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1) Chi Ming HUNG (Thu Aug 22 20:28:42 EDT 1996) [Email]
from Long Island, New York
says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

Hi Everybody!

This is Ming's demonstration of the guestbook. Cool isn't it? Please sign up!

It's as simple as:

  • choosing the guestpage containing your region.
  • filling in the info and message
  • click on the map where you're located.
  • confirm that the info and message are how you want it. If not, go back and edit again.
  • after confirmation, go back and reload the guestbook to see your own entry!
  • That's it folks! Enjoy and be creative!

    2) Nicholas J. Leon (Fri Aug 23 16:43:15 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from tao.binary9.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Great series of pages! All of 'em! I especially enjoyed the MIDI music server.

    3) nico piro (Sat Aug 24 19:53:07 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from strip-ts@worldpath.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    we just love sailor moon and would hate for it to go off the air even though 
    it's on at a bad time so we never get to watch it!
    We would like to see it on in the evening!
    Nico Piro 

    4) Nexxus Paladin (This is not a real name!) (Sun Aug 25 20:49:11 EDT 1996)
    from California
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I don't like Salior moon much but I do like Ranma 1/2. It rules!!!
    I love it!!! I haven't seen any new ones lately. This is weird. I feel like
    I am chatting with nothing. 

    5) Jason Childers (Mon Aug 26 00:57:27 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from tok-ca6-40.ix.netcom.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! You certainly have a nice funny faces page. Continue to help with SOS! 

    6) Beth Broccolino (Mon Aug 26 07:57:13 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Maryland
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hola!The funny faces gallery is really cool,but I'm a little miffed
    about the SOS thing.They had 100000 people there but only 27000
    signatures!!!!!!I think everyone should put up an ad so people know
    about whats going on! 

    7) Amanda Kathryn Hobbs (Mon Aug 26 23:33:03 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Kelowna, B.C.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! Sailor Moon is my favorite scout on T.V.! Her boots and hair look nice, and I want to be just like her!

    8) Tsukino Usagi, Benshouji Shenshi Sailor Moon (Tue Aug 27 13:16:44 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from The moon Kingdom
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


    9) Trish Emerson (Tue Aug 27 19:46:09 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from ts1dl63.escape.ca
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hiya! e-mail me! I'm 12 F, I play a little bit of guitar and I luv
    anime and manga.  I have 3 sisters and 1 brother, I'm the middle
    one. My favorite scouts are Sailor Saturn and Sailor Star fighter. I
    need some new e-mail pals or whatever u call them. I don't care how
    old you are! Anyone can e-mail me, so do it NOW! (No hentai's) ^_^

    10) Sandra Marie (Tue Aug 27 21:19:05 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from North Bay, Ontario
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! I really enjoyed your Funny Faces page (duh!) and especally
    liked the music (thanks to you I now have "Moonlight Legand" 
    memorized) and the wierd faces Serina always makes.
     The section "the joy of pets" is my favorite. the one where  Serina
    is holding Luna buy the paws and Luna is wearing an "only on
    anime" face.  

    11) Chrissy Guzman (Tue Aug 27 22:35:13 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Mount Laurel,New Jersey
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! I really LOVE your page. I started to
    watch the show when my sister told me about
    it. Everybody in my class doesn't like
    Sailor Moon.
    		Chrissy Guzman 

    12) Danzeth (Wed Aug 28 14:12:13 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from a galaxy far, far away....
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi there anime lovers! 

    13) Phil Anderson (Wed Aug 28 18:59:12 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Edmonton,Alberta,Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

        I was at this site looking for any info on Rama Revealed by
    Arthur C. Clark...........Found None!!!
    	Thought there should be some reference as Garden of Rama said
    the release date was fall/93.
    							Check Back Later

    14) peter (Thu Aug 29 11:02:47 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from ip-013.ionsys.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

    Hi! Ming it's Peter again I was wondering how I could Laputa and
     someoter movies that are soon to be released by Disney. Also I 
    visted England this summer and was wondering if there was an English
    version of Laputa on video in England.
    Please look thanks Peter  !!

    15) gloria chan (Thu Aug 29 13:45:41 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from www-c3.proxy.aol.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


    16) Daphne Shani (Thu Aug 29 15:08:46 EDT 1996)
    from Brampton,Ontario
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Yo! Sailor Moon is the best show around! (That is, after Sesame

    17) Kate Murphy (Thu Aug 29 16:19:58 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    I am a nine-year old girl.  I like Sailor Moon alot!  I would like
    to see more pictures of Sailor Moon, the Sailor Scouts and the other

    18) John Jaramillo (Thu Aug 29 17:54:07 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Sacramento, CA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hello Ming!
    I just wanted to applaud the efforts of SOS who are valiantly 
    trying to keep Sailor Moon on the air. I also like the way 
    you dyed the SOS page black. Good touch!
    I wanted to get a few things off my chest here. There are many, 
    many anime fans out there who like many different shows like SM, 
    Dragon Ball, Teknoman, and such. But let's face it, they get 
    really lousy time slots and are yanked just as they get really 
    interesting. I grew up on Speed Racer (The cool original; NOT 
    the pathetic 1990's versions!), StarBlazers, Captain Harlock, 
    Battle of The Planets, Robotech, etc. And they suffered the 
    same fate as Sailor Moon. I'm sick of it. Truth is, there is
    nothing like good Anime for sheer entertainment value, and SM is
    no exception. To all you Sailor fans out there, GOOD LUCK! And 
    keep the fight alive for all Anime fans everywhere!
    P.S. Ming, Have you considered writing Mangajin magazine about 
    SOS? It is a Japanese business and culture publication which 
    is written for Americans. Also, Animation magazine once did a 
    feature article about Sailor Moon. Maybe its's time for a follow-

    19) daniel t. man (tiberius) (Thu Aug 29 18:22:10 EDT 1996) [Email]
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!listen to NAPALM DEATH and see god 

    20) Carmel Beaudry (Fri Aug 30 17:43:00 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Wakefield, Quebec, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

    Sailor Moon RULES !! Hey all you Sailor Moon fans out there !
    I would love to talk with any of you's. ( 14/F ). I am such a big fan of 
    Sailor Moon. She is the best ! Don't forget to sign the SOS paticion.
    Help save our Sailors ! 

    21) Sailor Hoshi (Sat Aug 31 13:08:43 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from max4-vgd-ca-74.earthlink.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi peoples!!
               I am a huge Moonie(Sailor moon fan,not the other type)
    I love most other anime also!!!!
                            See ya,
                                Sailor Hoshi

    22) Zora Chung (Sat Aug 31 16:35:11 EDT 1996)
    from Irvine
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!I'm Zora Chung I'm lookin for a wild time on the internet call me at (714) 653-0528 

    23) Tyler Patocka (Sat Aug 31 21:15:44 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Estherville, Iowa
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


    24) Elliot Marshall (Sun Sep 1 14:30:33 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from San Francisco Bay Area
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/totoro.html:

    Hi!, Totoro is the coolest thing to hit the earth, he rules.

    25) Matthew Kline (Tue Sep 3 15:48:11 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Baldwinsville New York
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Sailor Moon, Mercury,Venus,Jupiter,and Mars are the best super hero, 
    and hates DIC, and Bandi for getting rid of the show. Sailor Moon Says 

    26) Laura J. Matz (Tue Sep 3 19:21:08 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from nanaimo b.c.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Cool Page! 

    27) Jacki Whiteley (Wed Sep 4 08:22:02 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from www-b01.proxy.gnn.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Wow! I really love your funny faces gallery, you did an excellent
    job. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

    28) Jason Allard (Wed Sep 4 23:04:15 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from rhs1-5.unh.edu
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! Great site.

    29) Rutvij Bhatt (Thu Sep 5 19:25:37 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Streoudsbur Pennsylavania
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    This is cool page. I'm mad that Sailor Moon is getting off the air!
    Oh well maybe we can get it back!
    Rutvij Bhatt(The Maskeed Moon) 

    30) Meredith Hunt (Fri Sep 6 17:38:52 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from max-nc-19.connectnet.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    My family loves sailor moon, and unfortunately they're getting rid of
    it. My husband is half japanese and we love japanese animation. I wish
    someone would pick up Sailor Moon and other anime to broad cast on
    local television stations in our area. We love Sailor Moon!!!

    31) Silvana Barone (Sat Sep 7 14:57:25 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Montreal, Quebec
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Heyas! I just have to say how wicked cool The Sailor Moon Funny Faces
    gallery is with great pics, info, audio files, and links! This page is
    now one of my favourite sailor moon pages and trust me, I have been to
    many =) Well, thanks for the cool page!

    32) Geetha Lakshminarayanan (Sat Sep 7 15:37:31 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Michigan
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Hi! This is an awesome home page. It's cool that you have the 
    music. It's very good. I love Totoro.  

    33) Jesse Robert Toldness esq (Sat Sep 7 18:52:21 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Moorhead, MN
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/LoGH.html:

    Agreed, LoGH is quite possibley the finest anime ever seen this side
    of the pond. 

    34) Derrick M. Williams (Mon Sep 9 14:56:10 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from opac3.purdy.wayne.edu
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

      These truly did rock. I didn't know the US Sailor Moon soundtrack
    was out! Thanks! 

    35) Tobi-Dawne ***** The MoonPrincess (Wed Sep 11 02:35:09 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Good ole Toontown Saskabush.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hey there Ming.  Sorry it took so long for me to get back here.  I've
    got some interesting news for you. . . .  I'm moving.
                          To Edmonton!!!!!!!
    yah, pretty shocking, isn't it.  I was suprised.  Anyway.  I didn't
    get my bursary/scholarship for my second third and fourth years of
    University, so I can no longer aford to go.  So I decided to pack up
    and take off.  Gerry is being a real doll.  He's helping me find a place
    as well as a job.  I may be able to get a transfer with where I'm 
    working now (SanFrancisco Gifts) but that's not a for sure thing.  
    Besides, that would only be part time, I don't think I could live off 
    of that.   *** shrug ***   It's been really stressing these last few
    weeks, telling my friends and family and all that.  It's going to be
    so very hard to leave all of them behind, they are all so important to 
    me and I love them all so dearly.  But the show must go on, yes?
    Anyway, I'm hoping to get involved in a couple of theatres there, hopefully
    get my "big break" as they say.  So TTFN, and perchance I will write from 
    there next time, or not.   *** laughing ***
                      Hope to hear from you real soon, Bye now.
    peace, love and serenity,
            Tobi-Dawne ***** The MoonPrincess.
    Blessed Be, Ming, Blessed Be. 

    36) Shawn "MacBeth"Harper (Wed Sep 11 11:45:24 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Williamsport Pa 17701
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Greeting to all sailor moon fans!  

    37) Robert Butler (Wed Sep 11 21:18:08 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Weatherford, Oklahoma
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Greetings.  The day that Sailor Moon was lost to us was a dark
    one indeed.  Oh yeah, groovy page, man! 

    38) Shuren (Fri Sep 13 20:36:35 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from pool019.max1.winnipeg.mb.dynip.alter.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi there!!!  I really like your place!!!  HI TO ALL YOU ANIME LOVERS!!!
    Well, I have to go now, and continue my wandering...LAYTER!!! 

    39) Kel,(Sailor Jupiter) (Sat Sep 14 13:54:30 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi!My name is Kelcey,(Lita)and I love the Funny Faces Gallery!My friends 
    and I love Sailor Moon and are very mad that it's going off the air!

    40) Annaleah Manipon (Mon Sep 16 23:14:38 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Davis CA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/totoro.html:

    So where's the stuff for La Blue Girl? 

    41) Robert Ramsey (Tue Sep 17 04:34:11 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Florida in Merritt Island
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I'm sittng here at 4:23 A.M. on a Tuesday.And it is a school day.
    I cannot go to sleep so I am on the internet.Im so sleepy but I
    cant go to sleep.ANYWAYS,my brother is standing over my shuolder
    and he  just called me A dork for spelling shoulder wrong.He is up
    too.Of course,he's the one that woke me up.
    THE reason I'm writing this is because....what would you do if you
    had to get up to go to school in 3 hours?
    Well, me and my brother are sad that they did a non-intelligent thing
    by cancelling Sailormoon.Do you know what they put over here in place
    of it?BUGS BUUNY AND FRIENDS!!Not that i have anything against it but
    it doesn't fill the humor and greatness of sailormoon.Well,I go away
    now and leave you alone.Until the next guest book,bye. 

    42) Matthew Dale Jones, Esquire (Tue Sep 17 19:14:59 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Memphis, Tennessee...... Northfield, Vermont
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! Just thought I'd say.. Hey.. I liked the page. 
    That's it. 

    43) Richard Wolfe (Fri Sep 20 23:09:13 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Waverly Kentucky, 42462
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Great Job. 

    44) Mars (Sat Sep 21 13:13:22 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from dyn0011.wpg.ramp.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! I really like your gallery. 

    45) Sharky (Sun Sep 22 05:19:36 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from New Mexico
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

      I just happen to drop on your web site,
    and it touch me much !!
      I'm a japanese, and I remember I 
    really enjoyed Conan, Nausicaa, Laputa
    or other Miyazaki's anime when I was
    in junior-senior high school. I and
    my friends once held screen show
    featuring "Rupin III: Castle of Cagliostro"
    at the school festival... But since then
    I've not seen Miyazaki's anime for
    long time... more than 10years....enough
    time to forget them all (till now).
     The images and musics on your web
    remind me I (or, could I say we?) still
    have emotions and dreams, which
    sometimes we put aside and forget to
    live in this busy/money-driving world.
    Thank you very much.
       Sharky (or, used be Saruman the White)

    46) melissa l. (Sun Sep 22 11:55:40 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from dial21.mosquito.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi Ming! I really enjoyed your home page.I love Sailor Moon! They
    already took Sailor Moon off the air. It's not fair! I have lots of
    Sailor Moon stuff. My uncle joined me in the Sailor Moon Fan club,and
    two Sailor Moon dolls

    47) Kristopher Alladin (Sun Sep 22 13:56:04 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Montréal West, Québec, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    J'aime cette page. Merci.
    Sailor SolarFlare
    I'm English, don't worry.
    [translation: I love this page. Thanks.] 

    48) SpeedStar (Sun Sep 22 17:42:16 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Somewhere out there!
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Hi!  I love your pages!  Great stuff.  Stop by for a visit and 
    please sign my guestbook!!! 

    49) Matthew Seagle (Sun Sep 22 20:36:50 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Clearwater, British Columbia
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! Man I love your Funny Faces Galary!! I'm a 17 year old male but I
    love Sailor Moon and all anime and manga! My sister and I are angry
    that Serena and her chums will not be returning, so we will fight till
    there's no one left!!

    50) Jessica Jean Evelyn Schmidt (Mon Sep 23 11:31:41 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Boca Raton, Florida
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I had a lot of fun with my mommy.  I wish Sailor Moon would come back soon.  

    51) taylor lee vineyard (Tue Sep 24 16:09:43 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from oregon, north america
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi!  i stopped by your page and tried to help save our scouts, but 
    the web is pretty new to me.  i love sailor moon very and own every
    episode of the series the show in north america. i want to see the 
    rest though.  if there is anything anyone wants to send me, please 
    feel free, send it too, 
    lee vineyard
    p.o. box 308
    cave junction, OR 97523
    this address is in oregon america so please send me pics or what ever.  
    hear  from ya soon, bye! :)

    52) Daphne Chin (Tue Sep 24 17:55:18 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


    53) Dave Doering (Tue Sep 24 19:42:07 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from ip196.itsnet.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/nausicaa.html:

    Wonderful site! Truly a labor of love. If only Lum had such devotees...
    Dave D. 

    54) julie morrison (Wed Sep 25 01:12:02 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from tampa, florida
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!this is my first time on this page and i really don't have much to say 
    except i hate woody woodpecker in place of sailormoon. 

    55) Mario Dizon Peterson (Sailor Babyface) (Wed Sep 25 05:51:57 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! Hey what's going on Luna!!!! Don't think I ever signed this guestbook the first time around...sorry!! I'm back now, I don't have to leave for like 6 months....It's a shame that US doesn't have SM anymore, but I would like to come back and see what is going on for the while that I am here!!!! Cool???? See ya 'round Luna!!!! ---bamf!!!--- my new teleport signature now...Hee Hee!!! P.S> I won't be stationed for another 6 months..so I have some time and since I am no longer on modem but direct connect, I will see how long I can stay!!!! Hopefully until I leave for Texas!!!

    56) TeViN aNNa GopEn (Fri Sep 27 15:17:57 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from pax-ca9-08.ix.netcom.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! THIS PAGE KIX ASS!!!! o=)  

    57) Laura McBratney (Sat Sep 28 14:07:32 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Brockville, Ontario, Canada.
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! My name is Laura and I am a big Sailor Moon fan. I even have 
    every single episode ever aired on YTV on video! Great webpage! 
    Don't forget to update it every once in a while. Keep up the good
    work! I'll be watching. 

    58) Lauren Paustian :-D (Sat Sep 28 22:01:49 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Lebanon, PA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi all you Sailor Moon fanatics!  My name is Lauren and I'm 13.  I've
    got one older brother (Hi Nate!) and one older sister (Hi Megan!).  My 
    brother (who is now in college) got my sister and I hooked on SM in the 
    beginning of the summer.  We became so crazy over it that my brother says 
    he now HATES SM.  I know that deep down, he's still a fan at heart. :)
    I can't believe that this many people love SM as much as I do.  Besides
    Sailor Moon, I also love My Neighbor Totoro, which I got for my birthday.
    It's very family oriented and SO CUTE! :)  I have also seen Akira and the 
    Bubblegum Crisis, which are not as cute.
    I love all the characters on SM, but my favorite is Melvin.  I love all the 
    underdogs and freaks because their (usually) really funny.  My favorite Sailor
    Scout is Sailor Jupiter.
    My sister and I have a bunch of SM merchandise which includes 4 of the dolls
    (Moon, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter; Mercury and Queen Beryl are no where to be 
    found!), the SM soundtrack, 2 packs of SM stickers, the 3 video tapes that are out,
    a million trading cards, an action/adventure audio cassette of "Unnatural Phenomenon",
    this bag-type-thingy that has the Scouts on it, and one poster (we have to share it 
    between the two of us).  A local comic book store sells the original Japanese comic 
    book -gasp- but it's all in Japanese, which (unfortunately) I can't read.  Drat.  
    We also have millions of pictures from the internet.
    I really like your page, Ming.  Those funny faces are hilarious!  Most of the pictures we 
    have are from your page.  That's a big honor! :)
    It's SSSSSSOOOOOOOOO unfair that Sailor Moon was cancelled!  I haven't seen all
    the episodes yet, and I would LOVE to see what happens after the 4 sisters are healed.
    My siblings and I have signed the SOS petition, and if you haven't, PLEASE do so!
    LONG LIVE SAILOR MOON, THE SAILOR SCOUTS AND MELVIN!!!!!!!   [|8-)$  (Tuxedo Melvin, sort of)
    P.S. Sorry this letter is so long.  Sometimes, I get carried away.  :-)    

    59) Jason Lee (Sun Sep 29 20:45:24 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Vancouver, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I'm Jason.  I totally agree with your comments on the Dr Slump
    cartoon.  It is the funniest cartoon I've ever seen.  I use to watch
    it when I was a kid growing up in China (near Hong Kong).  I hope 
    that someday I can watch the entire series again, but the unfournate
    thing is that in Canada, there is only one video rental store that
    carries the cartoon.  And they only have about 100 less epidsodes.
    Well nice talking to your.  Hope you get back to me or something.

    60) Spoony (Tue Oct 1 16:25:57 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Charlottetown,PEI
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

      Cool page! It's my first time here so i never got to look at
    everything yet. You should feel special cause this page is one of the
    first pages i looked at with Netscape 3.0 (I just downloaded it!)

    61) Caitlin Duke (Tue Oct 1 19:10:16 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Texas
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! I love Sailor Moon! 

    62) Athena Riesenberg (Tue Oct 1 21:32:27 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from pm3_178.pionet.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi Sailor Moon!
    This is me, Athena.  I like you a lot.  But, I never get to see your
    shows that often because I just don't see your show anymore.  And, I
    got Sailor Venus--the doll--and Sailor Jupiter--the doll.  I just
    can't find any of the other dolls in any stores.  Is there a catalog
    you can let me know about?  Or, can you type where the 11.5" dolls
    are available?  Thanks.

    63) Sean Swix (Wed Oct 2 07:04:33 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from dial2.pme.capcollege.bc.ca
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:


    64) Jacquelene Steele (Wed Oct 2 10:49:14 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Ann Arbor, MI
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/nausicaa.html:

    Hey ya,
    	I'm doing a paper in my Animation class on Nausicaa and found
    your page to be the best. I'm using the Quicktime movie of the
    begining in my presentation.
    			Thanks loads.
    					-Jacquelene Steele 

    65) Philip Holcombe (Thu Oct 3 15:14:21 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from http://www.personal.psu.edu/pjh141
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Great pictures on your page...I just love art and Anime rules!
    Nicely done. 

    66) Jodie Jones (Thu Oct 3 16:43:46 EDT 1996)
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi I loved your page. great funny face pics! Sailor Moon is my
    favorite cartoon charachter, even though I'm in high school! thanx for
    putting up this page, because it is so cool!

    67) Amy Van (Thu Oct 3 20:05:42 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Ft lauderdale, Florida
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


    68) Katie Maxwell (aka salor moon maniac) (Fri Oct 4 12:25:14 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from #96,36060 lower sumas mountain Rd V2G VN5
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi!I am the bigest fann of salor moon friday at 6:30 pm and satrday at
    11:00 pm and sunday at 5:00 AM are the times that I wach salor moon.
    And if thay take her off the air my lif would not be worth living and
    I me en that in the strongest way.SO SAVE SALOR MOON, SAVE SALOR MOON.

    69) Gorale Greyhawk Hanazatu (Fri Oct 4 13:09:31 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Glenarm,IL
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    I love Sailor Moon and I have almost all the shows on tape but 
    i'm missing the last one (The Dark Moon One).  The show has already
    been cancelled in my area (it was on at 5:30 A.M. weekdays so I
    recorded it). So it lives on in memory on my VHS I realy would
    like to see it come back on TV and I would also like to see the 
    movies. If anyone knows where to buy them e-mail me thanks.
    and to Fox for canceling Sailor Moon in my area I would like to say
    a few Words "In the name of the Moon I will punish you." Bye  

    70) Cooan-chan (Sat Oct 5 02:22:41 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Lynn Valley
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

    Well this is some SM Midi Archive! Wicked! I needed some. They all got
    trashed on my hard drive when it crash... *sniffle* anyways, thanks!

    71) EMMA KITSON (Sat Oct 5 09:40:06 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from vyger315.nando.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    I like the picture on the top of your page!Could you please put it on  
    some where on your page without the banner in the way? 

    72) Ursula White (Sat Oct 5 09:47:21 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Florida
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

    Hi! I like your site it is cool. 

    73) Evan Welbourne (Sat Oct 5 20:49:02 EDT 1996)
    from Penn Yan, NY, USA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/totoro.html:

    Hi!  I love Totoro.  It's one of my favorite anime movies, I take that
    back, it is my favorite anime movie.  I love the music, script, and
    the characters.  It's a wonderful movie.

    74) Jennifer Hamelin (Sat Oct 5 23:35:41 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Timmins Ontario Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I love Sailor Moon! And so do all my friends at school!
    My favourites are Sailor Neptune, Sailor Moon, and Sailor Mars!
    I'm 13.(GIRL) Please write back!
    Your keypal, Jennifer Hamelin 

    75) Fionna the Amazon (Sun Oct 6 00:35:21 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Portland, Oregon
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!  I love Sailor Moon!  I am going to do everything I can to bring it back.  
    Well, I enjoyed visiting your site.  Bye! 

    76) Bradley C Coughlin (Sun Oct 6 00:41:57 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from islenet4.idirect.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

        Sailor Moon Is the best show in the world.
        I hope we save our scouts (SOS).

    77) Marc F. Levesque (Sun Oct 6 15:44:26 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Aylmer, Quebec
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Venus is my favorite because she's my sign!! 

    78) chris johnson (Mon Oct 7 15:52:32 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from austin texas
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/nausicaa.html:


    79) jennifer goselin (Tue Oct 8 16:19:44 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from New Haven, CT
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! i'm wasting time before my math class...sailor moon rules the 
    universe!!!!!!!! get her back on the air! 

    80) Sammy Jo Sokol (Wed Oct 9 18:42:09 EDT 1996)
    from Burlington,Ontario
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I'm Sammy. I am 7 1/2 years old. My favourite is Sailor Jupitor. I
    loved the pictures on the Sailor Moon Homepage.  I plan on dressing
    like Sailor Jupiter for Halloween.  Bye for now.

    81) LUNaBaLL (Wed Oct 9 19:13:46 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from The Sunshine State (florida)
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hello Moonies,
    really cool page! Love the S.O.S logo!!
    Moonies I got an page of my own it's "SAILOR MOON'S MOON", I got a
    link on Cades Sailor Moon Web Page, should wait a few days thow untill
    I update it!!
    Got pics, links, sounds, videos ect....
    but should check out later right know it has nothin!!
    anyone have compuserve? you can really talk to me on the "go chat"
    I'm known as LUNA (the cat) (adult channel 1, channel 20),
    Talk to compuservers later!! =^.^=
    ...Fighting Bandi By Moonlight...
                        Love ya Moonies (and Bassman),
    P.S. I can't wait to get my Sailor Moon CD this month!!!
                october 9th, 1996 

    82) Sandra Sandberg (Thu Oct 10 18:16:43 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from lab184_pc651.cotr.bc.ca
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I live in Cranbrook B.C. Canada.
    I too believe that Sailor Moon should not be cancelled.
    Sandra Sandberg
    401 9th ave south
    Cranbrook B.C.
    V1C 2M7

    83) Angela Encarncaion (Fri Oct 11 15:13:42 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from St. Lawrence Universty
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I am very glad that I finally have become a member of Sailor Moon 
    Fan's club.  So keep it Sailors. 

    84) Vicky Wong (Sat Oct 12 11:15:24 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Ann Arbor, Michigan
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Hi! Great Anime page! (BTW, I'm from HK too.) 

    85) Leah Peterson (Sat Oct 12 14:51:48 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Gastonia, NC
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! My name is Leah, and I really love Sailor Moon! Everybody go sign
    the SOS petition, ok?! Sailor Moon is cool, my whole room is decorated
    that way! 

    86) Stephanie Cerny (Sat Oct 12 18:42:35 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from dialup59.cyberstation.net
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!  What can I say?? I came on the net looking for Anime and I 
    find your page.. it is *elite*. 

    87) Munetsugu Ishikawa (Sat Oct 12 18:49:23 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Cedar City, UT or Kanagawa, Japan
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    I`m Japanese. I like "Slayers!" and "Ranma1/2".  
    And I love Megumi Hayashibara!
    Who do you like as a voice actor?

    88) Sophia Liberman (Sun Oct 13 11:39:36 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Ohio, USA, North America
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! I adore your funny faces gallery!! Especially the motherly love, a
    couple of them resembly my mother when she's angry ;)...  Well, keep
    up the great work!
    The Sailor Mercury Lookalike (sorta)

    89) Takahiro Watanabe (Sun Oct 13 19:17:38 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from CedarCity,UT or Kobe,Japan
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Hi!I like "Kimagure Orange Road" and "Tokyo Daigaku Monogatali".
    Please send me your message!
    I'm waiting for your message!! 

    90) Sandra Elizabeth Chi-Yu Wong (Sun Oct 13 22:08:03 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi!!! E-mail me, I'm new in this program and I love Saliormoon a lot.
    Please tell me if I said somthing wrong that will make anyone unhappy.
    But if you don't like Saliormoon it is your choice.

    91) Steven Miale (Sun Oct 13 22:40:37 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Charlottesville, VA
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/LoGH.html:

    Very well done page, for one of my favorite anime series. 

    92) Serena MacCorkle (Mon Oct 14 15:42:07 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from modem10.wilmington.wserv.com
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! The Sailor Moon Funny Faces page is hilarious (Did I spell 
    that right?)This page is great!  I had to print off all of the
    pictures! They kept me laughing till I got hiccups!
    Serena ========@('_')@======= 

    93) David Scott (Tue Oct 15 11:58:49 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Utah
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

      I just wanted to say thanks for you helping keep Sailor Moon alive
    on the Web. Well that's all
                -Lord Tagon 

    94) Lindsey (Tue Oct 15 16:50:53 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Cobourg Ontario
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I love Sailor Moon but my sister says I'm to old for it! If 
    there is anyone that reads this page over 12 and that likes Sailor
    Moon to e-mail me!!!! Well I guess that's it (: . :)
                                     Bye awesome page man!!

    95) (Sailor Earth) Lucc@ (Tue Oct 15 18:17:16 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Forest Lake, MN
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Greetings, fellow Moonies! 
    Feel like sharing any totally kickin' pics of our Scouts?
    If you do, lets get in touch!

    96) Analese Andria Winslow (Tue Oct 15 21:49:25 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Cheney,WASINGTON
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/totoro.html:

    Hi! I LOVE it it's so cool 

    97) David Penny (Thu Oct 17 13:49:21 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from gatekeeper.b400.cbe.ab.ca
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! This is cool 

    98) Tony Johnson (Thu Oct 17 15:51:52 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Oregon City, Oregon
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hello.  I have only seen Sailor Moon twice, but what I saw was
    awesome.  I have also seen Vampire Hunter D.  I want to see more 
    anime, so if anyone out there on the World Wide Web have any 
    suggestions feel free to send me a message.
    Thank you very much,

    99) Sylvia Huang (Sun Oct 20 13:55:31 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Kingston, Ontario
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

    One thing first.. your image map is broken. :(
    Anyways, i really enjoyed your laputa page.. :) It's great. :)
    It's my fav anime movie as well.. :) And you really did a good job
    describing Laputa and their characters. :) Just wondering, did you 
    scan all those pictures all by yourself plus the background? Or are
    there somewhere that has a Laputa image archive? :)
    Anyways, I enjoy your MIDI too. :)  They are great. :)
    Oh, and your stats, how'd you do that? :)
    Take care. :)
    Sylvia :) 

    100) Angela Bloom Christina (Sun Oct 20 14:37:17 EDT 1996) [Email]
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:


    101) Rose T. Nichole (Sun Oct 20 18:53:58 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from The Lone Star State, TEXAS!
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime.html:

    Hi! My name is Rose T. Nichole. I'm the president of a group that my
    sisters, friends and I have put together, called "Rose and the Gang".
    We need more help in bringing Sailor Moon back! IF you have any 
    Question, information, or just want to join, then please e-mail me 
    at: kidd@sage.net
                 Rose and the Gang
    club saying:
    All Moonies have our support!

    102) Juan Hernandez (Mon Oct 21 15:56:41 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from none yet
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! My name is Juan Hernandez and I like the SAILOR MOON FUNNY FACES
    because I am a happy person and I like Sailor Moon a lot. When I
    heard about "Sailor Moon is no more on the T.V. I start screaming.
    Well that is not the topic. Sailor Moon is one of the most exciting
    anime's ever! Well Sailor Moon Funny Faces Gallery is one of the 
    funniest web-page I have ever visit.  Sorry I can't tell no more 
    about the page but I'll keep in touch.  

    103) Desirae' Fowler (Tue Oct 22 09:22:02 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Holdrege, Nebraska
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi!  I'm a Junior at Holdrege High School in Nebraska.  I enjoy
    outdoor activities and e-mail.  If you would like to know more 
    about me or my best friend Jamie (we share our e-mail address) 
    e-mail me! 

    104) Sailor Delia (Tue Oct 22 17:53:36 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from trt-on13-23.netcom.ca
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi ya! So I finally signed the guest book, eh? Well Ming (Luna) e-mail
    me as asoon as you can, I have to talk to you about
    something. Anyways, love your Sailor Moon homepage (of course!) And
    I'm going to see everything now, okay? SAVE OUR SAILORS! C-ya! :)

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