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1) Chi Ming HUNG (Thu Feb 1 22:26:31 EST 1996) [Email]
from Tokyo suburb (hypothetical)
says about http://www.highharbor.net/~daffy/guestbook/daffy-JPkanto.shtml:

Hi Everybody!

This is Ming's demonstration of the guestbook. Cool isn't it? Please sign up!

It's as simple as:

  • choosing the guestpage containing your region.
  • filling in the info and message
  • click on the map where you're located.
  • confirm that the info and message are how you want it. If not, go back and edit again.
  • after confirmation, go back and reload the guestbook to see your own entry!
  • That's it folks! Enjoy and be creative!

    Ming's Reply

    And I'll reply too!

    2) Kazumasa TANAKA (Tue Feb 6 09:05:20 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Tokyo
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hi! I enjoyed it very much!!  Thank you!!! 

    Ming's Reply

    Arigatou gozaimasu Tanaka-san!

    3) Satoru Hoshino (Thu Feb 8 06:34:21 EST 1996) [Email]
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! I like(love) Legend of the Galactic Heroes,too!  (I can't alive without LogGH.)
    If you understand Japanese language, please come to my home page!
    (Sorry, my home page is Japanese version only.)
    My univ is in Tokyo city,but my house is in Saitama city.
    Do you understand my English?

    Ming's Reply

    Hai Hoshino-san! I'm also a big fan of Galactic Heroes, it's such a cool show! I wish I know a bit more Japanese so I don't have to wait for the subtitled versions... I'll definitely visit your homepage, though I know very little Japanese, I can always check the dictionary :-) And of course I understand your English, since your English is much better than my Japanese :-) Alright, here's something for you: (I got this from a Japanese LoGH page :-)

    4) Yoshimitsu Komatsu (Wed May 29 04:15:45 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Tokyo
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

    I Visited Hong Kong Feb.1996,then
    I like Hong Kong very much.
    Your Home Page is gorgeous!
    Who input midi data?
    please tell me circumstance of DTM(DeskTop Music) in Hong Kong. 

    Ming's Reply

    Konnichiwa Yoshimitsu-san! I'm glad you like the MIDI files. The only thing I have to do with the MIDI files is to play them on my soundcard =) What is DTM?? Jaa!

    5) Haruyoshi MABUCHI (Wed Jun 26 06:10:09 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Tokyo, Japan
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/moonface/:

    Hello !
    Thank you very very much for maintaining
    this marvelous "Sailor Moon" page.
    I have been impressed with your wonderful
    way of using colors and cute animations.
    In January this year (1996) I happened to
    see "Sailor Moon" on TV in Texas during
    my business trip to the U.S.  It was really
    a happy surprise to see our Sailor Team
    away from Japan.  I sincerely hope that
    your "Support Our Sailors" action will
    change the present situation into happier
    Bye now, and please keep us enjoying
    in your Sailor Moon pages.  (^o^) 

    Ming's Reply

    Arigatou gozaimasu Mabuchi-san! Sailor Moon is the perfect show to introduce anime to America, that's why we'll try our best to keep it on the air, however hard it may be...

    6) ISHIHARA Singo (Wed Jul 10 06:18:04 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Kanagawa Yokohama
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

    I love RAPYUTA.
    RAPYUTA is my best movie. 

    Ming's Reply

    I also *adore* Laputa Ishihara-san! It's the best of the best of the best... =)

    7) Noriyuki Takashima (Wed Aug 21 08:17:08 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Tokyo
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

    Anime MIDI Server is very cool!
    S.moon is big in Japan.
    How is in U.S.?

    Ming's Reply

    Hi Takashima-san! I'm glad you like the anime MIDI server! Sailor Moon is big not only in Japan, but everywhere else in the world where it's shown. Unfortunately it isn't doing so well in the U.S. due to the saturated animation market in U.S. TV and due to some corporate politicking of the companies involved. We'll try our best to help keep SM on the air though.

    8) Toru Kajiwara (Sat Aug 24 08:12:06 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Mishima-city Shizuoka
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

    Hi! I enjoy your home page!
    many great midi data ,beautifu cg and much much more!
    may I use your midi data on my home pege?
    by now!

    9) Toru Kajiwara (Sat Aug 24 08:20:47 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Mishima-city shizuoka
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

    Hi! I enjoy your home page !
    many great midi data,beautiful cg and much much more!
    I wish that I use your midi data on my home page.  

    10) Philippe (Thu Oct 17 21:36:43 EDT 1996) [Email]
    from Brisbane , Australia
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

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    11) japanese doll (Sat Nov 9 15:03:21 EST 1996) [Email]
    from japan chiba funabashi
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    - - - - Hi Everyone! - - - -
    I am a Japanese Doll. I would like to make friends with you.
    Please come and meet me.
    If you do not come, I would be sad........
    I'm waiting for you at the front of JAPANESQUE! (http://www.jpsq.com/)
    * * * See you again * * *

    12) ASHIDA Naoyuki (Tue Dec 3 01:51:42 EST 1996) [Email]
    from Higashimurayama, Tokyo
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/totoro.html:

    Hi! There is forest in my hometown. The forest is a model in "Tonari No Totoro". Miyazaki Hayao made donation for its protection.
    P.S. Your page is really cool!

    13) Ko KATO (Wed Jan 1 10:12:19 EST 1997) [Email]
    from SaitamaSoka
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/laputa.html:

    Hi!My name is Ko. Great HomePage!! I liked it very much.
    I 'm looking forward to see the "mononokehime". What a awfull English!!

    14) nakajima junichi (Tue Feb 11 09:33:01 EST 1997) [Email]
    from ibaraki japan
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

    nice collections! I really enjoyed them.
    Please gather many other famous animation midi files.
    for example, new one Whisper of Heart(Miyazaki 1995), 
    Chibi Maruko(Fuji TV),and old one Urusei-Yatura
    (It changed theme songs many times)... stuff like that.
    Junichi nakajima 

    15) Shouichi Imahashi (Tue Feb 18 12:34:12 EST 1997) [Email]
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/anime_midi.html:

    Hi! Now I collect Anime MIDI data. 
    I collected data list on my homepage. But,sorry only japanese and list  only.
    If you can read japanese language on your machine, you should look my honepage.

    16) Hironori Koshimizu (Wed Apr 9 10:13:19 EDT 1997) [Email]
    from Tokyo Japan
    says about http://tonic.physics.sunysb.edu/~ming/anime/sakura.html:

    I love Sakra Wars. You are Great! 

    17) Norio Nakamura (Wed May 21 22:44:58 EDT 1997) [Email]
    from Tokyo
    says about http://tonic.physics.sunysb.edu/~ming/anime/sakura.html:

    How do you do!
    I'm Japanease "otaku"and,I'm a university student.
    I cannot read English so good,
    but your homepage was very interesting to me.

    18) Kazuhiro Noda (Thu May 29 14:50:50 EDT 1997) [Email]
    from Kanagawa Hiratsuka
    says about http://looney.physics.sunysb.edu/~daffy/:

    Hi! Ming!! Your Page is very*2 cool.(very*2 meen very-very (^o^; I like Sakura-Taisen!!! And It's MIDI music. This GAME is the best of SEGA-SATURN GAMES. Sorry, cmhung@insti.physics.sunysb.edu, based on Guestbook Version 2.0 by Brigitte Jellinek.