all if I wrote a letter to  
Canwest Global about this. Do you know thier address? I think I have 
it but I'm not sure. I also could write a letter to my TV guide's  
questions and comments section. Do you think that would help at all? 
  Sorry this is such a long letter. ^_^;; 
   PS: My name really is April. Really. 

Ming's Reply

Hello April!... even though it's now August and your message was in May =) Sorry about Canwest Global taking SM off, but I seem to vaguely recall seeing news that they'll put the show back on the air later... In any event, please do write to them if you haven't done so already! And good luck in completing your tape library! =)

10) BoB Monckton (Wed May 29 14:02:28 EDT 1996) [Email]
from p18.silicon.sentex.ca
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


Ming's Reply


11) April Guy (Wed May 29 16:49:59 EDT 1996) [Email]
from I thought I told you this already!
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming! 
  You know how Canwest Global yanked Smoon? Well, I called Global's 
number, and talked to a lady (who seemed to think I was _really_ 
little.) She seemed to be some sort of secretary person. She said  
that Sailor Moon's contract had run out, and all the big important  
people were in LA buying the shows for fall. She said that it  
wasn't certain wether or not Sailor Moon's contract would be  
   Here's Global's number:  
   I'm organizing a civilized phone petition to get Sailor Moon's  
contract back. I'm distrubuting flyers to the moonies at my school.  
They'll show the phone number, and what the people should say. I'm 
going to try to get the moonies to seem like a civilized mature  
group of people, so we won't make a bad impression.  
  I'm going to try to get the moonies to say something like "Hi.  
My name is (insert name here). I'm calling about the show Sailor  
Moon. I am aware that its contract has run out. I'd like to  
submit a request that its contract be renewed." Then go on about 
all the signatures on the SOS petition. I haven't worked that part 
out yet.  
   Well, tell me what you think, if you've got any advice or  
suggestions or anything. I'd like to do this the best as I can.  
   Thanx lots.  

Ming's Reply

Sorry for the late advice April =) But I think it's terrific that you guys are trying to bring SM back to Canwest Global. And according to what I heard, you guys might have succeeded! (donno the details though, gomen!) In any case, keep up the good work!

12) Gerry Pratt (Fri May 31 00:46:26 EDT 1996) [Email]
from My computer in my basement.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Long time no speak Ming.  I've been busy working too much.  Oh well,
we all need money right?  Anyway, I have been with Candace for a 
month now and she does not share my enthusiasm for Sailor Moon.  
I guess no one's perfect then.  In the next week or so my homepage
should be drastically changed.  I will try to include a few pictures
of the scouts but trying to find good ones is a pain.  I should be
getting a color scanner in the next few weeks so I will be able to
put some of the pictures from my collection of SM stuff.  I have 
some of the collectable cards.  Anyway, if you know where I can find
some decent pics of the girls then let me know.  They could be on my
page right away.  I have a really good server.  

About liking Raye, I do like her better but what am I to do when 
SM comes into my life.  I prefer brunettes, my favorite colors 
are red and purple, and my callsign for eveything is Pyro so I'm 
almost forced to prefer Raye.  Besides, Raye isn't clumsy like SM.

Ming's Reply

A belated Hello Gerry! Just visited you homepage, very nice! I always like that SM group-shot =) I don't know any good SM image archive except the one in tcp.com, which I assume you already know right? BTW, Toby's back...

13) "Captain Bear" (Fri May 31 20:30:00 EDT 1996) [Email]
from The Banana Pirates Homepage
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Greetings.  I enjoyed your page, likewise, I hope you enjoy mine, although there is not much there because it is relatively new.  At any rate, keep up the Sailor Moon stuff.

Ming's Reply

Peel Peel Captain! =) Rather unique homepage you got there =) You won't happen to be a fan of Bananas in Pajamas I hope =)

says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


Ming's Reply

Hi Guys! Thanks for dropping by!

15) Alison Loxton (Sat Jun 1 14:50:31 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I love the show! and sailor Venus. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Alison, I also like Sailor Venus, and Mars, and Mercury, and Jupiter, and Moon, and Luna, but not Artemis =)

16) Mari-Sol Kamea DeMeitre (Sat Jun 1 22:28:03 EDT 1996) [Email]
from scpop15.batnet.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I love the sailormoon funny faces gallery.  It's great!  But I do
have one question...why didn't you put the cats, Luna and Armedias 
(whatever their names are), in the profile part? N-E-wayz...good 

Ming's Reply

'ello Mari-Sol! Sorry I haven't had time to complete the SM cast pages. Let's see... Luna is a very wise black cat, while Artemis is an obnoxious white cat... guess that'll have to do for now =)

17) heather (Sat Jun 1 22:49:14 EDT 1996) [Email]
from portcoquitlam bc canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!ahem.....SALUT!youur sm funny faces gallery is great 
ive been here for OSOLONG and ILUVIT :) Juuuust a feeeew 
qquestions........ 1) How come ive never heard of the SM movies
until today? 2) When and how did the "outer" sailor scouts come?
3) Will there ever be any SM new episodes? 4) Where can I get into
a fan club? 

TIDBIT-(as a little girl I WAS ABOUT 4, [now im 15] I had a crush on
Mighty Mouse, but compared to Darien, Mighty Mouse's a DOG!!!!!)
I must say aurevoir now ---yes my spelling  is horrible--- so 
keep up the good work again i LOVEEE your page!!!!!!!!!!!


Ming's Reply

Hiya Heather! =) You do ask tough questions don't you? I know the answers are coming a bit late, but here they are: 1) You were trapped in the Negaverse. 2) Sailor Pluto popped out of Reenie's Luna Ball =) Neptune and Uranus just appeared =) 3) If there's any justice left in this world, there MUST be new SM episodes... 4) DiC does have an official SM fan club, but I donno whether they reach Canada... how about sending an email to sailorfans@aol.com and ask? TIDBIT: Yes, Mighty Mouse a DOG indeed =)

18) Lindsay Morrisette (Sun Jun 2 20:37:26 EDT 1996) [Email]
from London, Ontario, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! My name is Lindsay. I am 6 years old. I really like to watch 
Sailor Moon but my mom isn't sure that I should. That's okay though,
it's good that she's looking out for me. I like to see the pictures
on the Internet. Mom is taking me through alot of pages. I love	
the Sailor Scouts. My favourite Scout is Sailor Mars and Sailor Moon. 
Goodbye for now......:) 

Ming's Reply

Howdy Lindsay! Please tell your mom that Sailor Moon is completely suitable for girls your age to watch! Indeed it's completely suitable for your mom to watch too! =)

19) Carolyn Weber (Tue Jun 4 11:57:23 EDT 1996) [Email]
from St. Louis, Missouri
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hello Sailor Moon fans!  The Funny Faces Gallery is the best!  Sailor Mercury/Ami is my favourite.  See you in September '96!! 

Ming's Reply

Thank you for your appreciation Carolyn! "See" ya! =)

20) Smarty Pants, Stressed, and Reverand Swanky (Wed Jun 5 14:24:06 EDT 1996) [Email]
from 206-213-176-012.gusd.k12.ca.us
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Dope soundtracs.


Ming's Reply

Hi S.P. =) Hmmm... Sailor Moon transformation music huh? I'll think about it =)

21) Carrie Ma (Wed Jun 5 17:29:21 EDT 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


Ming's Reply


22) SAILOR GALAXY, SAILOR EARTH, AND SAILOR STAR (Wed Jun 5 19:21:21 EDT 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

S.G., S.E., S.S.- HEY PEOPLES!!!




Ming's Reply

Gee isn't this Cosmic or what? =)

23) Kimberly Perkins(Thunder Crash) (Thu Jun 6 19:36:39 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Roanoke Virginia USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Sailor Moon is so great it cannot be described with words... 

Ming's Reply

Yes, I agree Kimberly...

24) Gestahr (Fri Jun 7 00:10:42 EDT 1996) [Email]
from picture.tiac.net
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


I am Gestahr, warlord of the empire.  And if DIC does not put on 
some new SM episodes, I will personally send some of my Mechriders 
to kick their butts!  Any cute girls E-mail me! 

Ming's Reply

Hey hey this is not a singles page OK? =)

25) Scott Tsukamaki (Fri Jun 7 00:57:17 EDT 1996) [Email]
from uh usa?
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! I am Scott Tsukamaki aka Menace you can find me on #Sailormoon #anime
or #Ranmoonff, just wondering if anyone knows where I could get the wav's 
from the Sailormoon CD, i knew they had them here, where did they go?
oh well that is all goodbye! 

Ming's Reply

Hi Scott, I'm afraid you missed my NA CD SM wav files by about 3 months =) See, I put them on my SM page the 3rd day or so after they're released back in February/March, but DiC somehow sniffed its way to them and asked me to remove them or they'll sue =( I know they're still out there somewhere though, just can't say it =)

26) Laura Scheuerer (Mon Jun 10 12:23:41 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Aurora, Colorado
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I love that page an i love sailor moon and i love the sailor 
moon CD and i love anything related to sailor moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
IT'S WICKED KEWL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ming's Reply

Yes Laura, I also love all the things you love, plus some =)

27) Terena Kirke (Mon Jun 10 16:57:19 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Toronto, Ontario
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! I really love Sailor Saturn but am disappointed to find that there are
so few pages on her. Please mail me and send addresses of pages that 
have Sailor Saturn on them. Thanks!!


Ming's Reply

Hi Terena! Now doesn't that sound like Serena? =) I can't find any S.Saturn shrine either except this one in Japanese, from where I borrowed this picture, hope you like it! =)

28) Christine Hanavan (Mon Jun 10 18:04:33 EDT 1996) [Email]
from I live in Florida
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I haven't seen any episodes with Sailor Pluto yet, but she's
already my favorite! My favorite current scout is Sailor Mercury.
I also really like Ann and Alan. I can't wait for the new episodes 
to be on, if the people at DIC ever show them! 

Ming's Reply

Hello Christine! I like Puu too, she's so mature and different! In fact I like them all =) Let's hope we get the new episodes eventually...

29) Darien Ukyo (Tue Jun 11 13:35:20 EDT 1996) [Email]
from The computer in the city library!
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Well hi! How often do you respond to your "mail"? There are many
names piling up in the new guestbook! I won't be around during
the summer but I will try to get my friend Erica to. Oh yeah.
The S.Moon series started over for the summer but I ended up
missing the very first episode! I have not seen it yet! Everyone
I know has seen it but me! Just out of curiosity, do you know
anyone who taped it? Never mind. Uh oh, gotta go but I'll leave
you with this question: Who is the Wiseman? Well, see ya! 

Ming's Reply

Hi again Darien, I have been rather busy lately, that's why I neglected the guestbook for so long. Gomen!

30) Seng-Hon CHOI (Wed Jun 12 17:25:50 EDT 1996) [Email]
from uwindsor.ca
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


I watched SailorMoon comics series from 1989.  It is a great comics
and TV cartoon. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Seng-Hon, I haven't read the comics myself but I heard they're pretty good =)

31) Stephanie Lantry (Wed Jun 12 20:16:25 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Ann Arbor , Michigan
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! After I saw and searched through your page, I just had to tell 
you how much I enjoyed it.  Currently, Iam 15 years old and  am a
big ol' Sailor Moon fan.  I've only recently started watching it 
regularly, but from what I see, the show looks like great fun!  
Luckily, we just had (and completed) our final tests at school, all
week we've had half-days, and I've been catching up on all, the 
info about Sailor Moon.  The funny faces were REALLY funny,
 who would have thought?  FYI- Just today I have been given
 the oppertunity to get ahold of EVERY EPISODE OF THE
 (R, S, Super S, Stars, movies, etc...).  Needless to say, I am overly
excited about this.  Keep up the super page, more joy of pets, and
P.S.-  If you're an anime fan in the Ann Arbor, MI area U of M has a
 club called Animania, they have showings every month or so, it's
 free, it's fun and it's a whole 6 hours long (for full anime viewing 
enjoyment ). Thanx, bye.    


Ming's Reply

Hi Stephanie! You sure they have every episode subbed?? It's my impression that only certain episodes were subbed... Am I drooling? =P'''

32) Kevin Duropan (Thu Jun 13 16:27:51 EDT 1996) [Email]
from LasVegas
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hello Mr. Ming! Just gotta know: Whats up with Sailor Moon??!! Is it
finished in N. America? If so then how can I countinue to watch it?
I REALLY wanted to see what happens next. One more thing, are there
anymore A-Ko movies after A-Ko VS. Blue?


Ming's Reply

Hello Mr. Kevin =) It seems that we won't be seeing SM in the States this fall, but hopefully it'll come back on in winter or spring... we're working very hard on it... And there are *always* more A-ko movies =)

33) Megan McChesney (Fri Jun 14 17:07:20 EDT 1996) [Email]
from slip129-37-157-74.on.ca.ibm.net
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I'm just another Sailor Moon fan trying to figure this whole internet
business out. I love the show!! I've become addicted, I'm not sure if 
it's healthy to be so dependant on a cartoon, ahh well. I'm glad to see
so many devoted fans, I live in Canada, but I really hope it stays on 
for you guys in the States. Long live the sailor scouts!!!
Sailor Mercury is my hero, and I'm crazy in love with Darien. Oh boy.
I'm 17 years old, I only started watching the show at the beginning of
this year, but I've been dubbed Queen of Obsession. Well, I really 
love your page, it's incredible. Best of luck with the S.O.S campaign!

Ming's Reply

Howdy Megan! It's very healthy for a big kid (like you =) or even grown-up to watch and love Sailor Moon, because it's no ordinary cartoon... no no. So be proud that you're one of the Enlightened Ones =) And thanks for your support!

34) Desiree Gillett (Sat Jun 15 16:57:25 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Edmonton,Alberta
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Halloooo!!!! I'm 14 and I'v been watchin Sailor Moon since the 
beginning of this school year, I love it ,but it was kinda boring
since they started playin reruns like what 3 or 4 times already,OH!
Well! It's O.K. as long as they play new ones soon! I'v visited 
almost every SAILOR MOON page there is and yup!I do like yours!O.K!
Well I gotta go, see ya! 
                        From me: Desiree 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for visiting my pages Desiree!!! They're showing re-runs over and over because there's still no plan to produce new shows, but this will be the last re-run before the show goes off the air this fall... but don't worry, we'll try our best to bring it back!

35) chelsey laney (Sun Jun 16 12:01:41 EDT 1996) [Email]
from new Hamshiere
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! My name is chelsey's laney I'm 12 years old. I discovered Sailor Moon by a toy. I was out get my weekly toy when I stumbled into the Barbie sectin, and I saw a doll with out a nose. I tolled my sister she thought it look cool so she got it. I could fine anything else to get so I bought the doll. After that I've been looking for more sailor Moon stuff. 

Ming's Reply

Hey Chelsey! I'm glad you stumbled upon the SM doll! There are still a lot of SM toys out there, so go grab your sister, your friend's (and your parents =) and go clean out the stores of SM stuff! Moonies of the world, CONSUME! Oops sorry, got carried away =)

36) Valerie Villanueva Mamaril (Tue Jun 18 22:18:28 EDT 1996) [Email]
from My hometown is Oxnard, California
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Everdearest Sailormoon page, 
            Hello! It's meeh...yups yups ..welp I juss wanna say
that you guys are really cool and stuff and I respect your show...I have hard
trouble to wake up in the morning and I actually started to wake up @
7:30a.m. just to watch your show....(wow huh??) :) anyways..I really like everything
on your web page..I really want to collect stuff from sailor moon and all but the posters
and all the other stuff are so expensive!! Well except some posters in Yohan..(japanese place..)
I dunno.. you sell many barbie like dolls..and I'm 16.. girls got to have standards on toys..:)
Anyways..i notice that only Girls sign this thing..well except for some boys..but I know guys 
 watch this show..they are just hiding cause they want to act all macho..and all.. hehe ..I'm just 
kidding. Anyways I wish you luck for the future that your show will continue.I HOPE YOU ARE READING THIS TOO!!
hehe Just kidding..okaes welp ..love ya..Bub- byes..:)

                                     Forever faithfull,
                                  ( I always write that on letters)
                                       Valerie MAmaril..         

Ming's Reply

Yes, I'm reading this Valerie, though a bit late =) Oh, it's not "my" show BTW, I'm a fan just like you are. And hey I'm a male fan, and proud of it! Not many boys have the courage to like the show and admit it you know =) In any case, if you want some pointers in finding Sailor Moon goodies, please visit the Sailor Moon Goodies Page, where you'll find most of the NA SM merchandise listed. Thanks for supporting the show Val!

37) April Guy (Fri Jun 21 16:48:17 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Near Ottawa, Ontario
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hiya Ming! How ya doin'? I've got some really really really really really REALLY good news. Well, it's really really really really really REALLY good news for me. It's probably only really good news for you. It's good for SOS, though. Here it is... Canwest Global's renewing its contract for SM!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)... you get the picture. See, I called Global about 10 minuites ago, and asked if they were going to renew the contract for Sailor Moon, and they said "yes!" They're either going to show it starting in August, or they're going to start it in September. I'm going to call all my moonie friends and tell them. Please spread the news, if it's not too much trouble. Well, I'm outie! -April-

Ming's Reply

Oh wow, oh wow, it's a bit late to celebrate, but no matter! =) Wow wow! I'm glad!! And thanks for the info!

38) RACHEL WARE(SALIOR MARS) (Fri Jun 21 18:13:13 EDT 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!You do know this web page rulez don't you? anywaxe e-mail me if you wanna be pen pals and i'll get back to you
]  c-ya,
 (: salior mars:) 

Ming's Reply

Hi Rachel, can I be a pen-pal without using pens? I use keyboard mostly you know =)

39) Dan Bucenec (Sat Jun 22 09:59:24 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Canajoharie, NY USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I loved the place. 

Ming's Reply

Oh thank you Oh thank you Dan! =)

40) Angela Marie Julian (Mon Jun 24 22:31:07 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Houma, Louisiana
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!	 My friend Yi and I are devoted sailor fans!  Unfortunatly
it has been cancled in our area for some time now.  We feel so out
of touch when we visit people's web pages that have info about the 
episodes we've missed.  We are glad to hear that TBS will be carrying
Sailor Moon this fall!!!!!  We have both enjoyed your page emencly!
Keep up the good work!

		Sincerly, Angela Marie Julian & Yi Misty Buxton

P.S. We will always triumph over evil!  (evil = cable company)  

Ming's Reply

*Sniff sniff* Sorry to inform you Angela and Yi, but TBS has reversed their decision about showing SM, so SM will most likely disappear from TV in the US this fall =( But we're working hard to try to bring it back in winter or spring... so please have faith!

41) Rachel Silberberg (aka SAILOR MOON) (Wed Jun 26 12:29:56 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Manalpan, NJ USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi Ming. Great page!!!! You probably don't remember me...but I am on the ML. Cool. Visit my page devoted to BUSH!!! Click on the band to visit: I LOVE SAILOR MOON!!!

Ming's Reply

Oh wow Rachel, cool band! =)

42) Katie Hoffman (Wed Jun 26 18:17:30 EDT 1996) [Email]
from brpt01-sh1-port16.snet.net
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I love Sailor Moon so much.  Darien is so handsome.  Reeny is cute! 

Ming's Reply

And Luna's so... wise! =)

43) Craig Smith (Sat Jun 29 15:46:18 EDT 1996) [Email]
from troy-slip8.dynamic.usit.net
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:


Ming's Reply


44) Eric S. Donaldson (Sun Jun 30 01:34:02 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Pittsburgh, PA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

My name is Eric S. Donaldson, and I'm very impressed with your page!
It's hard to know where the show is going now, but I like to think
someone will think of something!
Looks like I was right... Pennsylvania's not exactly a hotbed of
anime activity.  Well, it has to start somewhere!

Ming's Reply

Hi Eric! If Sailor Moon comes back and catches on, I'm sure the whole of America will become a hot-bed of anime in no time! =)

45) Kenneth Zhao (Sun Jun 30 02:35:26 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Boston Mass usa
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! Thank you for sharing some of the best anime on earth with us. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Ken! Thank you for allowing me to share the best anime on earth with you! =)

46) JESSICA CLARKE (Sun Jun 30 14:06:53 EDT 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:



Ming's Reply

Oh Jessica, you missed one of the great innovations of anime: The highly stylized and *cute* facial expressions and all the gadgets (fire, sweatdrop etc.) are perfect instruments for showing a character's emotion, much more effective and fun than just simple facial expressions! The teardrops that you see are actually "sweatdrops" and they appear when the character is in an embarrassing situation. In my opinion this is one of the most brilliant ideas in animation =)

47) Joel Wescott (Sun Jun 30 17:12:37 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Eugene, Oregon
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Uh Sailor Moon rules. I can't believe there might not be anymore new
episodes. That sux! 

Ming's Reply

Yeah, it does, doesn't it? But we're not going to give up!

48) Kendra McCleery (Wed Jul 3 21:47:47 EDT 1996) [Email]
from wyoming
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


Ming's Reply


49) Jimu (Thu Jul 4 00:54:50 EDT 1996) [Email]
from near Boson, Ma USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/kiki/:

Great page, all the great stuff about and from KiKi, I only movie
I could be stuck on a Desert Island with as my only movie.
Anyone know if the whole movie will ever appear on a CD Rom?
I much prefer the Japanese version!

Well great work, I will now check out the rest of the pages.
And why don't you all please visit my page which has my art, yes
I am a cartoonist (have you heard of me?) and many interesting Japanese
links.  And surprises too!  Ja mata ne!!! 

Ming's Reply

Hey great artwork Jimu! Kiki is one of the greatest I agree, but how can you watch movie when stuck on a Desert Island?? =) What is a desert island anyway? =)

50) Andrea Lee (Thu Jul 4 11:49:14 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Montgomery, AL
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

i love sailor moon and i am in protest and i have talkd to some stations related to TBS to keep the spirit of sailor moon alive in north america 

Ming's Reply

Thanks for your support Andrea! Yes we have to write letters to as many TV stations/networks as possible!

51) Oscar Flores (Fri Jul 5 12:12:53 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Brownsville, Texas
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! this Page is kewl...I"m gonna start putting thing's on my page to help support the Sailor's:) I really hope it's not off for too long...hopefully someone will realize it's potential soon!!!!My Page

Ming's Reply

We'll do our best to bring Sm back this winter or next spring Oscar. We're certain of the tremendous potential of SM, we just have to drum it into the company exec's heads =)

52) A Sailormoon fan (Sat Jul 6 12:38:07 EDT 1996) [Email]
from A cilvilized New York, U.S.A., Earth!
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! My god, why must we say HI?  Just kidding.  Anyway, I came on to
protest about the cutting of SailorMoon on air.  I can't believe 
they are doing that.  Please, we must do all we can to help save
the show.  It is the BEST show ever made!  I love sailormoon, even 
though I've never really seen the American version of it.  I love 
the Chinese version.  What channel and what time does it come on,
anyway?  I would love to watch it! I'm sure my friends would, too. 
Oh, and by the way, I'm from Hong Kong.  Please reply, talk to you 

Ming's Reply

Hey I'm from HK too! I'm also asking my folks back home to send me the Cantonese version =)

53) Zanza Coburn (Sat Jul 6 13:27:47 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Toronto, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!  My name is Zanza Coburn and I am seven years old.  I like to 
watch Sailor Moon with my friend Danielle.  I like Sailor Jupitor
best and Danielle likes Sailor Moon.  My favorite episode is where
Sailor Jupitor's boyfriend gets eaten by a monster.  I wish that
monster would eat some of the boys in my grade two class (especially
Coby).  My other favorite episode is where the Sailor Scouts defeat
Queen Beryl.  I like your Sailor Moon pages. 

Ming's Reply

Er Zanza, Jupiter's boyfriend didn't exactly get eaten =) Sailor Moon isn't that violent you know =)

54) SARAH FORAN (Sun Jul 7 21:07:02 EDT 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

                   SARAH FORAN AKA> SAILOR GALLIFREY. {:-) 

Ming's Reply


55) Roger Chi (Mon Jul 8 23:56:10 EDT 1996) [Email]
from NJ
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

Hi! I love Sailor Moon, especially Sailor Mercury :D 

Ming's Reply

Agreed =)

56) Nubia DuVall (Fri Jul 12 13:39:05 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Clinton, MD USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!I love sailormoon! You have a great funny faces page! I have printed out a lot of pictures. I hope the show doesn't go off the air. 

Ming's Reply

So do I, so do it... =)

57) Manuel Gotis (Sat Jul 13 11:03:28 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

   I'm 16 years old...and Sailor Moon is the best comic I ever 
listen to. I know i'm quite old to listen to comic...but i can't 
resist to Sailor Moon. Adrian is really cute and the love story 
in Sailor Moon looks so real...Bye and Good luck...hope to see 
you in winter!

Ming's Reply

Yes Manuel, realism in romance, that's a rare jewel in TV programs nowadays =)

58) Regan VanDusen (Sat Jul 13 12:30:53 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Van Dusen@istar.ca
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!Sailor Moon,

       I am very excited to see your new shows. At first, I didn't 
like your show. Now I love it. I am 15 now and I'm going to be 16 in December
Your show is the best.

                   Your #1 fan,
                           Regan VanDusen  

Ming's Reply

Ahem, Hi Megan, I'm glad you like *the* show =) Sailor Moon sort of grows on you doesn't it? =)

59) Debbie Queen Of Everything (Thu Jul 18 11:40:36 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Corbett, OR
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Sailor moon is the best. Excuse me for being, I don't know, stupid 
or something, but I really don't like the idea of sailor chibi moon, 
pluto, uranus, and neptune. I mean it's too many already. I still 
can't remember which one's Lita and which one's Mina. Can't the 
cartoonists just keep things simple? Less is more, no doubt. 
The very best episodes (in my opinion)Were the ones with just
Serena, Raye, and Amy. Very simple, yet funny in the personality
clashes. Crystal Clear Destiny is of course the number one of all 

I own you all, 
Little Debbie Ramfire


Ming's Reply

Now now now Debbie, don't rush to judgement so soon without even seeing the new sailors =) Believe me, even though there will be more than 10 sailors at the end, each of them are unique and have equally lovable personality! That's the uniqueness about Sailor Moon! =)

60) Barbara Baugher (Sat Jul 20 21:29:23 EDT 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I love sailor moon 

Ming's Reply

so do I Barbara! =)

61) Cera* (Sun Jul 21 16:07:52 EDT 1996) [Email]
from CT.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

It seems I just stumbled into your homepage. (nervous laugh) 
Um...Hi? (nervous laugh)
	Don't yell at me! I have enough trouble trying to find
out if my best friend was on that TWA plane that crashed. I 
hope he wasn't.
	I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry about the Good Luck totem. 
It got passed on to me and I just wanted to get rid of it. 
	I hope Sailor Moon does't get cancelled.
		See Ya!
	I'll shut up now.

Ming's Reply

Hi Cera*! No need to be nervous around here, we're all a friendly bunch aren't we? =) And I'm sure your friend is OK...

62) Eva Yen (Mon Jul 22 17:51:08 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Toronto, Ontario
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I love SAILOR MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We must urge the producers to
translate new episodes into English!  And SOS is an excellent cyber-petition!!!
In the Toronto Star Starweek TV guide, I read that Randy Zalken the president of
Kaleidoscope Entertainment and the distributing agent in Canada for
the dubbed version of SAILOR MOON said that they're still optimistic....


Ming's Reply

Eva, don't put too much weight in what Mr. Zalken said, it was just a publicity statement without factual basis unfortunately =( the fact that, Kaleidoscope is about as clueless as to the future of the show as we are, and there's nothing much they can do about it because they're on the other side of the border. So we'll have to do most of the work from our side. But don't worry, we're prepared for it, and we'll do our best!

63) Marie Morales (Mon Jul 22 20:40:50 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Philadelphia, PA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hello!I love Sailor Moon!! You have agreat page!!

Ming's Reply

Hi Marie!! Thanks!

64) Adam Charlie Johnston (Mon Jul 22 22:51:46 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Brighton,MI Earth, Milky Way
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!I am a totally humungous fan of Sailor Moon!!!! But my sister calls me a huge pain in the !#%*&#@$. Sailor moon is real cool, my favorite character is Raye's grandpa. 
My sister thinks he preverted but i don't care. The show should not be taken of the air, I signed the SOS page and took up all the comment space.
Anyway back to grandpa I think he's real funny.I liked the episode Grandpa's Follies when grandpa was training Chad and was swinging on the ropes and did a chain of 
sommer saults to the ground.It was funny when he tricked Chad.They should show the rest of the seasons (all 5).Thats all I can Think of

                         Later (the totally humungous fan) 

Ming's Reply

Hello Adam, I'm also a stupendous fan of SM =) And your sister may be right, Rei's grandpa is a bit... unusual =) but it's all in good fun! =)

65) April "Serena" Guy (Wed Jul 24 11:25:53 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi Ming! 

How are ya? How come you're not writin' back in the guestbook 
anymore? Too busy? I know the feelin'...

Still no change with Canwest Global. I called them this morning, 
and I talked to a _very_ rude lady. She said that yes, SM will be
back on Global, but they don't have a deffinite (sp?) date yet. And 
she said that the reason that Global always plays episodes 54-65 
before 41-53 is because that's the order that thier "distributer" 
gave them. Unfortunatley, I didn't have the common sense to ask her
exactley who the distributer was. ^_^;; I'm gonna call back in the 
late afternoon and try to extract some more info then. 

Keep up the good work with SOS!! Too bad we don't have the Crescent 
Moon Wand so we could give Andy Heward and all his minions a good 
dose of Moooon...Healing...ACTIVATION!!!! ^_^

Well, I'm outie! Ja ne!!


Ming's Reply

Sorry again April for being late =) I'm behind on a lot of things nowadays, and the guestbook is no exception... Thanks for keeping us informed about Canwest Global, we do hope that SM will be back on CG soon...

66) Julia Sartorius (Fri Jul 26 20:52:49 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Littleton Colorado U.S.A.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Greetings! Just wanted to say Hello!
Have a good one!

Ming's Reply

Thanks! You have a better one too! =)

67) Jenny Lapuz (Sun Jul 28 00:14:07 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Kennesaw, GA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Your page is most excellent. 

Ming's Reply

Totally thanks Jenny! =)

68) Kate Halstead (Sun Jul 28 15:03:39 EDT 1996) [Email]
from none
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! I'm a very big fan of the Sailor Scouts. I think they should 
be very famous. But no! I wonder why. Oh well. My favorites are
Silor Pluto, Moon, and Mars. You should try o get Sailor Pluto
to come on the shows more often. Thank you very much. Good-bye.

                                             Remember me,

Ming's Reply

Don't worry Kate, it just takes time, Sailor Moon is destined to be a successful show you know, no matter what silly things the company execs do... =)

69) Gabriele Karoline Endress (Sun Jul 28 15:15:59 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I Love Sailor Moon!

Ever since I discovered her last Fall when I was still living in Chicago. 
I am ever so glad that they are showing episodes here in Ft. Collins too.

I stumbled on your page while looking for cool SM links to add to my page, 
and I will definitely add this page to my Cool Links! :)


Ming's Reply

Hey thanks for your support Gabriele! Together we can save the show!

70) Jeff Davis (Mon Jul 29 02:17:37 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Kentucky.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/nausicaa.html:

I have seen Kaze-no Tani-no Naushika (which in America was called Warriors of the Wind) and yet no one else has seen it. 
I realy wish others would have the chance to see this wonderful Anime. This link was great! 
I showed some people in a chat room them and they were asstounded that the had not seen it. Thanx.   

Ming's Reply

Hi Jeff, if you've only seen the badly dubbed Warriors of the Wind, you haven't seen Nausicaa yet =) Fortunately Ghibli has signed an agreement with Disney to re-release Nausicaa and other Ghibli films in English! So just wait a bit longer and you can see the original version of Nausicaa. I'm sure it'll blow you away! =)

71) Kyallee Dalrymple (Mon Jul 29 21:19:38 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Boulder, Colorado
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!  I'm just an animae-lovin' Pagan!  :)

Ming's Reply


72) Alicia Johnson (Tue Jul 30 00:42:10 EDT 1996) [Email]
from wil-de1-25.ix.netcom.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

hello there
cool page...i love the crazy faces!
I could never get enough sailor moon if all you nice
people on the net didn't make so many neat galleries etc.

Thanks from Newark (not New Jersey) Delaware! 

Ming's Reply

You're most welcome Alicia! We're glad our pages made you happy =)

73) Emma Sherman Kitson (Tue Jul 30 12:12:06 EDT 1996) [Email]
from ?
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

UM.....CAN I SEE THIS????? 

Ming's Reply

UM...WHYEVER NOT????? =)

74) Monica "Yo-Yo" SO (Tue Jul 30 21:43:35 EDT 1996) [Email]
from H-Town (Houston 4 all U dat don't know)
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

       I'm sorta new here. I just started watching SM. I think it 
iz pretty tight. Some people wouldn't even guess I watch SM. Tha 
bad part about watching SM iz dat I have ta wake up at 5:30am. 
I have to wake up pretty damn early huh? I think it's pretty cool
we got a cartoon based on female heros. We also got Princess Guinever
& the Jewel Riders but they are soooo sorry. Compared to SM they 
are sissys. Also I think dat cancelling SM is n outrage. DEY CAN'T
DO DIS 2 US!!!! DiC, U SUCK. SM is tha first really cool cartoon based
on female heros. If youz want 2 cancell a cartoon, cancell Princess
Guinever & the Jewel Rider. Well guys, I gots ta go. Peace. SOS.

P.S. I bet ya'll think I got bad grammer, but I make good grades okay.
P.S.S. My last name iz pronounce like "sew". Pretty short for an asian last name
P.S.S.S Sailor iz tha bomb.  

Ming's Reply

Ahem, hi Monica =) Yes, we all like Sailor Moon very much, it beats everything else on TV, and we're doing our best to save the show. So no need to get all agitated =)

75) Tobi-Dawne ***** The MoonPrincess (Wed Jul 31 03:06:44 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Good ole ToonTown Saskatchewan
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

HEY THERE!!!!!!!!!! Did you miss me? Wow, it's been a while Ming. I haven't been here since April, did I ever miss this place. What have you been up to? Sailor Moon is playing the same season again (for like the third time in a row). I've finally got the internet hooked up at home, the car is paid off now, so I can actually afford it. *** smile *** Your home page and asorted other pages are all looking good, as usual. Man, it feels so wierd to be here again. It's my first time on the WWW since I got disconnected at the U of S. Lots has happened since we last spoke. Gerry and I are no longer dating, that was terminated by early April, he was really getting on my nerves, what, with him thinking he was actually as cool as Darien and all. *** laughing *** I started seeing another guy, who I actually dumped Gerry for. His name is Dan, and he really did look like Darien (oh my was he good). But we broke up too. *** sniff *** Now I'm freelancing, and tottally loving it. I'm feeling totally healthy and just slaying the guys. They all want me, and I use that to my advantage. *** huge smile *** I'm not usually high on myself, but I'm having a good night. Anyway, my little brother wants the computer for a while, and he has been waiting for about two hours, so I should let him do his stuff. It was wonderful gabbing again, and I can't wait to hear from you Ming. It has been far, far too long. Peace, Love and Serenity. . . Tobi-Dawne Yandt aka The MoonPrincess.

Ming's Reply

Oh wow! Toby Princess' back!! (* big hug *) =) Nice to talk to you again Toby, it's been a while huh? =) Oh and be careful while "slaying" the guys, they may bite back =) And why care about your little brother? Serena never did =) Welcome back again! (* more hugs *)

76) Mark Krischak (Wed Jul 31 13:42:17 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Silver & Gold Indies
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I'll make this short & sweet... Would you like to trade links? If so? Mine is:

WWW address:




Thnx... krischak@concentric.net

P.S. Your site is awesome!

Ming's Reply

Hey Mark, I like your site too, especially the Sm videos, makes me drool... =P'''

77) Monica "Yo-Yo" So (Thu Aug 1 19:07:40 EDT 1996)
from Houston a.k.a H-Town
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

	Well, I'm back again 2 say dat dis page iz tight. I think 
dem pictures R cool. I like reading des messages. Does anybody know
a good chat room cause I want 2 chat wit some people. I don't have
America Online (but I used 2). Does Netscape have chat rooms??? I 
gotta go!! PEACE!!! BYE =)!!    

Ming's Reply

Hi again Monica! I seem to remember there's something called Netscape Chat, but probably you need to download a plug-in for it to work. Check out the Netscape homepage. And you can always join IRC if you have the software.

78) Samantha Hager But Most People Know Me As Love Scout:Fantine (Fri Aug 2 11:15:41 EDT 1996) [Email]
from A Loving Spot On The Moon With The Sailor Scouts. *Sailor Moon You Should Stop Eating Chad's Weight Gain Bars*
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hey Ming do you EVER look at your guestbook? This thing is getting
filled. Well me and my friends Amanda, Ashley, Chris, April, Jenny,
and Tera (they are also known as in that same order Flirt, Fantasha,
Sweet Thing, Serena, Gold, and Silver) Love SAILOR MOON! We think that
SAILOR MOON is the best show on TV. Well I, as Sailor Venus once
said, gotta book it. C/YA!!!

Ming's Reply

Yes Ma'am Samantha! Looking at guestbook now as ordered =) Nice nicknames you got there =)

79) Sarah Dryden (Fri Aug 2 18:09:01 EDT 1996) [Email]
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Tres peachy web page! I'm so mad at those hypocrites at TBS cuz they
said they'd air Sailor Moon and now they're not going to! I hope
all these petitions actually do something to help.  Maybe if every
one who liked Sailor Moon joined the fan club they'd be like, "Hey,
all these people like this. We ought to keep it on TV." Argh... 
They want to deprive us of one of the major joys of our lives!!!!
Everybody sign the SOS petition!!!! 

Ming's Reply

Calm down calm down Sarah, here's a glass of water =) Getting all angry and frustrated isn't going to get us anyhwere. We need to think carefully how to save the show. Alright, want another glass of water? =)

80) Jennica Beshiri (Sat Aug 3 12:36:31 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Toronto
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Salior Moon rocks, I am in 
a club and we are each 2 sailor
scouts, I am Jupiter & saturn,
leanne-moon & reni, jasmin-venis
& neptuin, Jessica-mars & ?,
Lora-murcury & ?. 

Ming's Reply

Hey sounds like fun Jennica! Any room for me? =) Guess I'm too old =)

81) Katt (Sat Aug 3 21:00:11 EDT 1996)
from async152.async.duke.edu
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hello whoever sees this! Sailor Moon is the best show and it pisses
me off that they won't show it anymore. What I want to know is, are
they still selling the dolls anywhere? I can't find them. 

Ming's Reply

You're right Katt, it's a pity SM is going off teh air soon, but I believe it'll be back eventually... If you can't find the dolls in your local TRU, try asking them to order from other TRU branches. Depending on local demand, some places may still have a lot of SM stuff available, so keep trying.

82) Tobi-Dawne ***** The MoonPrincess (Mon Aug 5 15:09:11 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Toontown SK.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Send me and Email message Ming!!!  It would be nice to hear from you.
It still feels very odd to be here again, you were from a different 
part of my life that seems very far away.  But it is nice to be back.
  Why care about my little brother?  Because I love him, he is my 
little brother.  *** smile ***  

             Gerry, if you happen to read this. . .  HI!!!!
         Hows your current girlfriend?  Are you still dating the
         one I talked to on the phone?  I hope so, she seemed good
         for you.   *** smile ***

Oh!!!!  Some bad news Ming.  Cheko's closed down.  The only Anime 
supplier in the city.  *** sniff ***  There is one comic store that 
carries Sailor Moon Cards, but that is now the only merchandise I 
can get my hands on.  *** whine ***   Oh, and some good news, since 
Cheko's has closed it looks like the war for merchandise between
Cristina and I is over, and I won!!!   *** yea ***
My house is very quiet today, my family went on a day trip somewhere,
so I'm home alone.   *** sly smile ***   I keep running a very long
list of guys who want in on the action through my head, but I don't
think I'll actually do anything about any of them, at least not today.
It's too nice, I mean the quiet.  I love having the house to myself
every now and then.  I better go, This isn't a private line, even
though I do tend to use it as such.  Have yourself a wonderful after-
noon.   Blessed be, Ming.

        Peace, Love and Serenity. . .
                     *** Tobi-Dawne ***  

Ming's Reply

Hey Tobi Princess! Sorry to hear that Cheko's gone, but I'm sure you can find other places for anime shopping. If not, you can always do it by mail-order =) And congratulations on winning the anime-shopping war! =) Hope you did have a quiet afternoon, I did, I always do =)

83) John (Mon Aug 5 15:40:18 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Sacramento, CA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I've been checking out the SOS pages, and I wanted to say that, as a
former employee of a major toy store, Sailor Moon toys and videos 
actually sold very well in this area. The problem (or at least the 
way I see it) is:
1) Extremely poor advertising
2) BANDAI doesn't restock SM gear
3) Bad show time slot (Yeah, I know; EVERYONE knows this!)

Our SM toys sold really well, but BANDAI never sent any to restock!
Anyway, thanks for your time. Just thought I should write and tell 
everyone this. 

Ming's Reply

Hi John! Yes, Bandai's pretty silly to distribute their SM toys so unwisely. In fact I heard they send the *same* amount of toys to every city, whether they're large or small! Silly silly. Don't really know what goes on in their minds, but I suspect it's not just silliness...

84) Ami Renae (Tue Aug 6 12:01:28 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Glenwood Springs CO
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hiya!Well, I just wanna say I can't believe all the SM fans out 
there! I wish I could actually see SM on TV everyday, but instead
I have to play the 3 videos I bought at Toys r Us over and over.
Anyone out there willing to send me some of their recorded SM 
Just wondering...

Ming's Reply

Hiya Ami! You know "Ami" is the original Japanese name for "Amy"? =) It's a pity you can't get SM on local TV, and if the video already got you hooked, wait till you see the better episodes! Hopefully we'll all have a chance to see SM on TV again soon...

85) Jason Russell (Tue Aug 6 20:52:49 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Somewhere over the Rainbow
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi! Sorry, don't like small letters... Sailor Moon is the best Anime I have seen yet (consedering I have only seen 2, the other was Akira). Too bad, when the 8th comes around, I can't watch it anymore due to the stupid time slot location.. I think I will tape it and watch it... Do you know of any good .au files??? Thanks Jason

Ming's Reply

Hi Jason! Unfortunately nobody in the U.S. can get SM on T.V. after September 6, so you won't be alone in that. Hopefully the show will be back in the winter... I have some SM sound files in my SM Funny Faces Gallery, but I think most of them are in .WAV format.

86) Starfighter (aka Diana) (Tue Aug 6 20:53:33 EDT 1996) [Email]
from London Ontario, Canada.
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I love your java script on your title when it says funny face gallery and then if
fads and says a message. I also love your sounds they are so so so cool. 

Ming's Reply

Hey thanks Diana for dropping by! I'm glad you like the stuff on my page, I'll try to make them even better!

87) April Ervin (Wed Aug 7 13:35:51 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Santa Cruz CA
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

  If anyone knows where to get an english version of Laputa on VHS
please share you knowlege with me I have been looking for it for about
a year now. Please e-mail me with some good news. 

                                  Thanks, April 

Ming's Reply

Hi April! There's as yet no official English release of Laputa and most other Miyazaki movies (except Totoro and a badly-dubbed version of Nausicaa), but Disney has acquired recently the English rights to Miyazaki's movies, so hopefully we'll see wide distribution of Laputa in English soon!

88) Eddie "sailor Quasar" Lehecka (Sat Aug 10 14:33:32 EDT 1996) [Email]
from ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! I looooooooooooooove the faces so much that when i make my hompage right next to the link to your page will be one!
I think you should have more pictures!
Oh, and guess what sailor moon isn't going off the air it'll be on your local fox kids network at 5:30 in the morning!
I just wanted to inform you about that!
If sailor moon isn't on your fox kids station then sorry I guess you won't be seeing it=(
but it will be on in ohio on channel 55!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ming's Reply

Hello Eddie! I do hope you're right about SM staying on after September, but unfortunately at this point this doesn't seem to be the case... After September 6, SM will disappear from U.S. TV, not just locally but nationally. the only hope now is to try and get it back in winter or early next year...

89) Jen Cuscovitch (Sat Aug 10 16:40:35 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Coventry,CT
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

I know that people are working as hard as they can to help out the 
Sailor Moon show. But it is still not enough. I just found out this 
weekend, and it's a heartbreaker. I'm going to send letters to Dic,
and Bandia requesting that Sailor Moon continues to be aired. I 
think that if Dic were to dubb in the rest of series R , and then dubb
in S, and Ss that they would get more people to watch the show.
Bandai should make Sailor Moon,a teenage fad,like Hello Kitty.
You see all of their stuff in seventeen and teen magazines, but 
no Sailor Moon. Sorry this is so long but there is got to be something
that we can do. If anyone needs any help, with anything please feel
free to write to me.
P.S. Where can you buy tapes of Sailor Moon shows? 

Ming's Reply

Hi Jen! Thanks for the suggestions! As I wrote in the above reply, SM was trapped in some silly corporate politicking which partly contributed to its ill-fate, so even though it's obvious to all of us how SM can do better, to actually do it may not be so easy, but we'll keep trying!

90) Virginia Griswold (Sun Aug 11 16:04:10 EDT 1996) [Email]
from rcm-as2s01.erols.com
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi!  Laputa & Oueen Millenia are my favorite animes....
...the opening theme song to Laputa is VERY PRETTY!!!  

Ming's Reply

Hey Virginia, it's good to find another QM fans here, because QM is pretty unknown in the west. Did you learn about QM through that QM/Harlock mixture they showed years ago in the U.S.? And yes, Laputa is simply the perfect anime movie, music-wise and otherwise. Hopefully more people in the west will learn about Miyazaki's wonderful works now that Disney has required the rights to his movies.

91) Rachael Johnston (Sun Aug 11 20:01:30 EDT 1996)
from Moscow, Id
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


Ming's Reply


92) Nick Selletti (Mon Aug 12 15:29:38 EDT 1996) [Email]
from none
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hello My name is nick and I like sailormoon,
my fav scout is rei (Because shes a pyro) 

Ming's Reply

Hello fan of pyro-Rei! =) Now where did I hear that before? =)

93) Heather Marie Johnson (Wed Aug 14 13:22:27 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Roseburg Oregon U.S.A
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    I am 14 and i love Sailor Moon i wish the ppl at dic wern't such a**es
well enough of that i am so obsessed with Sailor moon that my mom thinks i have a one track mind SAILOR MOON
i have all of the episodes that they have played in America on tape and in order i wish i could see the origonal episods (the japanies 
version)i have millions of pics and wavs and i even made my manican look like Sailor Jupitor cuz she is my fav of the senshi
all of the ppl at school call me the sailor moon freak and i just tell the to go on the net and lok up Sailor Moon and then 
they get hokked just like me! i think it is funny well i love Sailor Moon and i hate DIC 
SAILOR MOON is   Spifferific!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ming's Reply

Hello Heather! We're all Sailor Moon freaks and proud of it! =) It takes wisdom and intelligence and sensitivity to really appreciate this show you know =) And try to get your mom hooked too, I know many did =)

94) Justin Nguyen (Sat Aug 17 09:25:27 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Halifax, Nova Scotia, canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I just love the sailor scouts, especially Sailor Jupiter. 

Ming's Reply

Hi Justin! Yes, I like Lita too, she's quite unique =)

95) Cecilia Nguyen (Sat Aug 17 09:30:24 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Halifax, Nova Scotia, canada
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

I really love the Sailor moon show on TV. I love all the Sailor
Scouts the same.  But maybe just a little more for Sailor Moon.

Ming's Reply

Hello Cecilia! Glad that you have unbiased love for all the scouts, but how about the cats? Isn't Luna adorable too? =)

96) Gregory Lam (Sat Aug 17 16:50:36 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Earth
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi! How are you? Nice concept for a page...my only suggestion would be more faces of all the other senshi! Best Regards, Gregory Lam

Ming's Reply

Hi Greg! Most of my SM funny faces came from tcp.com, and since they only have scans for the earlier episodes, I won't be able to get funny faces of the other senshi's until they make more scans. Besides, Sailor Moon makes funny faces much more often than any other senshi... but I'll keep looking!

97) joe leunng (Mon Aug 19 16:23:11 EDT 1996) [Email]
from eagle33.sk.sympatico.ca
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Hi!hi!sailor moon rulz!!!!leeta and Mina are hot!!!

Ming's Reply

Hi Joe! Watch out, don't get burned! =)

98) Alex Kolliopoulos (Wed Aug 21 17:17:53 EDT 1996) [Email]
from ponca city, oklahoma
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

hiya sailor moon freaks! join the SOS campaign if you ever want to see sailor moon in the US again. join the procott so dic will keep showing the scouts, mabye even some new onez! if you are really bored then go to my TWISTED page here. last time i signed a guessbook with HTML i ended up screwing up the whole page, so if I do it here, i'm sorry ok!

Ming's Reply

Hi Alex! Don't worry, you did the HTML right this time =)

99) Jennifer Gryczkowski (Thu Aug 22 13:54:07 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Maryland
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

Sailor Moon looks awesome, but I've never seen it! I don't think it's ever been on TV here. Waaaaaah! Oh, yeah, and GREEN DAY RULZ!!!

Ming's Reply

hello Jennifer! You're right, Sailor Moon is awesome! According to the SM FAQ, they have (at least used to have) SM on channel WNUV 54 of Baltimore, showing weekdays at 6am. Maybe you can get that station?

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